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  1. Hello there I am looking for a scripter I have an awesome idea in mind that I would like to see take off. I have built a few things myself and need a scripter to help with them. Basiclly what I would like done is my stuff to be able to move around and do a few other things but not that important at this stage. I will explain the full project should you be interested please IM me inworld for more information about this
  2. Yeah I know about mapping and baking i have been learning a lot and doing some really cool stuff in blender i dont find it too diffuclt to use to be honest. it would just be nice if my model would look like the rendered image in seconde life Im sure it can be done.
  3. Hello there I need a little help I have been experimenting with blender making mesh stuff and its going really well only problem I am having is when I upload my model to second life its showing up just as the model and not how it looks when i render it. I don't get where I'm going wrong I have been rattling my brain trying to work it out if someone could shine some light on this I would be very grateful thank you. Basiclly I want my rendered stuff to appear in second life as they appear in the render.
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