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  1. I'm not interested in renting land etc. I suppose I'm just surprised at the high cost for a really nice wedding.
  2. Just FYI I'm still looking for a wedding venue.
  3. Looking to a nice wedding, I've been shocked at the latest prices I've seen, one place wanted 96,000 and another wanted 50,000. Is there a place that does a real nice wedding for 20,000 with DJ, reception, minister, cake, etc.
  4. I'm looking for a family community that is very active to live in.
  5. I've read the limits on temp rezzed prims and I'm a little confused, if I have 3750 prims on a homestead how many more temp rezzed prims could I add?
  6. Looking for someone to terraform/landscape 1/4 sim for me. The main purpose of it being for my photography studio. No building required. It is sand now so I'm thinking something troipical, lots of water, maybe just a couple raised islands? IM me in world if your interested. Is 5000 a fair price? I'd be willing to give a downpayment and balance when I'm happy with what you've done.
  7. Looking to have a riverboat built for a club. Contact me in world if your interested.
  8. Thanks for everyone's help, I at least have something that resembles strings, I tried the suggestions but still have not figured out how to get them to sag or have gravity but for the purpose it works. Best thing is I can hand the rope attachements to a model because they are all full perm and they can attache them and the strigs appear.
  9. I have the script pretty much figured out, what would I use to make it 'hang' kinda between the two object instead of just a strait line?
  10. I need to create a marionette prop for photography. I cannot for the life of me find a simple script to put in a prim and attach to the models hands, feet etc that will then send a particle string to places on a cross above her like puppet strings. Any help.
  11. I've given up on wedding venues in SL, they either go out of business before the wedding or find what we want to be too difficult. I'm just going to setup the venue myself. I need someone to act as a minister. You do not have to be a minister in RL or SL, I have a complete script, basically you just need to cut and paste.
  12. In particular this is what we are looking for in a wedding: WEDDING FOR RICK QUONSET AND ISEBELLA ABBOT THE FOLLOWING IS WHAT WE NEED FOR OUR WEDDING: FOR THE CEREMONY - MinisterPhotographerDjInvitationsCoordinatorPrivate dressing area for brideDoves released when we are pronounced man and wifeA marriage certificateBrides maids to come down first, then flower girlBride will be walking down aloneCarriage ride from the dressing room to the ceremonyCeremony to be shouted or some other means so all can see (in text) what is happeningWe need a rehearsal, preferably the day of the wedding: maybe 2 hours priorThe photographer and DJ need access to rez itemsVideo of wedding ceremonyA walker and a return walker (both) FOR THE RECEPTION - A live singer of our choiceGuest bookPhotographerDjCakeCoordinatorThe photographer and DJ need access to rez items WEDDING PARTICULARS The colors are red and whitePictures are to be done before or after, not during except for snapshots (no poses)No music during wedding ceremonyRestart region before the weddingRegion set to afternoon for the duration of the wedding RECEPTION PARTICULARS I want to inspect the Intan dances, if we do not like them we will use our own
  13. I've been performing weddings at no cost for years. My wedding venue is better than what many charge high prices for. However, I lack variety - what you see is what I have, I'm not going to customize my venue for each wedding. I would be interested in teaming up with other wedding venue owners who encounter customers who are unable to afford their prices. In the same respect if I encouter a customer who need a wedding venue I cannot provide.
  14. I've always been interested in enhancing my SL photography (been in game 5 years). I'm uninterested in doing it for money since 99.9% of the time my subject is my gf. I would like to know how to make them better. I've been using Photoshop since probably version 2 or 3 and am somewhat good at playing with the contrast, curves, hue/saturation, lens flair and a few other tools. I know a lot more could be learened. Where should I look?
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