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  1. Heeya, I am a real live software engineer, and a lsl scripter.... I have been out of sl for a few but got back now. I might be interested, just leave me a notecard or message with some schedule or time you are online so we can talk about it and see if we can help eachother...
  2. contact me inworld we can work out some details and I prob. can create a solution for you
  3. Hello , contact me In world plz.... I can create a script that would work for a cheap price with support and customised for your needs
  4. hello I am contacting you because I am working on a few scripting projects myself ATM. I have got like 10 years experience of scripting lsl. I am looking for a long rerm job and relationship. contact me in world to get known each other
  5. Hello, I am designer,builder,scripter. Been in SL for a while now. maybe I can help u out ... ADD me in SL or IM me
  6. Heya, I have been out of SL for a long time :o. But I am back in the game, and started scripting and building again. I am looking for affliate sellers for my new products. (rental system, art, tip jars and much more.) We offer cheap stuff and high commissions. With tiers and bonusses for monthly best affliates. IM me in world or send me a PM here if u are interrested.
  7. can you send me picture of RL buildings with the preferred style ? glass/wood , light/dark etc.. I can create customised ones
  8. I am a RL programmer and have been programming in SL for years. been out of SL for a while but I could create you a customised one... just message me with the needs
  9. I could create you one by tomorrow or the day after... fully to ur choices and wishes just IM/PM me with the needs
  10. I am sure i can help u just message me inworld
  11. hello, I am an experienced SL player, real life business owner which is specialised in marketing. So maybe we can work out some things ? If you are interested , get in touch with me ! with kind regards, ladycupcakes
  12. Hello i Could do something like That ... Im me in world of send me à NC
  13. hello I might be interested in teaching LSL
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