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  1. I can make this for you! Just contact me InWorld or send me a PM.
  2. I can do it for you let's start with the rope. 300$ okay? Animations are kinda time consuming so maybe tell me how much u want to spend for it
  3. The best is to see the example to make a fair quote.. Or give a budget for the total order, I came back to SL recently so just wanting to rebuild a recent portfolio
  4. Do you want the ring rope to act with physics? so it hangs in a curve like a real rope?
  5. Hello Thanks for the quick Reply. Yes I could do that too, just show me what you need
  6. Hello can we plan a chat ?? as it's easier to discuss the real needs
  7. I can teach building and scripting all levels
  8. Okay I am just getting back into SL, but have a lot of old friends and experience. Hit me up with the details of what you want, I can bring you a payable solution!
  9. Hello this can take some time to script.... but it's def. possible! Just hit me up!
  10. have a script which listens to a channel. And wear it on the weapon. Add the shooting thing, animation + shooting bullet?? place this function within the listener....
  11. Hello just explain what you want as an end result
  12. I can do the second within short time, I can do first in a few weeks
  13. Hello I am a real world grphic/web designer... I can make some designs for you
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