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  1. I have a firing range that works ok but, is only for one shooter and I'm trying to make an SL movie with 4 alts shooting at the same time. I tried in the difficult way but though is possible can take ages to make the perfect coordinated movie. This way is rezzing 4 shooting ranges and putting an avatar for each one, I do using mobile phones with Lumiya and a main computer with the normal viewer. How I try to do? I click on the different shooting ranges on each one of the mobile phones and the main computer with the mouse......you need to use 3 fingers of the left hand for the mobiles and the right hand for the computer range menu. It's messy. So my question comes: Is there any script that makes posible with a sigle click to make working the 4 shooting ranges at the same time in just the main computer (without the need of using a finger for each separated menu in Lumiya, main viewer)...?
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