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  1. Meeroos https://secondlife.com/destination/meeroos
  2. The Abadon dress by Zibska, a classic, and such a great looking pic too!
  3. The Secret Store has plenty of vintage clothes and some shoes. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/20658?id=20658
  4. My name was chosen by a friend's daughter, it was the name of her imaginary friend. My display surname is Sweetleaf, in honour of the Black Sabbath song and the subject matter.
  5. I remember this too, I think it was an art installation. I'm going to delve into my memory and see what I can recall, I'm sure I visited with someone but I can't remember who. I'll get back to this thread if I get anywhere with this...
  6. Surfing, facepalming at SL fashion events, avoiding pests, more surfing, listening to a few choice DJ sets, facepalming at pests, vomiting at the things pests say and do, considering logging out and never coming back, coming back, surfing...
  7. I worked at a club that had a toilet, I rezzed a few things in the bowl from time to time, sadly the club has now closed, the toilet may have been a factor in this.
  8. There are some things you can try here. Restoring camera views in debug settings might be what you need, that is a good way to get everything back to how it was. http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/fs_camera
  9. Check out the destination guide, look for the Indie and Alternative clubs section then go to some of those clubs and listen to the Djs. If there's one you really like then ask them, but be tactful, don't ask during their set at the club, clubowners may feel that you are poaching their DJ, so save their name and ask them at another time. http://secondlife.com/destinations/music/indiealternative No harm in trying that approach and also it's a great way to get out and about and experience some good tunes.
  10. I managed to get a photo with a Knight, it was a demonic vampire avatar. They all seem to be gone now, I'm a little sad about that Thanks Autumn. Kanjena x
  11. Mais non Lancelot. What is an e-bone? Is it like a steak?
  12. Yes on a friendly level, where minds meet. No on a more intimate level, not without eye contact and other sensory factors, so many liars here that prove those kind of connections are mostly delusions.
  13. Try increasing your graphics and see if that changes anything, when I switch to low graphics my mesh body parts get grey black smudges.
  14. Thise 'busy' AOs are annoying and sometimes grotesque, they make me nauseous but I'd miss them if they were gone too, one of the beautiful moments in Second life is the realisation that the most annoying things enrich my experience.
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