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  1.  As you can see in the above 2 images I have a fairly sized and decent room for rent in my Universe Ship "The Widecombe". Rooms cost 100 lindens per week for 100 prims, of course if you're willing to be active and help out around the ship then I can let you have the room for free, if you'd like to know more or to arange a tour please PM me, I'm "Iscabox Flux" .
  2. My advice is your focusing to much on money, if profit is the the main factor in whether or not you start a business then the business is sure to fail. Our business was nigh on free but by the second year we were making huge profits.. profits which I paid completely to tier and to my staff..
  3. I've managed to set it up correctly and have it play in this case a game BUT I'm unable to cntrol the game with my keyboard? the Flash loads fine.. anyone know what could cause this as I've controlled flash before with my keyboard when using media on a prim?
  4. We're looking for the following positions to be filled for an upcoming Sci-Fi MMO Game within Secondlife, the project is fully funded and we're looking for serious applicants only. LL Scripter & Web Developer - Skilled with Databases, Web Dev and LSL) Mesh Artist - Responsible for creating static mesh models. Avatar Creator - for a personal project, cash waiting, I'm looking for a Cell-Shaded Mesh Rigged Avatar based on a popular TV Cartoon with accompanying AO. Previous Experience is a must and we'll be after 2 previous examples of your work! Please IM "Iscabox Flux" to Apply, Thanks!
  5. Here at Second England we pride ourselves not on profiteering but in showing off the true beauty of England in Secondlife, at our sim you'll be met by Beauty, Community and Entertainment and will never gaze upon unsightly scripting or any pay to play barriers. Our sim is located on the Big Fish Sea that's the Dire Strait or for those unfamiliar with the Mainland, the Blake Sea! This offers not only us but our customers the ability to sail to and from our sim.. or fly.. or drive... hell even fly a spaceship, this is Secondlife after all! We offer a Boatyard that is a complete working re-creation that simulates RL boatyards complete with boating school, store and off-shore deep-water moorings to let, we also have an iconic British Coastal Town street with a number of stores for rent as well as rooms above the stores for those looking for a small but unique living location. We are currently in the process of building a re-creation of a classic British Pub/Inn, downstairs the pub which will offer musical events & parties and the upstairs home to our Inn which will offer the rooms above the stores for rental and with that go to fund the upkeep of the pub/inn. What we're looking for is someone to run said Inn, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to run your very own business/club within Secondlife entirely paid for by us, you'll get to keep a large % of the profits and once you begin to make money we'll take and only then will we take our cut. below are a few of the requirements that we'll require you to have. Be at LEAST 12 months old in Secondlife.Have previous management ability.Have enthusism and love for what you do.Able to voice (bonus if you can video) Understand this is not a quick rich opportunity, I'm giving you the power to make something of your Secondlife but for it you must work hard just as the rest of us have for what we have (I worked my ass off for 9 years in SL before I "made It") As an Intern you will be a part of a group of the top candidates we interview, every single one of you will be trained and tested IF you do good and prove yourself you'll be offered a Managment job here at Second England, Note however that there is only ONE job vacancy at this time and we want the best of the best. If you feel like this is the opportunity you've been searching for and would like to apply then please contact "Iscabox Flux" in-world, please IM me if I'm offline I'll recieve it via email! If you'd like to pay us a visit and see if the sim is the right fit for you then please follow the slurl below! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Faracity/28/223/35
  6. I am getting tol my card is not even compatible lol details ---> https://community.secondlife.com/t5/Second-Life-Viewer/HMD-Mode-on-Oculus-Viewer/td-p/2940512
  7. Ok how do I go about doing that? I'm a big youtuber and really want to get started with my SL series haha
  8. I'm trying to access HMD mode but I get a notice saying my graphics card does not support the shaders required to use an Oculus Rift, I gone into graphics tab but it's all greyed out.. I only have the one card installed.. no onboard (disabled at Bios does not even show up on windows) and I'm running Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 HoF 4GB, my processor is i7-5th gen 8 core with 16GB RAM... any ideas?
  9. I'm looking for a Web Dev and a Mesh Designer for an upcoming project that at this time and with my reputation is to be left behind closed doors until such a time I feel that the project is worthy of public interest. I'm looking for a Web Developer that can help link Flash Applications on a web server to display on Media on a prim, This can be a perm position with high pay rate per game and in-world script (being a Games Developer in the Real World I consider the pay to be high for such a simple task yet have no skill when it comes to Web Dev) I'd also be looking for a Mesh Designer for a few simple yet needed builds that would include texture maps so that each object can have many textures created and applied from within Photoshop (Like the Customizable objects found on the Marketplace) this position is also highly paid work and though temp I am lookingfor someone who I can come back to again and again for future work. Of course I'm looking for experienced people and would ask that you bring some previous work to the interview if at all possible though I do not care to much if you're able to prove that you're up for the task. I'm online in Secondlife from 10am until 6pm normally so if these times are times you're also online please IM me, I'm up for all timezones but ideally would like someone I can work closely with. IM me "Iscabox Flux" if you're interested and we can talk more about the project and if you're still interested arrange an interview. Iscabox "Lanky" Flux.
  10. Hello and welcome to RSC&M, we're a Sailing club & Marina located on the Dire Strait Mainland Ocean just North of the Blake Sea. We believe in fun and community over profits and do everything in our power to make sailing and water sports fun in SL for whatever your budjet! Below are just a few of the many great deals and rentals we currently have available! Boat Slips! Small Slip = Big Enough for some of Bandits big Sailing Cruisers yet with enough prims to cover a Loonetta and a few other watercraft (such as Jetskis or Kayaks) this is our most affordable slip and desined for the solo water user looking for fun without the cost, they rent for 150 lindens per weed with 48 prims! Medium Slip = The same size as our small slips but designed with the avid Sailor in mind, these will cost you 300 lindens a week and come with a whopping 140 prims, big enough for 90% of the sailing crafts out there! Large Slip (Waiting List Only) = These are the jewels ofthe crop and very sought after, they are individually cut out parcels of land within the marina to allow both privacy and music stream control, they're big enough for the titans of the Yachting world and come with 400 prims, they'll set you back 800 lindens a week but are worth every single penny! (and it shows) Stores! Our stores are unique, not only are they affordable to startup business but they also share one of the same perks as our large slips and are individually parcelled off allowing you to set privacy, name, description, landing point, music and showin search, for just 200 lindens a week with 60 prims you could put your startup in one of our stores and have every single feature of privately owning land, not to mention the high traffic use of the working Club and Marina! These are simply not to be missed and as far as "malls" go in SL are a great alternative, now you can base your business in private rented land within a store within a mall within a working Sailing club & Marina! Ad Board We of course have said we treasure fun and community over profit and I have always hated the thought of putting in ad boards as I think they spoil the natural beauty of locations, however... Tiers must be paid if we are to remain in business (they will be) and I want to keep raising Slip and Store prices to the very last option, I present ad boards! These are a fine way of promoting your store or business and go for as little as 60 lindens per week for the smallest and 100 lindens a week for the billboards down onthe Marina, if you rent a store with us you can enjoy 25% discount if leading to your company HQ and 50% off if leading to your store within RSC&M! (contact Iscabox Flux for that deal) Thanks for viewing this thread and feel free to pop over and take a look with the SLURL below, if you have any questions or would like to book a tour of the sim then please get in contact with "Iscabox Flux" alternatively, contact one of our Online staff members in the welcome center! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Scarfiotti/160/11/31
  11. The Royal Sailing Club & Marina has lost a very honorable and noble Harbor Master known to us all as Cas, this is a real shame and we have just no idea what is happening.. as far as we know his house was completely robbed bare of everything when he wen't downstairs christmas morning. Unfortunately I've kept him on staff as long as I can and the work load has begun to show and thusly I really need to find a replacement. We will run things differently to most job adverts and will be hiring a fixed amount of interns who in turn will help with the general day to day operations of a busy working Club & Marina, full training will be provided and at the end of the probation period the intern to which we believe to be best suited for the job will be offered a role as Harbor Master! Below are just a few of the requirements, if you think you have what it takes then please IM me in-world so that I can book an interview with you, my name ---> Iscabox Flux Firm Grasp of the English knowledge but German and French are a bonus! Must use SL at least 3 hours per day and ideally between the times 8am and onwards (SLT) Must have had past managment experience and being able to provide references are a plus! I'm ideally looking for someone that has been in SL for over a year and I must implaud that an interest in Secondlife Sailing and Boating is a real must! If you believe you fill the above criteria get and IM me! Feel free to stop by and take a look at the Club before you decide! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Scarfiotti/160/11/31 (Note: This is a high ranking job with a high salary, normally we hire from within but as this is not feasible we have decided to run the intern program, I hope you can understand our reasons for this)
  12. 2 have applied already and looking for many more so come on and apply... even if you don't think your right for the job I'd love to see what you hve to put on the table!
  13. RSC&M is a popular and growing Sailing Club & Marina located on the Dire Straits Mainland ocean, for the past year we've almost doubled in size and have already filled our marina full with a waiting list for available spots to open. With the expansion now of the southern corner of the sim we have decided to expand our events area allowing us to hold bigger and more prestigous events than our old little area and upgrade the welcome area some to a full clubhouse instead of the shack we once had. We've populated the edges of our newfound area with stores for rent though our front area stores right on the marina are probably the largest of all, the one to the right has been reserved and there are talks underway of turning it into an exclusive art gallery (buy pieces that exist only in SL and only as 1 copy... unique and rare with trans) However to the left we've decided to expand said shop by expanding it 1 more store south so that is is yet bigger and can house something far more special, a Cafe and/or Restaurant hangout area! This is where you come in, we are seeking someone with exceptional managment skills to not only run this new business but to also own it, you'll get ownership rights along with naming rights... it is afterall your business! As you can see from the above picture, we have a beautiful build to contain it with multiple floors, below is a photo of the inside so you can get a basic idea of the shape and dimensions! As far as details go we'll be providing you with the building and a design idea and leaving you to it to run your company, the land is cut out and a seperate parcel meaning you can show it up in search and will have the ability to admin it as you would a private estate. (However the land group must remain as ours but you're free to create a group for your own tags and VIP members/guests) We;re offering this for FREE! yes caps means we're serious, we're going to give you all of this free of charge and all we ask is that if it makes any kind of real cash you consider our tiers and leave us a little something... I run this club for fun not profit... as long as tiers are paid that's all I care about! Now the main idea I had for it was a hangout seperate to the Marina and Yacht Club based on a 1950's Milkshake Cafe sort of like the one in Happy Days and Back to the Future(not the 2015 one before you get excitted) now that's just an idea... if you think you can run a Romantic Restaurant out of the marina please do go ahead as i think this branch would also be very lucrative indeed (You have to see our place to understand how magical it looks and feels) Now if you're at all interested in this offer please do get and IM me, I know I'm looking for the best of the best but really I'm looking for someone that can write up a good presentation, bring it before me and show me they truly have love for what they're doing.. if this sounds like you IM me and I'll have you over for a little chat! Thanks very much, Iscabox "Lanky" Flux Owner & Chairman RSC&M
  14. Are you interested in owning your own Cafe or Restaurant in SL? maybe you own one already and looking for connections to expand it? We run a marina based on Real world Torbay and Exe Estuary area of South England, we love Realism and would love a small hangout area that is unique.. if you think you have what it takes get in touch with me or check out our sim below! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Scarfiotti/160/11/31
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