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  1. Can I just clarify that when people are using terms like 'transferred' and 'passed' in the context of Linden homes, that what they mean by this is simply that they are abandoning a home and informing people when. Their friends/forum members or whoever can try for the home by going on land page but they don't really have any more chance than anyone else. There could be several homes on the land page and the friend might get one of the others or the home might not show for whatever reason. I once tried for a home in Deer Pass which someone on the forum had announced they were abandoning. I tried refreshing the land page for 2 hours and I even visited the parcel and it was still in maintenance. It was something like 8 hours before someone was able to claim it. So there isn't always even any advantage of knowing a home will be abandoned. I've been in Second Life since around 2007 and I find it best not to let anything or anyone upset you. SL should be fun. I dropped out for a few years because for me it had stopped being fun. I joined originally as the university I was at had a region where students could socialise. I met people there who I thought were friends but who turned out to be malicious people who pretended to be new like me and I let it get to me when I realised they were playing games with alts and deceiving me. Fool me once and all that.... Now I love SL again, more than ever. It's not worth it to let someone getting a nicer positioned home than yours spoil your experience of SL. If you keep trying and refreshing the home page you will eventually get the location you love. Remember that having fun is what SL is about.
  2. I love that one over the water.
  3. I love the way they have formed the coast line along there and the fact that there are loads of flowers.
  4. The home I had the longest was a coastal Victorian. It was perfect with sea at the back and a cute little victorian park at the front. It was on a sort of little island with a bridge connecting to other land. I had it for over a year and decided I didn't like that fact that a large part of the garden was sandy 🙄 I was rolling the dice on the land page a few weeks later when the Victorian category showed up and I clicked and got a lovely coastal Victorian with grass. Pure luck but I was pleased as I regretted letting my Vic go almost from the moment I hit the abandon button. This one is a keeper as is my camper.
  5. I got the giraffe one :-)
  6. Sailor's bedroom from Bee Designs 60L$ The bed is 13Li, side table 1 Li, Rug 1 Li, wall decor 3 Li and 2 Li. The little octopus is 1 Li secondlife://BEE DESIGNS/130/105/21
  7. Two beautiful abandons. Patience pays.
  8. I do like all the models in the home selections but these are just the ones I commonly use. Models 1. Chalets - Edelweiss 2. Camper - Williamsburg 3. Victorian - The Doyle 4. Stilts - Tortuga 5. Houseboats Evening Star 6. Log Homes - Grand View 7. Traditional - Continental The landscaping around houseboats vary greatly from just Ok to stunning. Landscapes 1. Camper 2. Victorian 3. Traditional 4. Chalets 5. Stilts 6. Houseboats 7. Log Homes
  9. This is maybe not unknown to people here but in case they are forgotten, remember 'What Next' store has lovely window boxes as a group gift. They are 2 Li each. I made mine a bit bigger and they are 3 Li. There is a choice of 4 colours for the window box and 12 colour variations for the flowers. There is a cost to join the group (250) but there are lots of lovely high quality gifts in the gift room which make joining well worth it.
  10. Caught this lovely abandon a few days ago. No water in sight but lovely landscaping and a good degree of privacy. I have just started decorating the garden. I've not had time to do inside yet but it's feeling like a keeper.
  11. It's the roll of the dice. I don't see how anyone even knows which regions are about to be released or how to prevent getting abandons rather than the new releases. It's not possible. I just like playing the game. Most of my 'wow' homes have been abandons and I don't care. Its not like the previous owner can leave their garbage behind and take all the lightbulbs. Let's just enjoy Bellisseria and never mind what others are doing. LL can deal with anyone breaking the rules.
  12. Hive have this lovely coastal set, parts separate: table, chairs, bench and a place setting set. The table is 2 Li and the bench and chairs are 3 Li each. The place settings are 1 Li each. There is a HUD for colour choices. Edited it to say they are a mix of Fifty Linden Friday and Saturday Sale.
  13. It's Kustom 9 https://www.seraphimsl.com/2021/03/15/theres-so-much-to-find-at-kustom9/
  14. With ,my 5 shots last night I got a stilt on land (same one twice), a stilt on pier, a Victorian and a log house in quite a lovely spot. Abandoned all because I was just fishing out of curiousity. It's just a matter of keeping refreshing the page for a while.
  15. I love this day bed from Zerkalo. The textures and rich colours are amazing and it looks fabulous in my camper.
  16. Yes I did that too. I wanted the traditional with the balcony and got a bungalow so gave it up. lol
  17. No, I got your point, it is a fairly infantile one. Basically, 'it's not fair!!' The GOH isn't a Linden lab product, it's just something people do in SL and really not your business. New people, like older accounts, and those with multiple accounts, will be able to choose from all types eventually, when they are available. They aren't available at the minute for ANYONE because demand is outstripping supply. Nothing unfair about it and it will be resolved given time. I will play how I like because what I like is available to all players, new and old and its no one's business how anyone else plays or how much they pay.
  18. I'm confused as to what is unfair about it. A new person can pay for a second or third account. So having more than one account is open to everyone, therefore fair. How would new people know if someone had several premium accounts? They wouldn't unless the person with more than one account told them because it isn't really their business. As for a new person coming today and seeing only campers, that applies also to people with two premium acounts. They too only have the choice of campers at the minute. So nothing unfair there. The campers only having a 512 parcel applies to everyone who has a camper so nothing unfair there either. Maybe they could be advised that as well as a camper they can also have a 512 mainland parcel without incurring extra fees. Now if Linden lab were giving some people two homes for one premium account, that would be unfair. If Linden lab were offering new people only campers at the minute and at the same time those with two or more premium accounts were seeing a range of home types to choose from, that would be unfair. But they are not doing any of that. Maybe Linden lab could inform new people that they can purchase more than one premium account in the off chance they aren't aware of that.
  19. Waves hello neighbour. Beautiful spot. I think the campers especially in Wheeler and surrounding regions are the most beautiful in all Bellisseria.
  20. I picked up this abandoned little camper in a perfect spot with a cute little pier and deckchair area right beside. Thank you to whoever gave it up.
  21. Group gift at Shutterfield, Sack Palm 2 Li http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lost Dreams Island/178/69/22
  22. It is a beautiful spot but I have too many homes (4) plus mainland and not enough time to furnish them atm.
  23. I'm going to be releasing this traditional home in Hammond Park at 5am SLT if anyone is interested. It's the house on the left. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hammond Park/162/190/29
  24. Yes really odd. I only noticed because I wanted to try and adjust the poses.
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