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  1. I do not believe I have named and shamed any resident in any of my posts, but again I might be wrong. I had to post a picture so people could comment if something was in theme or not based on their perspective to help me deciding if I would file an AR or not, but I removed the pictures the next day after I got the feedbacks.
  2. I do not want to be disrespectful, what I am suggesting is that if someone is unhappy with these topics showing up in the forum they should start their own thread by all means. I am new to the forum, but I can imagine I am not the first one to post something like this. If you do open it, would suggest you post the link here so we can all go there and give opinions on that topic. I came here asking for feedback on a specific topic about a HB theme, not to be judged if such post is good/bad taste or trying to be a fashion police bullying other people. I think the real world is already full of drama and we do not need to make this forum another one.
  3. You nailed it... "So again, in theme or not in theme can be open to interpretation". Reason I was asking for some feedback to see different perspectives.
  4. I will update this topic once/if I get a feedback on the AR I've filed. I see my post has bothered some people, however just to be clear AGAIN I wanted to gather opinions if I was perhaps exaggerating or not - and consequently the pictures were needed. Thank you for everybody who provided constructive comments. By the way, my understanding is that when you accept to live in a themed community, you have to abide by the theme. You can do whatever you want inside of your home, but not outside. I had a similar problem in a log cabin and decided to move. Now again, same problem when a neighbor wants to impose a different theme. So in my opinion this is not a matter of taste, but a matter of being considerate with other people who also chose to live in that theme . But who knows, maybe I am wrong and everyone can do whatever they want wherever they want regardless of other people, right? Who cares, as long as they are happy, the rest is the rest. This is what I am reading in some comments in this thread. If you are only coming here to judge me/my post, why don't you open your own topic about your discontentment with such topics. Then you can discuss it extensively and find a lot of people to throw rocks with.
  5. Thanks for the hint and agree, I deleted the pictures.
  6. Thank you all for the comments, I will derrender the objects for now and I decided to file an AR just to see what happens. Opinions are different - so are tastes - however I just wanted to get feedback if I was exaggerating in my perceptions or not. I do believe this is out of theme and glad to see some people agrees, a tropical beach does not go in a boat house even when both are close to the water. It is not my intention to shame anyone, and even when this person is happy with the house, there is also lack of awareness that it might not be very considerate with the neighbors. I tried writing to my neighbor - very politely - showing my perspective and never got a reply.
  7. So my neighbor got a little bit carried away with decorating her Linden Home, and changed the boat house into a beach house, with sand, Caribbean blue waters, palm trees, a pink tree in the deck (?!), and an elevated pool... because a regular pool would just not do the trick. So she gets one of the best locations for a boat house and decides to just block the neighbor's open water views and pollute the landscape. Now, in your opinion, is this ok or am I exaggerating? In my opinion this is totally NOT OK and out of the theme.
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