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  1. My premium is up for renewal in November. I'm 99.9% sure I'm not renewing because of the increase. How do I make sure my account doesn't renew automatically? If I click on Basic now to downgrade, do they do that now or at the end of my year?
  2. it's been a year since they said it was in the works and did we get it? No. All we've got is new rate increases for premium. It would not surprise me if they hold this off until the rate increases take effect and then say it's only for premium members.
  3. I think LL are in it to make money which no one can fault. But, as a result, they are alienating their base of income: Premium members. In doing away with quarterly installments, raising the cost of membership and offering a pittance, they are making us think twice now about renewing. I am strongly reconsidering going to basic and I've been Premium for years.
  4. If you read underneath that, they clearly state: * Quarterly plans may be renewed, but are no longer available for new Premium Memberships
  5. Thanks for all the responses. Going back to the vendor was my first response, but I posted here to find out if it was legal under LL. There were no signs posted to the effect of there being a time limit anywhere. I didn't find out until after I purchased and opened the notecard that came with it, as I said. In this case, the vendor has now responded that she didn't know there was an expiry on the notecards and has given me a new notecard for each sans expiry date.
  6. I purchased a bunch of gift cards from a vendor just now because they were on sale for half price. However, after my purchase, I checked the notecard on how to use them and I see that the vendor put a time limit on them, December 31 2016. In RL, this isn't legal; you spend money on a gift card, a vendor is not allowed to put a time limit. Is this allowed in SL and is there any way to have it struck down, if it is? I buy these on sale from various vendors so I can give them away mostly. Putting a time limit on them limits this practise. Thanks, Debs
  7. Sorry, LL, you're living in your own universe somewhere outside of reality! lol In fact, though I hadn't planned to comment, I came back to do so after surfing sims toinight and having to stand around and wait, wait, wait for things to rez so I could even partially see them. I know your answer will be to use the official SL viewer. Well, make it better and I might. As it is, it's not worth the trouble. So, I realize you're very proud of what you think you've done out there, but until we see it in the field, so to speak, I can't comment positively.
  8. Well, this just happened again. Frankly, I can't see this as anytiing but a typical glitch from SL. They said last time I was losing packets, but I bought a new better modem and router and have since upgraded my laptop. Both times it happened after I cut items and pasted them to a new location in my inventory, something I do all the time when cleaning and organizing. At least all these were from the same vendor so, hopefully, she has some redelivery options!
  9. Well, on Tuesday, between 3am and 4am, I rezzed dozens of new outfits from two vendors. I then moved them into their new folders created for those vendors. Then I thought I would do this for another few vendors. I love organizing to find things better. Just after 4am when I was done, I tried to change into an outfit and could not wear it. I kept getting an error message that I could not rez the item. I wasn't trying to rez, just wear. I relgged and, when I returned, all the items I purchased and rezzed were gone as well as all the outfits I had been moving around. The only issued posted was this one which said the restarts would start at 5am AND "Please refrain from rezzing no copy objects, making inworld L$ transactions and remember to save all builds." Of course, all the items gone are no copy, BUT I did all this before this was to start! I'm on SL time, too. Now, I have looked up every help on fixing this. I cleared my cache through the viewer, then manually, then did a clean reinstall of my viewer. Then removed ALL viewers and did a clean reinstall of just one. Nothing. The items are gone. We're talking about thousands of items here. Gone. Not to mention the money and the work it took to organize it all. Seriously. Now what? AND why do you guys have to do this to us? This is real money I've used, down the drain now!
  10. Wait a minute, isn't the whole point of SSB, updating our viewers, etc. so that this won't happen anymore? I spend more time rebaking now than I EVER did before!
  11. According to this July 3 blog, they have started. However, I wish someone on that side would speak up and tell us more about what's happening. I updated my viewer (totally clean install, too), but things seem worse than ever. I have to constantly rebake and even that isn't working most of the time. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Featured-News/It-s-Time-to-Update-Your-Viewer/ba-p/2067673
  12. Hoping this posts correctly. When I go to the Technology forum, I see this:
  13. I am using Chrome and the Forum Feedback page is so far the only page I've see that button on! At least I know what to look for, thanks!
  14. Okay, I ran several searches, but got nowhere with this. My contact list in my viewer is correctly showing all 43 people. However, when I look at my friends on the Web at mysecondlife, there are only 32. I have verified that the missing people are friends and are on my contact list in my viewer correctly. When I click on the profile of them, click Web, it doesn't identify them as a friend and shows the button for Add Friend! I'm talking to two friends who have the same thing. What's the situation on this, does anyone know? By the way, there is no button for Start Thread in the forums, just here. What am I missing, please? Why can't I post in the forums?? I hate posting in the wrong place, but saw no other solution in this place. Thanks, Debs
  15. it is roleplay, but, again, not the point. The point is that they are selling memberships to people and enabling them to claim people without their consent for said roleplay. I've been looking for LL TOS to see if anything in there pertains to this. Basically, they are prostituting unsuspecting people. Refusing to have sex roleplay when claimed results in a ban which literally translates to a single choice to do it or be banned. I shouldn't have to buy a membership to protect myself.
  16. I like the sim, love the people, but think the policy is bunk. I've been hunting all over to see if it's against and Terms of Service. If I have to go elsewhere I will, but I still want to know. If it is, I will report them, of course, because the practice needs to stop!
  17. I'm putting this under abuse because I believe it is. A group I am a member of has been selling memberships to people by giving them the benefit of being able to claim any other member on the sim on their member days. Anyone can be a member of the group, but you pay for silver or gold membership to be allowed this right. And they do promote it as a right. They don't allow anyone to refuse the person claiming them for any reason. You must leave the sim if you do refuse and refusing another time will get you banned. Now, this is a fun dancing sim otherwise, cool people, but I have to question where this fits in with LL TOS. The group is basically prostituting people against their will. They are selling the memberships to whore out innocent people who visit their sim! What say you on this? Debs
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