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    Honda CR-Z

    It's Could be Made by Lyte Rae in the near future. by Jupiter Motors.
  2. jaja2939

    Honda CR-Z

    This Car Will be great to bring into the SL with the GEMC Scripts by Beckhan Ra.
  3. I hope someone making the Violet Evergarden Avatar Set for the M4 Anime Head and the Fitted Kemono Torso Busty. in Second Life.
  4. maybe. It's will be a big breakthrough for the SL Aviation/GTFO Community as well. and It's would be SL Best Aircraft Scripters can script the Lockheed L-188 in Mesh.
  5. Anyone can make the Lockheed L-188 Electra in Second Life? for the Passengers,GTFO Freight and much others? with modifiable permission. It's will be first four engined turboprop airliner in SL in Mesh.
  6. Hey? Anyone can Make the Rumia Tingel,Sistine Fibel Cosplay for the Fitted Kemono Torso and Rei's Chest? It's wonderful cosplay clothing ever on the SL. It's not exist in the SL. only some people's Dream.
  7. I'm looking the Anime Avatared Person that Have these avatar set below: M3 Original Anime Head Kemono+Fitted Kemono Torso or M3 Original Anime Head Kemono+Rei's Chest Anyone has These wonderful anime avatar set? in SL?
  8. I'm On Windows 7 x64 Ultimate Core i3-540 3.06 Overclocked 3.70 GHz RAM 8GB Nvidia Geforce GT240 2048MB Double Sound Card Onboard Voice SoundBlaster 7.1 Speaker I'm Working Around This Problem? OpenGL Timeout Issues? Or Nvidia Crashes?
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