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  1. Thanks Caleb However There's Teleport Disconnect Incident Increased since Region Restarts. over 4 months.
  2. that's great. The Beck is banned me joining to the group. for trolling about. also. I'm not doing this thing again.
  3. anyone has skilled talent to script the Easy and Realistic Vehicle Script that applies on the cars,truck and van with NTBI GFS Fuel System Integration. with the low rpm decay like most GEMC Cars and the Euro Truck Simulator 2 Simulation Game. not TX Vehicles. and also. touchable dashboard support like the Shergood Aviation Helicopters with GPS Support. and It's had GTFO support as well these vehicle will be sold on sl marketplace. for profitable. any research needed to build the best vehicle ever made in SL. surpasssing the GEMC.
  4. Hi I'm apologized for geting banned from GEMC for Trolling. because I'm just asking the question about the detroit milestone for the too many listens errore question about the detroit milestone for the too many listens error could everyone help IM to beck to unban me from the Group? everyone? using Hi, I have a question before these word
  5. is anyone making the nakiri erina from the food wars! cosplay for the busty fitted kemono? if not could anyone do the commercial commission to sl marketplace. http://bit.ly/ACroftCommission
  6. Hey Anyone? Is that anyone using original m3 anime head and busty fitted kemono and also. they're very friendly to everyone and me. and also it's has lesbian capable anime girl and they can interest not just female but males!. very well. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/UTILIZATOR-M3-Mesh-Anime-Head/4697296?
  7. I'm Currently Using The Fast Fibre Optic 500 mbps in Thailand provided by 3BB and tp disconnect problem are on minimum compared with wifi connection.
  8. this could be the problem with your internet connection if you use the wifi or maybe the Linden found the region crossing disconnect incident in specific region.
  9. Yes. Very Nice looking freeway to bring into the SL Mainland. with L$ Tolls to maintain the freeway if you wanted to enter the freeway in some portions.
  10. Hey Everyone How's about The Private Owned Freeway with interchanges? on the SL Mainland with the million dollars of investment with the 65535 m2 tier for 175 USD per account on the land buying and also you have multi premium account included to buy these land? also the million dollar wealth Very good for GTFO Job,Economics,Exploration,Defense in SL!.
  11. is Anyone could make the new fire emblem RP sim that is on the part of the Pixel Hills? I'm very obsessed about the fire Emblem Heroes. and I hope they're making the nice Fire Emblem Sim!.
  12. I'm Testing the TP Between Tieut to Bombyx. It's Fine. next is Bombyx is Tieut. it's work very well. the 3rd time Tieut to Allalinhorn. It's work too! and the another tp attempt From the Allalinhorn to Tieut. It's work very well again!. and the Final TP Attempt from Tieut to my Home Bombyx? It's would be failure with the logs from my firestorm viewer like this? 2019-04-03T16:52:50Z WARNING #FSLSLBridge# newview/fslslbridgerequest.cpp(49) FSLSLBridgeRequest_Failure : FSLSLBridgeRequest::error(<llsd> <map> <key>error_body</key> <string>cap not found: &apos;f2a63138-5883-1b4f-1d37-e6725707a485&apos; </string> <key>headers</key> <map> <key>connection</key> <string>Keep-Alive</string> <key>content-length</key> <string>54</string> <key>date</key> <string>Wed, 03 Apr 2019 16:52:50 GMT</string> <key>keep-alive</key> <string>timeout=10, max=100</string> <key>server</key> <string>Apache</string> </map> <key>message</key> <string /> <key>status</key> <integer>1</integer> <key>success</key> <boolean>0</boolean> <key>type</key> <integer>404</integer> <key>url</key> <string>http://sim10578.agni.lindenlab.com:12046/cap/f2a63138-5883-1b4f-1d37-e6725707a485</string> </map> </llsd> ) 2019-04-03T16:52:50Z WARNING #CoreHttp# llcorehttp/_httppolicy.cpp(434) LLCore::HttpPolicy::stageAfterCompletion : HTTP request 000001865A762640 failed after 1 retries. Reason: Not Found (Http_404) 2019-04-03T16:52:50Z WARNING #CoreHTTP# llmessage/llcorehttputil.cpp(282) LLCoreHttpUtil::HttpCoroHandler::onCompleted : Possible failure [Http_404] cannot POST url 'https://sim10667.agni.lindenlab.com:12043/cap/8ab395f2-df57-3448-71e0-2a64f6e15a10' because Not Found 2019-04-03T16:52:50Z INFO # llcommon/llsdserialize_xml.cpp(417) LLSDXMLParser::Impl::parse : LLSDXMLParser::Impl::parse: XML_STATUS_ERROR parsing:cap not found: '8ab395f2-df57-3448-71e0-2a64f6e15a10' 2019-04-03T16:52:50Z WARNING #CoreHTTP# llmessage/llcorehttputil.cpp(324) LLCoreHttpUtil::HttpCoroHandler::onCompleted : Returned body= cap not found: '8ab395f2-df57-3448-71e0-2a64f6e15a10' LL need more things to fix these region teleport disconncect problem rather rolled to the main region. next Tuesday. It's didn't goes well.
  13. Is Anyone could make the Tana From Fire Emblem outfit for the Busty Fitted Kemono Torso? by Blender? You could make the Cosplay for the Busty Fitted Kemono Torso As well. via Blender.
  14. jaja2939

    Honda CR-Z

    It's Could be Made by Lyte Rae in the near future. by Jupiter Motors.
  15. jaja2939

    Honda CR-Z

    This Car Will be great to bring into the SL with the GEMC Scripts by Beckhan Ra.
  16. I hope someone making the Violet Evergarden Avatar Set for the M4 Anime Head and the Fitted Kemono Torso Busty. in Second Life.
  17. maybe. It's will be a big breakthrough for the SL Aviation/GTFO Community as well. and It's would be SL Best Aircraft Scripters can script the Lockheed L-188 in Mesh.
  18. Anyone can make the Lockheed L-188 Electra in Second Life? for the Passengers,GTFO Freight and much others? with modifiable permission. It's will be first four engined turboprop airliner in SL in Mesh.
  19. Hey? Anyone can Make the Rumia Tingel,Sistine Fibel Cosplay for the Fitted Kemono Torso and Rei's Chest? It's wonderful cosplay clothing ever on the SL. It's not exist in the SL. only some people's Dream.
  20. I'm looking the Anime Avatared Person that Have these avatar set below: M3 Original Anime Head Kemono+Fitted Kemono Torso or M3 Original Anime Head Kemono+Rei's Chest Anyone has These wonderful anime avatar set? in SL?
  21. I'm On Windows 7 x64 Ultimate Core i3-540 3.06 Overclocked 3.70 GHz RAM 8GB Nvidia Geforce GT240 2048MB Double Sound Card Onboard Voice SoundBlaster 7.1 Speaker I'm Working Around This Problem? OpenGL Timeout Issues? Or Nvidia Crashes?
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