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About Me

Found 57 results

  1. Hi im Looking for someone making custom hair and clothes for kemono that look like this > Pic Please IM me inworld : Reisen
  2. Hi im Looking for someone making custom hair and clothes for kemono that look like this > Pic Please IM me inworld : Reisen
  3. Is Anyone could make the Tana From Fire Emblem outfit for the Busty Fitted Kemono Torso? by Blender? You could make the Cosplay for the Busty Fitted Kemono Torso As well. via Blender.
  4. Hey? Anyone can Make the Rumia Tingel,Sistine Fibel Cosplay for the Fitted Kemono Torso and Rei's Chest? It's wonderful cosplay clothing ever on the SL. It's not exist in the SL. only some people's Dream.
  5. Hello, I'm having troubles with my avatar, or so, avatar skin modding. Each time I made a mod for my kemono (i am new to this) I have trouble; I'll have a seem go down the middle of the face, and for the fitted torso.. each time i go to hide the nipples a large blank area shows. It prevents being able to wear anything where nipple has to hide and quickly becoming very frustrating because i don't know what to do, I've tried texturing it seperately but that does not work. I bought the ' [JD] UTI Kemono - PSD Kit BOX'. I noticed that caboodle also had a map also, so I'm not sure if that affects the face seam, but i was hoping that someone who has been in this position found a solution and figured out what's happening with both the seam and fitted torso. (The face seam is only seen on certain distance).
  6. I've tried almost everything. I can't find much info on this problem..the weird thing its not just me with the deformed feet. other kemono avatars i see got this deformed look too. is it something wrong with my viewer?
  7. Hi =^-^= I want to find more nice clothes for my Kemono Fitted Torso avi but I can't find a lot. What's your best things, favorites shops, favorites gestures to be cute <3, anything Fitted torso related? Wretch is a very good shop but not much things - https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/61114 Kiu too https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/174092 Is there more "casual" clothing for Kemono Fitted Torso? I want to create a cute anim girl, but not with a flat chest. Does it have more clothes on other "Breast mods"? Thank you so much This is Wretch Kimono
  8. I wear a different head with the Kemono body and my neck looks fine when I'm standing, theres just a lil weird invisible space but not really noticeable if you aren't looking closely, but whenever I sit and the sitting animation has me extending my head abit there is a big invisible space; I tried finding a neck extender and there was a link for one called 'Kemono Neck Extender Z' but I guess the creator closed their shop because it just takes me to the marketplace home page. Is there any way to fix this without a neck extender? I'm pretty inexperienced with modding, I've only done the very very basic stuff.
  9. I have a problem with the Kemono avatar by Utilizator. There's a random invisible portion between my shoulders and arms. I'd include a photo but I've never posted before and don't quite understand the content rules yet.
  10. ☻Marketing manager needed☻ Requirements: ☺Previous marketing/sales experience ☺Involvement in Anime/Furry/Kemono community ☺Event experience is a plus Payment: ☺10% commission ☺ Bonus 500L after every 5 sales *Contact αυвяεץ zαмαяι (angelaleigh93) or вяσηvүη zαмαяι (bronvyn) for application*
  11. about kemono breasts . I looking kemono breasts like in the picture. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Voir-BENTO-FURRY-female-AO/13610845 In the note, tell me It use "Mused breasts". But i can not find Mused breasts for kemono or Mused breasts like in the picture. about *DurpButt* Bird Avian It plans to buy the "*DurpButt* Birb / Bird Avian Furry Bento Avatar " https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/DurpButt-Birb-Bird-Avian-Furry-Bento-Avatar/12039140?page=1 But I want to know how much the chest can adjust, or it have some breasts parts for this or not? and it have NSFW skin yes? ps. sorry, I not good Eng. (>w<"
  12. Sorry if this inst the right place to post this I have a Venus/kemono femboy av and I use a pale skin for him, but I tried to change it and I forgot what the skin applier I had on before was called {I have short term memory problems} I have a back up of the head and body, but in case this happens again I want to know what skin im using, only problem is, I have tons of skins, i went though them and none of them matched the first skin {the pale one i used, same as in the picture} So I'm wondering, Is there a way to see the name of the skin applier/texture or the maker of the skin? {Also if anyone recognizes this skin, its for the Venus head and the kemono body, please post the name, or maker}
  13. I Am A kemono avi (but i have many other avis aswell) i mostly rp as a child (11 Yrs) so please pg jobs only i do have an adult avi if need be but i prefer my main avi which is this one.. i am great at landscaping, i am a wonderful Decorator I can provide refrences if need be, i am a good photagrapher i will put my flicker link below, i am wiling to model or blog i have done both in the past, i can be a babysitter in rp, i can make mods for clothing pretty good not the best but im decent at it, i have gyzo, photoshop, gimp, i have been an admin of a few sims before i am a good manager, i am online all day i do not log my avi off line unless i have to leave in rl but that it rather rare and i do give notice before hand, i am flexible on times, im very reliable also have refrences if need be, i have experience in many things my avi is 9 years old and i have played that whole time i have not taken breaks so yes i have experience in a lot of different things i can handle problems well, if you would like please contact me in world that is fine but know if im asleep in rl i will have a message stating so and i will get back to you ASAP, i have insomnia so i do not sleep much.. i am on EST but i am up most of the night and most of the day so im very flexible... thank you for your time <3 Tweepy Starship https://www.flickr.com/photos/124840172@N05/
  14. I've recently bought a venus M3 head to go with my Kemono body but I realised that there's only around four male skins made for that combo- The rest are female and it's pretty stressful having less then six skin options. Is there anything that could help me make female skins into flat chested looking? I have the kemono flat chest but I don't think that would be enough for a textured boob to suddenly go away. I've only got 3.4k Lindens right now so I don't think a whole new body or head would be within my budget ^^"
  15. I was online last night using the FireStorm viewer with no issues with this avatar. I updated the Viewer and as I logged in I notices the layer around the waist and upper leg was invisible. I reset the alpha layer multiple times with this avatar but it will not correct, Always going invisible as I redo it. I even used a different copy of the Fitted Torso and it was still doing it. It works perfectly fine with my other avatars but for some reason this one is not working properly. I took off the Fitted torso to be sure that was the issue, and I have no problems with the kemono avatar if it is not on. Does anyone know how I could fix this issue? I would rather know a fix for if this happens in the future than have to remake the avatar only to have this happen again.
  16. Hello, I'm having troubles with my avatar, or so, avatar skin modding. Each time I made a mod for my kemono (i am new to this) I have trouble; I'll have a seem go down the middle of the face, and for the fitted torso.. each time i go to hide the nipples a large blank area shows. It prevents being able to wear anything where nipple have to hide and quickly becoming very frustrating because i don't know what to do, i've tried texturing it seperately but that does not work. I bought the ' [JD] UTI Kemono - PSD Kit BOX'. I noticed that caboodle also had a map also, so i'm not sure if that affects the face seam, but i was hoping that someone who has been in this position found a solution and figured out what's happening with both the seam and fitted torso. (The face seam is only seen on certain distance and angel).
  17. hi there i have 500 linden at the moment and i am hoping to find a nice clothing creator who is willing to take that and create for me a new set of custom clothing its a uniform along with boots i have it in classic av style clothing but id like there to be an upgraded version of it more like basically make a new one there is a combination of 2 outfits id like you to make into one outfit thank you for your time ^ -^ please write to me asap id love to get this done asap
  18. Ok, so I logged into second life today to find every single one of my kemono body avatars messed up. I have reset the skeleton and animations and they are still not fixed. Is this issue happening with anyone else or is this just some kind of problem with mine? I was online last night and there was no issue with the avatar but today they all look like this. I have tried the deformer and anything else I could think of to fix this but nothing has seemed to work.
  19. Hello all! This is my first post in the SL forums, and I was hoping you could help me. Recently, I got a very cute skin mod that requires both the Viss Bunny head and the Utilizator Kemono body. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/wickedpup-LITTLE-LAMB-PEARL-KEMONO-VISS/14591213 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/BUNNY-PUZZLE-VISS-Avatar-Gray-Female/4115502 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/UTILIZATOR-Kemono/6070005 It looks very cute and I would love to try it out. However, I do not know how to get the head to work on the body. Currently, the eyes refuse to stay in the head, in place, and constantly clip outside of the head. I have already contacted the store owner, but have yet to receive a response. I assume they are most likely busy, but I would love to get this mod working as soon as possible. Their instructions did not come with details on attaching the head to the body, so I am at a loss. Another important detail is that I am using the fitted kemono mod. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Fitted-Kemono-Torso/8351902 Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  20. Greetings! To get right down to it... I've spent so many hours combing the Marketplace for ways to alter my Kemono into my dream mutation, I've decided it would be simpler to come here asking for assistance with this skin issue. I tried to work with the Kemono dev kit, but I apparently suck at translating what I want into brush strokes on GIMP - I just end up with ugly seams and an unhealthy level of frustration over wasted hours. But I'm holding out hope that someone might take pity on me. These make up my current avatar body: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/UTILIZATOR-Kemono/6070005 (Non-negotiable.) https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/AMBIX-Chiroptera-Wings/8201450 (Non-negotiable.) https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Vixen-Tail/10815136 (Non-negotiable.) https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Reis-Stuff-Chest-for-Kemono/7176277 (Non-negotiable. My Kemono base is, and always will be, Adult, and this is the only chest upgrade I ever liked enough to purchase. Not ridiculously large like some.) https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Paws-Feline-Head-Boxed/7030025 (Non-negotiable. I'd like a few smile wrinkles around the eyes, but if that should prove too difficult, they aren't strictly necessary.) https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Happy-Paw-Fox-legs-for-kemono/14116006 (These are negotiable. I'd be willing to pick up a different set of "animal" legs at the artist's request, as long as they are similar in proportion to the rest of the body and aren't distinctly canine.) I've attached a picture of what all that currently looks like, including the extraneous bits which I can mod myself, manually, through the Build menu. I'm not completely happy with it the way it is, and I would love to reach my ultimate goal... a dark "rave leopard" look. If at all possible, I want a somewhat-muscular abdomen and defined fur with nice, seamless shading, or as close as an artist can reasonably get. I am willing to negotiate on pricing (and, potentially, reimbursement for the mod kits the artist might be required to purchase in order to fulfill my request). I am not interested in reserving the finished product for myself - should the artist wish to offer the skin on the Marketplace, my only ask is that its cost for others should not exceed competitors' prices for Kemono skins. Should anyone be available and interested in taking on this request, please drop me a notecard with your pricing, terms, anticipated timeline, and so on. (*EDIT: @ Ahamari Resident.) A good day to you all!
  21. New Business Opportunity!!! New club ready to open, in need of a business manager and all staff to run. Looking for a trusted business manager who will oversee all business operations and consult with owner to work out best possible decisions on plans for improving the club and creating an enjoyable place for all, while discussing handling of any issues that may arise. This person MUST have experience running an escort / dance club. This establishment is adult and will only hire avis that are 18+ NO CHILD AVATARS. This establishment is a fun, laid back place, looking for fun, laid back individuals who want to work somewhere that doesn't feel like a job, but a place where they enjoy hanging out. If you are interested in knowing more please contact: MitchWillhelm secondlife:///app/agent/d00ee83b-524a-4c9b-a85e-f04dce32c8a0/about Thank you and hope to hear from you soon!
  22. So I finally got the kemono avatar, and want to make skins. I decided to start off with a simple design, and old adoptable I made for my DA account that never sold.I'm hopeful the skin will sell, but I doubt it, because that takes time. Anyways, I'm looking for opinions on it, and instructions on how to put it up on the market. Also, I'm thinking of getting some full perm ears and a tail, but I don't know how to attach/rig them to the kemono body. Anyone know how to, if I do get them?
  23. Hi all, I'm having some issues using the Webbed Legs by Ambix. They attach fine to my avatar on my end, but apparently nobody else can see them (I just don't have legs to the public since they're turned off in the HUD while I'm wearing the duck feet). I can literally rez them on the ground, people will see them, but as soon as I hit "wear", they're gone. Is there something I'm missing? I'm a new user but even experienced friends haven't been able to figure it out, and I'm not really sure what to search for help-wise. TIA!
  24. Hello all! So I quickly fell in love with the Kemono and PAWS combination for my furry character, and I know it's possible to have a custom skin made for it. I have a lion fursona: https://orig00.deviantart.net/8550/f/2015/069/f/b/mythrim_reference_by_jurgencarmeitder-d8l7j04.png Lewd version! https://static.f-list.net/images/charimage/9076215.png I just wanted to browse around for anyone who's experienced with this kind of stuff and see if I could possibly get this made? I know her design is asymmetrical but I'd be happy to come to a middle ground if that's too difficult (like, I can make a symmetrical version of it) because I'm not really sure how custom textures work for SL. I also don't know if it affects anything, but I also use the Hella Hips and Rei's Chest mods for my character. If you need any other details feel free to respond here and I'll get back to you ASAP. I can pay through $L or PayPal, whatever your preference is. Interested? Great, just message me and we can discuss more. Thanks! ~Elly
  25. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/BI-Kemono-Beast-Claws/6832073?page=1 Those are the claws I have. Somehow I managed to turn the claw tips turquoise, a desirable colour for my look, but I have no idea how I did it or how to replicate it. I've read the notecard that came with it and cannot find my answer. The shop says to click the right paw, but nothing happens when I do this. I did not rez the claws to colour them, and just noticed they were coloured when I logged in today. Select face doesn't do anything other than give me an uncolourable checkered texture area. Edit linked, I'm not sure what that does but it did nothing as well. Halp ;-; Also, not sure if this is the right forum. If not, could you direct me to the correct one?
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