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  1. I would bet that the creators who show only one angle of their clothing would dramatically increase their sales by just taking more pics. Creating the item was the hard part, so why cheat yourself by just not hitting the snapshot button one more time? And I agree that models are necessary. And preferably human. No offense to furries, but I can't quite trust clothing that looks like it was made for an inhuman shape. For me, seeing the backside of a pair of pants isn't so much because I'm worried about looking fat. I can't stand the "plumber butt" that so many pairs of jeans give a person.Too many times I see an otherwise stylish pair of jeans that just reveal a little too much butt, and end up looking trashy. As for Mesh, it's getting better as time goes on. It definitely has it's places, but until it fits the avatar like the old fashioned clothes do, it'll never replace them. I imagine that some day, mesh will be more versatile.
  2. There are bans for all kinds of dumb things, and truthfuly, I don't care to go to any sim that uses them. 1. There are "Payment info required" bans, which really make me wonder why the owner only allows people who broadcast to sl that their avatar is connected to a paypal or credit card number. 2. Ther are "sl age" bans, which I feel is just plain snobby. 3. There are AV height bans. My character has a 5'4" shape that would have cost me 1000L if it wasn't a rezz day gift. So, pick my shape, and I won't pick your sim. 4. There are "age verification required" areas. Okay, this makes sense. But I'm going to read the describtion before I enter. I'm fine with R rated stuff. But I have no interest in X rated.
  3. I don't think there is an average. It all depends on what kind of land, where, and what you're using it for. Mainland costs less than private. Residential costs less than commercial. Commercial costs less per prim than roleplay, since roleplay sims use some of the prims to build the public areas and still need to offset costs. Then there's grandfathered or not. You're not only paying for prims, but also for area, so homesteads tend to cost more per prim, bing a larger area.... Maybe if you ask "Average rent for ______ kind of sim I can give a better answer.
  4. I recieved this thing. But I deleted it right away, since I didn't know the person who gave it to me, didn't know WHY it was given to me, or how. I read the notecards, and i can't remember exactly what it was, but something seemed "off" about the whole thing. It would be fortunate for you if everyone was so wise. But since they aren't, are you allowing the people you ban a chance to talk to you? Perhaps they can benefit from the advice to take the thing off and delete it. Plus, as they do, you can clear your ban list. I understand that from your point of view it's spam, but the people who rezzed this thing are apparently victims. If it was my land, I'd keep them banned until they fix the problem, but lift the ban after.
  5. You got the script warning because you're in a place that limits the number of running scripts a person can have running at one time. You dont need to delete anything, just start removing huds. Are you wearing any clothes with a resize script? See if that script can be removed from the clothing. That might help you.
  6. hahahaha y2k! I remember all that hype! It's like everyone in the whole world forgot that in 1900 we didn't even have computers. So if every computer went down... So what? Worst case scenario: A little inconvenience. Just like the world is going to end now because some overachieving Mayan finally got writers cramp!
  7. when a corp is about bleeding everything dry and not caring about crapping where it sleeps in the name of profit..and monopolies..that's where it becomes dog eat dog..and they become more damage than benefit.. I agree with this completely. There is nothing wrong with businesses making some money. What IS wrong is how much of the average corporation goes to pay its people at the tom. The average CEO used to make 40 times what the average worker did. Now, it's more like 360 times what the productive worker did. And often, these CEO's have no personal stake in the company anymore, like they used to when the wage discrepency was 1/9 of what it is now. And that only accounts for the wage difference here in America. think about how much of our manufacturing has gone to Mexico. And we STILL have Mexicans wanting to come to America because working less than the Americans get paid makes them feel rich! There is enough out there in the world that everyone can live comfortably. The problem is that within a single company, there are people who think they are valuable enough to bring as much pay home each day as someone who works for them brings home in a year, and that **bleep** is still spending all his time searching for a cheaper workforce.
  8. You can start just taking things of until your arms come back. (I recommend you go somewhere private to do this. If you need a private place you can do a search for private dressing rooms.) If by the time your naked your arms still don't come back, then do a character test. This will revert you back to a starting avatar. Then, rewear everything you have in steps. 1. Put on the skin, shape, and hair first. Then click "Save outfit." This can be used instead of the avatar test in case any attachment does this to you in the future. It'll also save you a lot of time taking off one outfit to put on a new one, since you won't have to select "add" or replace. 2. Attach any HUD's or AO's that you use, then hit "save outfit" under a different name. If you never change huds or ao's, then you can do this in step one, and avoid having two nude outfits. 3. Every time you change clothes and decide that you really like the look that you achieved, save it as an outfit. This will make things much, much easier for you your whole time in SL. Saved outfits can always be modified or deleted. Once they're saved, the next time you want that same look you can just find it in outfits, click, select "replace" and you'll have that look again. MUCH easier than digging through all of your clothing inventory and trying to remember what you wore with what at that event you went to a month ago. Hope this helps.
  9. Ummm. cause it's on the internet, available for anyone as a free downlowad. if it can't be had in China, then it's not because of Linden lab. It's because of china.
  10. If only real life issues would stay in real life, where they belong. Mesh clothes that fit are almost enough to make me wish that sl layer clothes would go away. The problem is that ther is almost no way to get mesh that is guaranteed to fit without needing to play with some sliders. Combine this wtih teh fact that there re lenty of "no modify" shapes you can get.... It's all such a good idea, so poorly executed.
  11. Eva, you wrote this yourself: "ethical or not it all comes down to the right of every person to come into SL and do whatever they like as long as it does not violate the TOS. And nomatter what your personal feelling on the subject of alts is, there is nothing in the TOS banning the use of alts, or limiting the solicitation of tips or gratutities. You still have yet to explain exactly in what way multiple characters being controlled by a single typist is harmful, decietful, or dishonest to others. It is KNOWN that in sl, there is no limit to the number of avatars a person may have. It is KNOWN that tips and gratuities are given on a voluntary basis. Assumptions are not legal grounds for calling fraud. I fail to see how you are calling this faudulent. In terms of the customer experience, are the customers getting what they pay for? Well, they must be, since they aren't obligated to pay anything! If you are the owner of the land, then you can put a clause in your land's covenant which bans alts, and enforce that with all the seal you wish. But the fact remains that you still have yet to provide a single shred of evidence of wrongdoing by the person who you have originally posted about. there are several things going against the case you're trying to make here. 1. There is no promise required by LL or by any of it's users, written OR implied, that an avatar is an original, not an alt. 2. Any linden exchanges are for goods or services rendered. Any gratuities or tips that are offered or given on a VOLUNTARY BASIS are for the perception that such goods or services had in fact been rendered. 3. In seven, count them, SEVEN pages, you have yet to demonstrate any way in which those who had made any transaction had been harmed. Is this Dj/hostess taking more money than what they bring into the club? If so, then maybe an IM to the owner would be an appropriate measure to take. If not, thenwhy is this such an issue to you? 4. You have yet to address the fact that both the Dj and the Hostess re VIRTUAL people, who earn their respective tips based on the level of service provided. And because they are in the VIRTUAL world, which is a seperate entity from the real world altogether, you fail to demonstrate why real world factors such as how many people are at the keyboards really pertains to this issue. You do mention double dipping. But let me ask you this... Is the club then responsible for providing each of it's workers with teh federally mandated minimum wage? Unless both avatars are earning $5.25 US dollars per hour (federal minimum wage, equalling 1296 lindens per hour) then standard labor laws o not apply. Keep in mind that several residents pay less per week for property, and the average linden tip is far, far less than that. In the state that I live in, minimum wage is $7.25/hr (1790 lindens.) If we all could earn that as dj's hostesses, and dancers, then all the complaints of tier wouldn't exist! 5. How much time have you spent trying to justify anger at this person, compared to how much money you lost by this "scam" I mean, really, how big of a tip do you give? you have spent at least an hour $5.25-7.25 US, or 1296 to 1790 lindens worht of your time, possibly more depending on state trying to justify this anger you feel at the person who merely double logs, IF you're correct about that beign what is going on.
  12. Wow. So many interesting debates on a single thread. Economics... Old vs new.... Jeanne, there is nothing more fun for me than disagreeing with you. you express youself well, and intellectual debates are fun. But we seem to agree that capitalism is not reality. Corportism I think is the word you used for it? We need to stop agreeing if this thread is going to continue. lol. Economics: There is no pure model in existance that we can see. "Toy capitalism" was used to refer to sl. That's correct. but while tier prices are high, they are dictated by supply and demand.Every price on the marketplace is set by the creator. Ther is far more equality in SL than there is in rl, opportunity-wise. There is less of the above mentioned "corporatism" because there are so many individual creators. And unlike the US economy, there is a far fairer playing field. Ecology: Often times, the "environmentally responsible" thing to do is actually more harmful than the irresponsible thing to do. As for the relationship between weak economies and the environment, one needs to only compare third world to developed nations to see the difference. One can also look at the overall effect of any given initiative to see that environmentalism is nothing but another tool of marketing. Ethanol is supposed to be a way to decrease automotive emmissions withing the US. But the return rate of ethanol is roughly 1 gallon of diesel burned over the course of it's production to produce and distribute how much ethanol? one gallon. That's it. The problem is that ethanol is not kept to where it would be both economically and enviromentally beneficial. Instead, it is mandated by federal law that itt be dispersed countrywide,making it both economically and environmentally malicious. The problem is that it is a solvent, while the gasoline it is miked with is petroleum. Commercialized farming requires heavy farming equipment which is powered by diesel. And then it cannot travel through the pipelines. Petroleums tend break down into varnish. Varnish clings to metal. Solvents break down tarnish. Think of cholesterol on the human artery, and what would happen to a person if all that built up cholesterol was to seperate from the artery at once. Yep, clots, clogs, strokes, etc. Same would happen to the pipelines. This means that once the ethanol is produced, it can only be transported by tanker to the refineries that mix it with the gasoline. This further is complicated by the fact that alcohol (ethanol) tends to react with moisture much quicker than gas, and contains far further british thermal units per unit of measure. A car running on pure gasoline will actually travel more miles per gallon than one using ethanol. Consider the tradeoff mentioned above, that production of one gallon of ethanol requires one gallon of diesel, and combining that with the comon knowledge that a diesel engine gets many more mpg's than a gasoline engine. Add to that formula that the US has multiple formulations for diesel, and the diesel which gets used in the production of ethanol is the "off highway" blend (much higher in sulphur content). net effect of environmentalism? Taht more pollutants are released into the atmosphere and more btu's consumed, meaning more liquid fuel just for that warm and fuzzy feeling that a tailpipe is emmitting fewer ppm (parts per million) than it would on a pure petroleum mix. Furthermore, if you compare a car like the Toyota Prius to... Oh, say, a Hummer H1... The prduction of a prius is so energy heavy, that the manufacturing process would actually take more resources than the Hummer going from ore, through the manufacturing process, being driven a quarter million miles, and then rotting away to match. A country witha weak economy is not one with citizens who do not generate trash. It is one with citizens who live IN trash. The fall of any single country will not save the environment. There is the whole arguement of colonialism, imperialsim, the "anti" of both, etc. involved here. Jeanne, I will agree with you that if EVERY country went back to living off the land, we'd be better off. Unfortunately for all of us, that would mean no more sl. And on top of that, I think that the human population has grown to the point of no return. We are now fully dependant on farmers to grow our food. They in turn are fully dependant on scientifically developed seeds and methods to grow enough for us all. In America for instance, if our lifestyle was based more on the native lifestyle than the european lifestyel, we would be better off. I often wonder, culturally speaking, exactly what it is that we're doing to ourselves. We go to school from the age of five, sometimes younger, to at least 18. Often into our twenties. From there, straight to work. If we went to college, then we have student loans to pay off. If not, we just get a job. We stay there until our 60's or 70's. Not in one job, like our grandparents did. But in many jobs. We do this knowing that nomatter how much we make, there is some **bleep** who makes more than 360 TIMES what the average worker for his/her company does. (Yes, that is the true disparity between a CEO and the average worker.) Back in the eighties, it was more like 40 times what the average worker makes. Sooo. we get all this education (12 years minimum) for the sole purpose of benefitting someone else. Someone who makes in a day almost as much as we make in a year. Military: I know people who have succeeded and people who have been had by this strategy. What did they all have in common? Lack of private sector opportunity. I know someone who failed college, but then joined the Navy. He is now a very successful nuclear engineer, who was recruited by the corporation who now hired him before his military contract was over. (they agreed to wait for him and hold his spot until his obligation to the country was over.) And I have comforted friends who cried on my shoulder, "I'll give my life to protect you. my friends, and my family, but I don't want to go for this. This has nothing to do wtih us. If I go, and I get killed, it's all for nothing." And there is another kind of person I know. There are people who have passed the mental tests, and even the physical, but failed the medical examiner's scrutiny. I personally know someone who tried to enlist, was turned down because his medical record showed a certain metal piece in his body after passing every mental and physical test the military had, and later, was innundated with phone calls from recruiters. He turned them down. He explained this to me. ":I was all for joining for a mission. I told the recruiters the same thing. I felt like I was joining to do something, but after the war tok a turn, it all turned to nothing."He was referring to that moment when the United States turned from hunting down Osama Bin Laden to the decision to invade Iraq. These are two of the three ways that governments get people to enlist. One is lack of opportunity, one is sense of mission or duty, and the third is compulsory. Honestly, regardless of how you feel about the military or it's actions, it's members are people too, who joined for reasons that are usualy not "Yeah! I get to kill people!" So Jeanne, I disagree with you about people who enlist. I know enough people who have to see what they go through.
  13. Eva, I take issue with your arguements for a couple of reasons. Sometimes it's not so much what you say, as how you say it. And to be honest, several people who seem to feel the same way I do have been quite blunt. I hope that by posting more diplomatically I can either make you see that this is not the big deal that you seem to think it is, or maybe give you a chance to change my mind. Before I get to my opinion though, allow me a moment of disclosure. In SL, I am a roleplayer. I have several alts. Some of those alts were influential to storylines within different sims. Some are even staff members on certain sims. the experience I am speaking from, and the perspective I am looking at this through, is as someone who has actually been two people in the same place at the same time. I am also speaking from the experience of someone who's been told by someone else who was double logged that they were double logged. And as someone who has been caught talking to someone about one of their alts not knowing it was the same perseon. (thankfully,. I had nothing but compliments for the person.) 1. Double logging is NOT easy. Nor is it a violation of TOS. So if this person truly is both characters, then they deserve to be rewarded for being both. 2. Lindens are worth a fraction of what real money is. So if this is a scam, it's only worth pennies to the "victims" 3. Tipping is voluntary. So really, there's no reason to get so upset. It is not madatory or compulsory. 4. SL is a virtual world, with virtual people. The number of rl people at rl keyboards is irrelevant. 5. You say you have proof of your allegations, but so far all you did was tell people they were wrong when they took guesses to what your proof is. In other words, you still have not provided any proof. 6. What method do you think you have of effectively outing this real life person as two avatars without committing a violation of the TOS yourself by divulging rl information about someone else without their express consent? 7. Several people have asked why you think that this is such a violation of ethics, but you have yet to provide a good reason why. From my point of view, Linden Lab allows people to have as many avatars as they would wish. There are only two limitations to how many may be online at any given time. One is the user's hardware. The other is the speed at which the flesh and blood human being sitting in the real life chair can think and type. In a virtual environment, your interactions are NOT with the flesh and blood person, or with the hardware at their disposal. It is only with the pixel representation they have created within the world of second life. Thus, you are interacting with two avatars, and in the case of both, tipping is a strictly voluntary action. You are out no more money than you choose to part with in return for the service provided by these avatars. The amount that you choose to part with is contingent with the quality of work they are doing. the arguement of ethics is highly subjective. particularly in light of the "virtual world, virtual people" reality of sl. I mean no offense to you by saying this, but I get the feeling that you are taking sl way mroe seriously than you should if you plan to enjoy it.
  14. Everything you're doing is right. you just have to do more Like someone else said, go to somewhere that you can drag things from your inventory to the ground. Clicking on the box will work if it has an unpacking script. If it doesn't, then you'll have to right click, and you'll get a pie menu. then click on open, or if you don't see open as one of the options, click "more." until open is on the list. when you click that, it'll bring up a contents window, with an option to "copy to inventory" or "copy and wear." usualy, you'll want to click on copy to inventory, then go to the folder and wear the items one by one. this is because if you hit copy and wear, you will automaticaly take off anything else you were wearing. If the box has a complete outfit, you could end up bald. If it's not a complete outfit, you could end up showing more skin than you want. Not to mention all of your huds, ao's etc will have to be reworn.
  15. Ummm, Jeanne, military strength and economic strength are two completely different things. And I disagree you on a couple of levels about a weaker america being better for everyone, unless you meant a weaker US GOVERNMENT would be better. Then I fully agree. As for the bullying, well, we are nothing but NATO's pet rottweiller. Due to global economic ties, any country becoming economically weaker will slow down the economy of the world. Especially when that country is based on consumerism, like America is. In terms of the world economy, we are the wimp who refuses to even compete. We tend to over-regulate, have a convoluted and ineficient taxing system, and a history of signing one-sided trade agreements that are certainly not in our favor. Our politicians look at globalism like it's the new god, and repetatively sell the rug from under our feet. Our government has grown now to the point that it is larger than our private sector. The rapidly ballooning deficit combined with devaluation of our currency in the forms of inflation and "quantitive easing" have our economy so unstable right now that nodody wants to spend, or invest in anything. they don't want to save, either, because any earned interest that will not be eaten up in taxes will be ecipsed by inflation. Combine that with rapidly declining middle class, both in population percentage and in net worth, along with the increased disparity between social classes, and little motivation to work to better yourself comes from anything other than your own personal pride. The slowdown in our spending is felt worldwide, and is forcing several other countries to keep a watchful eye on us, and adjust their economic strategies to compensate for our decrease in spending power. As for the military... I think that the young men and women who enlist are often used and abused by government officials in pursuit of their own personal agendas. Not just in the US, or in a select few countries, but in nearly every country which has any form of military force. In mosts instances, the military is deployed either by duping the public into thinking there's somehow a benefit to them, or in spite of the public's wishes.In the case of America, if NATO or the UN tells us to jump, our government asks how high. Often, it is quickly forgotten that an idea originated by NATO or the UN, and all that's remembered is the American involvement. The last war that the US has honestly had any real victory in was WWII. Until then, America was a "seperatist" country, focused on our own wellbeing. Remember, WWII was something we planned to stay out of until the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. Since then, our military has been sent to what seems like every little squabble in the world that wouldn't have any effect whatsoever on America if it wasn't for members of our military being sent there to die or come back with some form of trauma, ptsd, or permanent injury. Not to mention the money we waste. I am not against our military, at all. I just wish that its use and deployment would be limited to times when it is absolutely necessary for the interests and wellbeing of our country as a whole. The government... Yeah, a weaker government is something I'm all for, everywhere. Not anarchy. But, let's call it barebones government. Large, powerful government is full of innefiency. And the stronger the government, the more demands of the populace fall on deaf ears. The more public money gets siphoned off to add to someone else's riches. And the more that the resources collected from many is used for the benefit of the few. The entire reason why America's wealth is declining, and people like Jeanne consider the US to be the bully of the world is because our government has outgrown itself.
  16. I'm not good enough to be for hire. But I can give you some advice. In Photoshop, start with a 1024x1024 "canvas" at about the lowest resolution you can tolerate. Start by laying down the "base" color. But I warn you, the color WILL change as you go. It'll take some time to figure out what tools will affect the colors in what ways. After that, the "filter" tab at the top of the screen will become your best friend in the whole world. Typically, I'll layer filters on top of filters for the desired result, and several of them will seem to have nothing to do with what I want to make. The way the filters combine is what makes the texture for me. Don't be afraid of specialty brushes. Using brushes in shapes that would make anyone else say "Why would you EVER do that" with the burn and dodge tools often help add depth to the texture. The "maple leaf" brush set to a ridiculously high number of pixels used with burn/dodge is a great way to "age" your work. Think about what ways the texture will be used. I said use 1024x1024 because that's what most vectors and uv masks that you find will use. So if you're using the texture for that, then you will want to save your base texture as a .psd AND a .png. It it is going on something larger, then you will want slightly less detail at the edges, and you'll want he edges to "line up." so seams arre virtualy invisible. (I'm no good at this.) Or, alternatively, you can make a tiled effect on purpose. That reminds me... Simply reformatting what you made can have an effect on what your texture will look like. Lightening, darkening, warming, or cooling of the texture can be done with image adjustments, or with semi-transparent layers on top of your work. Image adjustments can have bizarre effects if not done carefully, and the layers on top will mute your details a little (which is sometimes desirable)
  17. solstyse


    Why not wait for the deformer to be released? I may have misunderstood what I've read about it, and if I'm wrong I apologize. But isn't the idea that this new technology is just around the corner, and will make sizing much less of a concern? If he clothing can be made to fit the avatar, which is one of the few things that sl system clothes do that mesh does not, then won't that be better for your sales, not to mention a lot less work on your part?
  18. I wish I could remember which famous person said, "the only thing worse than capitalism is every other economic strategy we ever tried." Socialism works only on the smallest of scales. When you have only a handful of people for each trade, they will be more than willing to help eachother to "earn" their keep, and benefit the community as a whole. The purest form f socialism was practiced by the hunter/gatherer societies. "You hunt, She'll gather, He'll cook the stew, and I'll make clothing from the skins so we can all be full and warm." THAT works. When there are dozens of mechanics, or engineers, or whatever, it's mroe like "Everybody sees the problem, and says that Somebody will fix it, but Nobody does the work." Furthermore, if there is no way to ever gain an edge over the competition, then what motivation is there fo innovation? What Carl Marx seems to have forgotten is that motivation or lack thereof is a large chunk of what constitutes a person's ability. The problem with capitalism in real life is that it relies heavily on the idea of "voting with your wallet." not only in terms of the product itself, but also in terms of the business practices of the retailer and manufacturer. This has been taken from us in a couple of ways. 1. Partnerships. For example: There are 3 companies worldwide that manufacture car batteries. Johnson Controls Inc. makes Motorcraft, Autocraft, Deka, AC-Delco. Duralast, Everstart.... etc. In fact, AC Delco hasn't had a factory to build any of their "Genuine GM parts" in over 20 years. LCD displays are just as bad. Microsoft and Apple are buying eachother's stocks. The bottom like is that businesses are no longer truly competitors. Competition is why the consumer wins. Now... we all lose. 2. Sweetheart deals. Apple dictates the prices they will pay to their vendors. Walmart charges less for their Pepsi products than what severral other businesses pay wholesale. Think about that. Turkey hill and 7-11 are paying mroe for their bulk amounts of soda than you are paying for one bottle at Walmart. In light of this, do the other stores stand a fair chance? The truth is that competition is often squashed by making the playing field an uneven place. General Electric pays almost nothing in taxes, but their competitors do. In light of that, how do you make a competative product for a competative price? 3. Litigation. This is a common tactic by businesses operating at a higher profit margin to prevent "undercutting" by competative products. It is of no benefit to the consumer, yet it drives the price of products upward. Apple will often take other companies to court based of frivoulous nonsense, to drain the coffers of their competition. Samsung had to defend itself against Apple due to the corners of one of their phones being too rounded, which Apple somehow considered a trait that only the iphone deserved. Capitalism is an economic model with a relatively short lifespan, although it is much, much longer than the lifespan of other economic models. Communism requires actual revolts to change the balance of power, and regain a sense of fairness. Then it is a short while before the new regime succombs to natural human and biological instinct and takes more for themselves. This is both mroe noticable and more prevalent in hard times. Capitalism, if it remains pure and independant of socialist concepts (which it has not) requires a "reset" roughly every 200 years, and REQUIRES that businesses live a "natural" lifespan, whereby the larger businesses eventually topple and smaller ones crop up to take their place. If I were to get into all the reasons why, that would take a whole thread of it's own. As the second life economy relates.... It is actually more "pure" than what exists in real life. We all hate the high tier. We all wish it would go down. We all want more opportunity. But think about this. In second life, you control all your risks. Want to play for free? I did at one time too. But there wre so many nice things to buy, I started getting Lindens, and buying. I thought "What a great free service" until vendors changed my mind. I met a few people who took me shopping, and now I think, "Waht a great service. I can control my costs!" No monthly fee. No connection charges. Just vendors who pay for the land they set up shop on, and pay a percentage of their profits to LL. If you are that shop owner, then you have several choices. There's the size of the parcel you rent, mainland or private, you set your own costs, and you do so with at least covering your costs in mind. Do you make your money for tier on a few high priced items, or several cheaper ones? Your choice. What if you're not a shop owner? What if you want to create a landscape? You buy the land, subdivide it, keep some areas public so that people get something that you're offering that some other landowner is not, and make some private. What you charge for rental is largely up to you. Typically, people will not buy a full region just as their own personal playground. There are some exceptions. But most of these larger areas are subdivided, and used for either shopping or roleplay. The shoppers want the goods, so they buy, and in that way tier is paid. The roleplayers often want a part of the sim to call their own, so they rent, often paying a little mroe than they would or getting a smaller area with fewer prims because to be surrounded by the theme of the sim they rent from is something they consider worth their lindens. And so, in a very capitalistic way, we end up sharing the burden of paying LL for it's servers, technicians, and it's profit. It's ironic that Carl Marx was mentioned here, since his quote "From each according to their ability to each according to their need" actually applies here, in a virtual economy that is more capitalistic than rl capitalism. Now, the ONLY way that LL is going to lower their tier is if the system as a whole begins to fall apart. If too many shops move out because they can't pay for their land, then too many landowners close their regions because too many shops moved out.
  19. To the original poster... Is the whole problem that yo9u don't know what to do in Second Life? I noticed you have only one post on this board, and it's basically that you don't know how to meet people, and you gave up after one attempt. In other words, you don't seem too interested in SL. The only thng that can possibly make you stay is if you explore and find something that you ARE interested in. Don't like the language barrier? There are plenty of English only sims. Want an instant ice-breaker? Use the search bar at the top, find a location with a theme you're interested in, and teleport there. It may take a few tries to find one that has people. Read the stuff in the welcome area, then find someone, and start the conversation yourself. You know they'll be interested, or else they'd be somwehere else. If you don't look around, then you never wanted to be here.
  20. to make your own ife easier, why not just og with the original script to the plays? find people who are willing, and roll with it?
  21. Maybe you can clarify for me... If you are not looking only to make money, then what are you modelling for? What exactly are your models, who are required to change their appearance in this to do? Sorry, but it IS a very vague advertisement.
  22. I don't know if this is at all helpful. I hope it is. The latest version of firestorm seems to be the most stable viewer I've tried to date. but previus versions of it were the LEAST stable, at least for me. My computer doesn't get along with singularity, but some people have much better luck with it. (I know it's because my antivirus software automatically sandboxes any program it can't find enough info on.) And Neiran's never crashed for me, but it seemed like the screen would constantly flash as if it was reconfiguring something. The earliest mesh viewers performed very poorly for me.I was wishing for the speed and stability of pre-mesh Phoenix for a long, long time. The catch was that people around me were using Mesh too often for me to revert to a viewer that couldn't see it. Now that Firestorm is onto version, I feel like I've gotten my wish. Everything loads so beautifullly and consistantly that now it's hard for me to tell the difference between mesh and old fashioned items (That's a good thing.) And I can turn all the shaders on and still walk, which I haven't been able to do for a long time. I think it's time you give Firestorm another chance. Someone had to work very hard to convicne me, since I was ready to give up on it altogether after version 4.1. But I'm glad I did. As an added bonus, with the flexible gui, you can make it look almost like Phoenix.
  23. Coby: The only thing is that the present mesh clothing do not know anything about the mesh deformer, the mesh deformer does not affect them. The fact is: the present mesh clothes can still be worn even when the mesh deformer has been implemented. There are no plans whatsoever to make the present mesh clothes obsolete. That actually is exactly what I mean. The new clothes that will make use of the deformer may not make my current mesh clothes unwearable, but the idea certainly makes me feel that I should wait, and see if the designer has plans to update the clothing. I have an avi that's a little on the small side. 5'4" as measured with several rulers. I can find clothes in mesh that "sort of" fit. But when the deformer comes out, it'll be a major advertising point, and I can be sure that any mesh fashion I invest in will fit. So to me, and several like me, now is the time to wait, not to purchase. I'm sure from the builder's standpoint, that also means that now is a time to learn how to create for the deformer, to become first to market, which limits how much is being made with mesh as it stands. the implementation of the deformer will soon make the mesh clothing that we see now very difficult, if not impossible to market. I think you may have thought the point that I was making was different than what I was trying to say. Basically, the only reason why sl system clothes are not obsolete because of mesh is that the system clothes are guaranteed to fit, while mesh is not. I think that in the end, it may take time, but stuff that is made with the deformer will eventually replace both. However, it'll take quite a bit of time even after that for system clothes to go away, since the system clothes had a much longer time, and people have accrued much more of those than the current mesh clothing. The result will be that we'll end up seeing mesh as we know it replaced by the newer deformer mesh before we see system clothes go away. The exception will be that "favorite outfit" that some of the early mesh adopters really would rather not stop using. I guess my main point is that clothes made with the deformer will have the one feature that keeps some people looking for system clothes on purpose. And until clothes made with the deformer are the standard, there will always be a reason for system clothes to stil exist. It's a feature I'm personally on the edge of my seat waiting for.
  24. Since you said you are new, maybe the easiest way to think about it is this. A hud is usually some kind of interface, whether it is used for an AO, a dice rolling system, or anything else. An AO is what changes your animations. It can have a varying number of animations, from one to whatever. So maybe it's easiest if you compare it to a computer program. The HUD would be like all those buttons that you push to make the program do different things, but the ao is like the program itself. In a combination hud/ao, the ao is what executes the commands when you hit the hud buttons. An ao without a hud may be menu driven when you click somewhere specific, or may be built into the viewer, and you'll have to add the animations yourself.
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