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  1. Hello, we have 13 stores to rent out in our Las Vegas Showplace sim as seen in the SL Destination Guide. 5 are large stores and the other 8 are medium size. The rental boxes are in the far corner from each enterence. Each store has a good store front street view with the Park on the other side of the street or the Beach on the strip. You can contact Seamack Resident if you need any help moving in and setting up or Michelle Mavendorf to help with the rental boxes if needed. Here are some pictures and the Slurl so you can come see and choose your store in person: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Isle
  2. Script to put in object to rez something with a chat command and with that something in it's contents. default { state_entry() { llListen(1,"", NULL_KEY, ""); } listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message) { if (message == "words to say to make rez go here") { llRezObject("Something's name to rez goes here", llGetPos() + <0.0,0.0,1.0>, <0.0,0.0,1.0>, <0.0,0.0,0.0,1.0>, 0); } } } I think this will work.
  3. Walking around, clicking things in downtown, CN Tower and HTO Urban beach Park... Come for a visit if you would like to at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sialimonus/121/70/1201
  4. This is only 14 of the 86 rooms in the new Fun House, I didn't want to give it all away :) The Slurl is here if you would like to try it out http://slurl.com/secondlife/Glinda/187/64/441 :)
  5. Hello, my new fun house is called New World Enlightenment Fun House. It has 85 rooms and passages of puzzles, mazes and fun. It has no dead ends but it does have secret passages for the explorers out there. It is a good idea to bring friends to help find the way, most of it is easy but some parts are a bit trricky. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Glinda/187/64/441 Here are some screen shots... I hope you have fun :)
  6. SL requires a cable or DSL connection for a mac. Plus your mac has to be 10.6 or newer or SL wont work. You could try an older SL viewer or third party viewers as they do work in most instances.
  7. I posting this for my friend, Please IM Alina Gabilondo to apply for play dialog writer position.
  8. In execution of the project I am searching for person who will undertake script writing for it (script for ancient theater in Sparta sl) The project include the set of performances of Aesop fables. The worth of this show is that they are short, funny and only few actors are starring. Each on them can last approx. 30'. To perform are proposed: "The Fox and the Grapes", "The Fox and the Crow", "The Wolf and the Lamb". Apply to Alina Gabilondo. I posting this for my friend, Plea
  9. I find when I use that script I often have to edit the prim, open the script and select Reset and it is fine again. However it is for this reason I just don't use the script, too bothersome. Anyone can do this even if they own it but do not have permission to see the script because they can see the Reset button and click it, at least it used to be that way, I am not sure if it still is, (should be). Or you could sell your item as coalesced with a READ ME note card explaining to rez it in edit mode so it can be moved since it is more than one object not linked.
  10. Create a new notecard and when the blank notecard opens type in what you want and drag your calling card or landmark on to the space where you type in the noyecard > save. You can not drag your calling card from your inventory to a notecard that is also in you invent, you drop it on the notecard page when it is open and out of your invent.
  11. First you need the script to animate the image. If you have one of the old style Linden fires that animates the flames the script is in there with full perms. Then you need a texture with 16 images on it to be animated by the script. Something like this...
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