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  1. Today I logged on SL, hoping to meet a few new people. I have to admit, I don't have many friends myself on there and the few I have are on different time zones. I've turned pretty lazy when it comes to SL and usually I just get on hoping people will write to me. I even go to crowded places for the purpose of increasing that chance. After being on a few minutes I had nothing so I decided to take the matter into my own hands. I saw a guy in an old-fashioned dress coat and decided to start talking to him: "Hey, you look wealthy wearing that. Where did you get that hat?" Stupid question I know but I just had to say something. However, he replied with "ola". I have this all the time and I'm so tired of it. Poeple are either extremely retarded, have too much of a language barrier or pervs. I know that's a terrible generalization and I'm truly sorry for that. Am I right or unlucky? Please let me know! Thanks in advance!
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