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  1. This sounds amazing Best of two worlds !
  2. Ah, Myst..that brings back memories. There is still a myst sim : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Age of Myst/177/14/26
  3. I always use the world map and the minimap. Works fine for me. You will miss the water depths of a nautical chart but I never had problems with that.
  4. Sometimes you listen to an old recording as if you hear it for the first time. Listen carefully to the bass player. Niels makes that bass sing....
  5. About Land and world/parcel details does not work for me. Is it me or SL ? Anyone else has same issue ? Problem solved, suddenly it works 😁
  6. An old place, maybe everyone knows it. If not...enjoy http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sandeulbaram/217/228/22
  7. Madeleine Peyroux, she has a superb timing and phrasing
  8. People don't socialize anymore in clubs. The best way to make new friends is joining a group with any kind of activity. Sailing, Flying, Motorbikes, exploring, horse riding, golf, games etc
  9. That song brings back a lot of memories...
  10. Sometimes you find a gem on you tube Notice the magic between all four musicians ! If I was still DJ in SL I would spin a special set for this quartet
  11. Charlie Rouse, very well known as the tenorsax player in the Thelonious Monk quartet. Monk talking about Charlie : "He is the only sax player who understands my music". He made some albums without Monk and then we hear a different Charlie Rouse.
  12. More of Mr Monk the genius His best quartet : John Ore: bass Charlie Rouse: sax Frankie Dunlop: drums Live in Bruxelles 1963
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