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  1. The one I posted is a live recording and I think it's not Coltrane. I never heard this one before.Even Monk plays different here.
  2. The invisible band ! I used to go there many years ago 2010/12
  3. Dutch humble heroes On drums a Jazzcat with 9 lives. John Engels at the age of 88 still touring !
  4. Jutta Hipp complete recordings ! 59 video's
  5. Oscar Peterson & Stephane Grappelli And a beautyfull picture of Pont d'Alexandre in Paris 💖
  6. Monday morning, after checking messages I open You Tube and the first video I see and hear is Billie's Bounce, famous Charlie Parker Bebop tune. Played by the band Joan Chamorro. Look at all those youngsters ! Great start of a new week !
  7. SANT ANDREU JAZZ BAND JOAN CHAMORRO, Notice all the young people in the band ! Same tune by Dexter Gordon and Oscar Peterson :
  8. West Coast Jazz at the Blackhawk, famous jazzclub at San Francisco in the 50/60 ties
  9. Dutch alto sax player Piet Noordijk ( † 2011) with strings Charlie Parker was the first one who played together with string orchestra. There is an album called "Charlie Parker with strings"
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