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  1. What about not caring one way or another what skin colour someone else is and treating everyone as human beings? Makes life a lot more enjoyable. I've black and caucasian avatars, male and female, human, drow, animals, robots, I'm still me under the hood. SL allows me all that, and to have friends from all over the planet. Why should I limit myself to interacting only with people who're the same as me? Why should you?
  2. - avatar nudity is definitely allowed in M rated regions. - nude photos (imported porn pictures for example) are NOT allowed, screenshots are - sex is not allowed if the parcel is accessible to the public or the activity can be seen from outside the parcel (so set the appropriate checkbox off so others can't see you, and set the parcel to group access only or invite only). - you need to keep your Linden house in theme for the region, no putting up "privacy walls" and other disruptive and ugly structures. A few potted plants on the porch are ok.
  3. And of course he doesn't take into account that larger land owners possibly/likely already were getting discounted prices simply as a bulk discount. No clue what the discount would be, but a 10% discount for someone owning 100 full regions or 250 homesteads (for example) isn't something that in a normal business would be out of the ordinary. As to smaller estate agents, I've had my full of their shenanigans. Even if they're reliable in paying LL, they often end up making life a pain for their customers. More than once was I bullied off of my home parcel by a landlord/lady who wanted to rais
  4. A Linden Home exists on a 512 sq.m. parcel. That does not mean the house itself is 512 sq.m., as that size includes the terrace, and possibly other landscaping on the parcel. If you choose to not get a Linden Home, you can use your 512 allotment to cover the rent of a mainland parcel somewhere else (buy a mainland parcel, and it won't count towards your land budget), BUT you will not then get the benefits of having a house on that parcel that does not count towards your prim limit.
  5. All over SL you see people retreating to their private skyboxes, and those same people then moan in group chat and forums that there's nobody around in the public places... And that's not just sex places, it's almost everything. Combine that with the income from donations having hit rock bottom, with more and more people expecting to get everything for free (the entitlement culture meeting up with economic hard times) and it gets more expensive for sim owners to stay in business at the same time traffic levels are down. This has been an ongoing process for years now btw. New places do get s
  6. Ariel Vuissent wrote: They aren't even violating the ageplay regulations, to your knowledge. Not the SL ageplay policy, anyway, which states that an avatar depicting a child may not engage in sexual roleplay or be near adult poseballs or content. As this is a general region, there should BE no adult poseballs; and you state that this avatar is, in fact, not depicting a minor but is clearly an adult. It may be a gray area, but unless you have proof of actual wrong-doing, your abuse report, should you file one, will likely be ignored. . indeed. And as it's his/her region if there were s
  7. Vista are IMO the best complete AOs. Another store you might want to look at is Gaeline. They have both complete AOs and separate animations (and I think sets as well) to mix and match.
  8. HarrisonMcKenzie wrote: No. Do you want to know why I won't buy you an avatar? I won't buy you an avatar because you aren't trying. And because, once you start buying stuff for one random person, where do you stop? If I spend 900L$ on every avatar who asks/begs for money somewhere in a group, forum, ims, local chat, where ever, it rapidly gets very expensive...
  9. threatening to kill yourself if you don't get what you want always seems so counter productive to me. If the target of the blackmail doesn't comply, you kill yourself and their problem goes away after all... Of course most such persons never follow through on their threats to kill themselves, and this being the internet you'd never know if they did or not anyway. Even if they disappear from sl and you never see them again, that most likely just means they created a new account... Mute them, maybe file an AR (blackmail is a TOS violation after all), if you own land put them on the ban
  10. you can create accounts for them and have the home point set in your region. Most viewers can be configured to log in to the home point, which would bring the avatars in world at that spot. But unless, as stated, the accounts and region are set up specifically as such by Linden Lab, they will be able to go anywhere they want after that.
  11. seen a "think like Britney" device or something like that for sale in a few places, I think one is near the Restrained Freedom store, that intercepts what you say in local chat and retransmits it transformed into bimbo speech (with several selectable levels of 'bimboness' I think).
  12. There are a lot of people who won't go to G rated sims because many of them are exceedingly hostile towards visitors. There are also quite a few full time nudists who are simply barred from visiting any G rated sim by the TOS. And a lot of teen or child avatars have seriously annoying attitudes, which is why many people tend to avoid them.
  13. SL has >25000 regions. SL has roughly 35-65000 people logged in at any one time. About half those will not leave their private residences while logged in, which make up something like 10% of regions. Ergo there's about 25000 people at any time in public regions. So that's just over 1 on average per public region. Problem isn't so much too few people as too much land. But remember that land sales are what pays the bills
  14. pick up your stuff before abandoning the house, no lost stuff Spent several days myself refreshing the linden homes selection page before the one I wanted becoming available. Don't give up, eventually your dreamhouse will be up for grabs.
  15. most likely LL reclaimed both the parcels for being in violation of the land policy. They may even have suspended or removed the responsible account, if this was a repeat offense (they usually are).
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