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  1. So i've applied a couple things to a new Kemono Avatar I purchased just a moment ago, and for some strange reason the textures are completely white. Anyone know a fix for this? I used the Thunder Thighs and Boob Job for this, and I had the Magic - Luminescence Mod on aswell... I'm kind of confused, is there anyway for the textures to be added on?
  2. Sanguai

    An Avatar?

    Not much... about 30 linden. It can go towards some mods.
  3. Sanguai

    An Avatar?

    More than you think, lol.
  4. Sanguai

    An Avatar?

    I haven't particularily logged into this account for a long time. I remember making it back a few years ago but because my computer was so useless I was rendered unable to play, I didn't delve so deep into the community that I knew everything about it.
  5. Sanguai

    An Avatar?

    I don't have a credit card just yet... But I really want an avatar because you can't pay with mobile because of fee problems, can someone please buy me this kemono furry avatar? I don't even know if it's allowed, but it's all I want. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/UTILIZATOR-Kemono/6070005?
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