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  1. Kinda sad how business owners here on mainland are powerless to do anything when the opposition sits 40 bots on the land so your business becomes unusable and nobody is able to enter the sim. I have had this issue for 2 weeks now and have sent constant AR's as our business and land has become inaccessible for any existing or new customers. Get your act together LL and do something about this kind of abuse.. If Logged in numbers means more to you than game economy, then there is major issues with your management and vision. If business owners are powerless to do anything about this, then we rely on you to pull your finger out and do something about it. Sim: Lill Burn Valley
  2. I use Hippovend for my SHOUTcast rental boxes. They have an option to send a seperate notecard to the renter after payment.
  3. There are some great free programs to broadcast your music sets in world. Here is a short list of the programs I use to DJ in SL with a SHOUTcast Stream. IDJC: For the Linux fans, my preferred method of broadcasting sets into sl.. comes native in most distros, ubuntu/debian is a simple "sudo apt-get install idjc" Runs on Jack audio, plays most music formats. http://idjc.sourceforge.net/ (linux only) Mixxx: An open source project broadcaster available for Windows, Mac, Linux. You need to install Lame encoder to be able to broadcast mp3 to SHOUTcast. Abit too bloatware for my slow pc, plays most formats. http://www.mixxx.org/ (windows, linux, mac) RadioDJ: This automation broadcaster is aimed at the Radio DJ/Station. An excellent alternative for other paid radio station software that cost thousands of dollars. Lots of addons and site scripts. http://www.radiodj.ro/ (windows) Hope that helps others here, I am constantly asked inworld for free broadcasters.
  4. I run a text client called Radegast when I DJ on my old pc.. This text client uses hardly any CPU resources.. It's all you really need if you're behind a DJ box and still need your IM box and main chat.
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