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  1. All the appliers got totally out of control. I need 5 years to find something i like AND that has my appliers. I'm a dry shopaholic today. Why can't Linden Lab provide a Mesh Standard for Avatars. They could charge money for it i don't care, i just want to have shopping Fun again and the same applier for everything you can buy in SL :catsad:
  2. There are these people who add you to their advertising mailer spam List without your agreement or permission. It can happen when you visit bad land, stores or when you bought a bad Object from the Marketplace. Is that legal or Illegal?
  3. Most places are either completely empty, filled with a few bots or 1-3 people. Now when i think back there was a time when the search results spitted out 5¨pages of crowded places with flooding chat and people everywhere. So what happened? How did SL die? Is there a new similar chat program? With activities maybe? Or other reasons? Because of some of the major changes maybe?
  4. Does anyone know where to get the voice lip animations as a seperated animation?
  5. If all Guides would be like yours we'd have a World of Experts. Thank you. Do you also know how to completely cut out the Background? When i cut out something theres still a fine line around the Object with a mixed Color of the Background and Object.
  6. Does anyone know how to cut out a specific color tone in the whole Picture and replace it with transparency?
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