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  1. i swapped my computers hard drives and its not working now when i load firestorm i get stuck on initializing vfs
  2. I play on a G-Rated sim and this person walks around on a Adult avi wearing a diaper and sucking on a binky some would consider this Age play but its also ABDL witch i would think is a TOS violation now SL tos states you cant do adult activitys on s G rated sim can i report thois person
  3. I created 2 new groups today and im trying to assing the roles to the staff and it wont work it shows they have the tag it shows i have the tags but when your under the general tab and role area i cant change it all i got is owner and member i have refreashed the group relogged please help
  4. yeah i tried mine just now but the one i am all ways on dosent work ima abut to try my main now
  5. Has any one else got the msg when they try to log in Login failed limiting logins i mean i have been trying all day and have not been abule to get in if any one can help please do
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