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  1. Hi everyone! Believe it or not, I was so influenced by gaming that I chose it as a topic for my graduating project. I said gaming but I only meant it as mostly Second Life and a few other girly dancing games. Even though SL isn't really a game, but a virtual reality, many journal articles have mentioned it (guess it's a very long lasting and famous "game") so there's no way I could skip out on this community when doing my project. I don't know if this is against community guidelines, but can you help me fill out a 3 minute survey to help me write my project? It's due in 1 week, even though they gave us an entire year to write the paper. I'm doing my best squeezing a year's worth of work into 7 days. That's what I spent my Christmas on, and how I'll spend my New Year. Talk about last minute ): Anyway, here it is: please help me I'll surely mention SL community in my project as part of my methodology, so please don't take down the thread D: Oh my scope of research is only within the USA, so...thanks everyone else for wanting to help though! cute animals for persuasive effect c: ?
  2. Hi, I'm looking for someone that's a photographer, who's willing to take a lot of photos of my avi. It'd be nice if you also have places in mind with good backgrounds, preferably in PG sims. I'm a blondie, so my color scheme tend to revolve around blue, pink and yellow. Drop me a notecard in world! - Celine La Diosa
  3. If you are interested, inbox me and I'll send you some.
  4. Kristina Curtau wrote: Hi Celine, Check out Cheertopia, Home of the Second Life Cheerleading Squad. We are a G rated sim and even have a squad just for teens. Oh, my only suggestion, just avoid welcome areas. No one should ever hang out there. lol I went there just now. There was only 1 other person and the rest are bots. The person didn't even talk or say hi, but TP'd as soon as they see me.
  5. Is there a place in SL that satisfies the following? has a lot of pink stuffscute detailed furnitureslow trafficin a PG simIt can be big or small, I just am in need of a cute doll-house kinda place to pose and take pictures in. The more deserted the better, because I'm gonna put my graphics to Ultra and the slightest movement will crash me. :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:
  6. Ever since the beginning of when I created my account. How much Lindens I've spent, including the amount of Lindens I've earned in-world, not just the credit card transactions.
  7. Thanks everyone, for the advices. You didn't have to call me dumb. Now I just need more Landmarks to "restart" this whole thing. Where I mostly hang out at, everyone already knows. Unlike in SL, in RL the adults I hang out with (I go to college and some of my classmates are in their late 20s, some even in their 30s) are a hell lot nicer. They treat me with respect and listen to what I have to say, hang out with me and invite me over to parties they host (serving OJ instead of alcohol haha). Sometimes we have discussions that turn violent fast, like how crappy our government is and how another country's government is even worse and why the people are yadda yadda. I'm just looking for things similar to that in SL (not necessarily about governments), but on a bigger and global scale since SL isn't restricted to only one continent or two. I'm not saying that I have to completely avoid lewd things, I do talk about sex stuffs with my RL friends and listen to their experiences to know this and that for the future, but what I don't like is when things start getting personal with me, which happens a lot in SL. Yeah the RL world I'm in is totally different from SL. I managed to adapt, of course, since I'm still here after 4 months and not intending to quit any time soon. I can deal with pervs in IMs (I've like almost 20 people in my mute list), what I'm complaining is the regularly need to mute people, and the prejudice I receive. Also if anyone could offer some nice Landmarks...I'd appreciate it.
  8. Declaring that I'm a minor will: make it easier to know who to block without having to explain that I'm a minor prevent people from being unintended pedophiles reduce the amount of lewd talk in conversations (yes, it does happen, people are less lewd around me when they know my age) reduce the need to explain why I can't go to non PG sims, why I can't buy certain stuffs in MP gets treated with no respect and given no chance to talk Not declaring that I'm a minor will: provide me with the chances to talk to people (not guaranteeing respect) everyone who hits on me instantly becomes a pedophile, not their fault they didn't know I'm a minor get me more lewd IMs from people have people constantly offer to TP me to non G-rated sims have me stumble for reasons when someone asks "why can't you go to Moderate or Adult sims? Like I said, when I get on voice, people know. Yes I've tried looking in the Destinations Guide, I did mention that the pretty places I can go to are deserted. So basically you guys are suggesting that I never tell my age, and probably never go on voice again. Adult messages: "hey your avi is cute. wanna f***"
  9. Based on personal experience, after having my age up in my profile, less people message me for adult stuff. People don't flirt with me when they talk to me. Of course that comes with a drawback of being treated condescendingly. It's easier to know who to report if I have my age up, because then if someone still message me with adult stuffs even after knowing how old I am, I can just block and report them right away without having to go through "Sorry, I'm 16, I'm not interested in these things. No I'm not RPing as 16, I'm really 16 in RL How were you supposed to know my age since I don't have that information publicly available on my profile or in chat 24/7? Oh well, you were just supposed to magically know that I am a minor based on my teen avi and that you're not supposed to send me IMs about adult stuffs."
  10. The reason I display my age, being a minor, is to prevent people from sending me adult messages or attempting to hit on me. It's what the people in the help area suggested when I first joined. Also, when I get on voice, people can pretty much determine how old I am. I try to keep it civil, I try be nice and make friends even when people are mean. If someone gets on my nerves on the extreme level, I just mute them. Honestly, it's really difficult finding a PG sim that a lot of people hang out at. Most of the pretty places I can go to are very very deserted. That's why I have to resort to welcome and help areas. Help areas are a lot better than welcome areas, people are nicer and there are mods keeping the place clean and safe. That's also how I managed to catch on with a lot of stuffs even though I'm only here for four months. Welcome areas are less plain because they have no mods, I do admit I like to engage in a little of back and forth because I'm very opinionated, but the problem, like I said, is that I never get to experience such conversations because people are condescending and mute me as soon as they know how old I am. I'd also appreciate if anyone can help find PG landmarks with lots of people there.
  11. Being a teen myself (16), and being an honest teen for registering with my real birthdate, I'm not allowed to any sims that aren't General. That's good, I understand the reasons behind it and I'm willing to wait until I'm at the right age to access Moderate and Adult contents, but sometimes when I go shopping for clothes on marketplace and parts of the description says "DEMO availabe in-world", I start aching inside. Most of the stores and shops are in Moderate sims, and I'm just talking about general-rated shops like /Wasabi Pills/, *Butterfly Effect Designs*, Lelutka, etc. That's one thing that I suffer from, but that's not even that much suffering compared to the injustice and pre-judgements I receive from a lot of adults in sims I can go to. Most of the time, I hang out in Welcome and Help areas (aren't really a lot of places I can go with people to talk to, unfortunately), and assuming that I totally do not notice the amount of vulgarity, griefing, trolling and lewd in most welcome areas, everyone treats me like I'm a danger to them. Need I not say, I have been accused of child-play like a gazillion times, despite the clarification in my in-world profile that I really am 16, in SL and RL, and that I don't do adult stuffs in Second Life (simply because I can't access any of them). When I defend myself and justify that I don't do those stuffs, people will start calling me a troll and that I'm fake. :matte-motes-confused: Of course,there are other cases where people don't actually believe that I'm 16, and perceive me as an adult pretending (really hard) to be a teen. That's okay, I don't really prioritize proving my identity to people over the Internet that much, but what isn't okay is the amount of hate I receive...just for being 16. People block and mute me right after they know I'm 16, a lot don't even make an effort to talk and get to know me more than just my age. I guess parts of me can deal with that, despite me being a very sociable person always wanting to start conversations. On the rare occassions that I do make friends, my friends then become the victim. My friends are victims, people accussed of pedophilia, just by being my friend. Whenever I get into a discussion (defending myself from false accusations) and someone goes on my side, that person is then called a pedophile. I can't be friends with anyone without endangering them. I can't have a pleasant conversation with anyone. It sucks, it makes me want to be savage like the stereotypical teens I'm sure most of you think of everytime you come across one. I understand that there might be people that won't like me for my personality or whatever, and they can mute and block me as they wish, but disliking me based on two factors of "she's 16" and "16, she is"...well...I don't even know. What I come across most is "if you are really 16, you shouldn't be here". That's funny because the only sims I can go to are PG sims, and the people that tell me these are people hanging out in PG sims at that time. If Second Life wasn't meant for teenagers like me, then I wouldn't have been able to register with my real birthdate. Yes, I heard there used to be a teen grid, but yeah, I said it, "used to be". When adults curse and talk about adult stuffs in PG areas (mostly talking about welcome areas), in chat and on voice, despite knowing there's a 16 year old right in front of them (I always make myself clear) yeah it's okay because they're adults. When I get angry, when I lose all patience from defending myself and slip out a bad word, imagine the hell I receive. Most of the nice people I meet tell me to report people that mistreat me, and I'll tell you what I've acknowledged in the 4 months I've been on SL: reporting someone is like pressing "control" in an empty word document. Try and and you'll see what happens. nothing I joined SL hoping to meet casual, nice people of all age, race, religion and nationality around the world. I like making friends, having decent civilized conversations and engage in minimum competition (funny because I tend to engage in minimum decent civilized conversation and make loads of haters from competition). SL is a virtual world, it's not a game, I'm done with gaming. I never knew that I have to be at least 18 to be welcomed in a second world.
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