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  1. In preferences (CTL-P) click the button labeled "Nearby Media". At least that's how it works with the Singularity SL Viewer.
  2. I have a sculpture that contained a script to make it spin. I want a version that I do not want to spin. I deleted the script from the sculpture and it still spins. I copied and rerezzed a copy of the unscripted sculpture and IT still spins. I have created a new script that does nothing in the sculpture yet it still spins. What am I not understanding here?
  3. Well, ain't this dandy. I am the sole owner of a group. I then created a VP and VIP group. Today, I tried to switch tags to my OWN (owners group) and it is gone. When I display groups, my VP and VIP groups show up, but not the OWN. I need to be an owner to do some things, but since I can't switch groups I can't. I am now tagged as a VP. Going to that profile, I can see the OWN group and that I am a member. Any ideas?
  4. Once you set the price, click the "apply" button to the right.
  5. When I log on as with my newly updated avatar from fourteen years ago, all avatars are blue. When I log on with an alt from back then, not updated, everyone is their normal skin color. I see no reason for it, except a reason to stay out of SL and watch more TV.
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