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  1. I’m looking for a store rental for my main store, i sell women’s mesh clothing. Needs to have own landing point With building 200+ prims. Without building 500+ prims.
  2. Have you tried wearing the mesh? i see it a lot on rezzed mesh but once I wear it looks fine
  3. Looking for a photographer to take and edit product photos for a female mesh clothing store preferably using their own avatar Payment to be discussed. Contact me Anestacia Resident inworld
  4. Go look at the zoobys sim they have a bunch of animals Here's a monkey they have: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Zooby-White-Faced-Capuchin-Monkey-BOXED/1933322
  5. I'm looking for a texture change hud any recommendations on a good one? I appoligise if this is in the wrong place
  6. Merchants wanted for a gacha fair Theme: St Patrick's Day, green,gold, rainbows Last day to apply. Link to application or contact KamieK Resident inworld https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1PksKF8-AthiGyJ6T0W5nbiua9wuG8pl7h2VF4ZBBeDc/viewform
  7. I have a gacha script and sometimes it hands out the scripts instead of the items. Is there a way to stop the script from being given?
  8. Anestacia

    Store rebtal

    I'm looking for a store rental at a mall or even share land with another designer. Contact me inworld Anestacia Resident
  9. What do you prefer system/applier or mesh clothing or both? I like both but was wondering what other people prefer.
  10. I'm looking for a store to rent. Sharing land with other stores is okay. 500 Prims or more.
  11. You put them all in one folder and move to marketplace listings, they should be in all the same folder . With no copy items itl say something like ' Stock- 5' after the item folder name.
  12. Are sion chickens still around? They used to be big a few years back Sorry if this is in the wrong category wasn't sure where to put it.
  13. Fundraising event 'Blizzard Ball' raising funds for a diabetes service dog. All is welcome! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gratia/183/90/602
  14. I worked with him for a little bit nice at first then turned into a dush.
  15. You have to look for them but they are nice shoes, I think more variety at the inworld store . Some outfits come with Maitreya shoes https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/25152
  16. For mesh that can't be moved rigged,fitmesh there's no point having it modify because you can't move it, I suppose you could tint the colour if it's modify but then again most of the time it ruins the item
  17. How I fix this is I edit the listing go down to : SL Folder name which should have what your object is called and below that is item title which if your having problems would be blank just put in the items name save it and it should now not appear blank, you probably figured this out but I thought I'd put it down anyway
  18. Not sure if I put this in right section I have the new firestorm viewer and I get by IM notifications in nearby chat how do I turn it off? I probably look past it every time lol
  19. In most hunts the conditions to be in a hunt the designer of one of the hunt items they require original designs . I was just wondering does that mean people can't use templates they have bought or what?
  20. Years ago there used to be a ton of stores in world but the number has decreased because people prefer to shop on marketplace. Is it worth having a store in world do you think?
  21. Mesh vs system clothing/prims. What do you prefer?
  22. I'm curious about what people like better mesh or prim and texture clothes. And the reasons why
  23. New club opening in a few days, looking for hosts and djs. Club will be open from 4am or 6am ( if possible) til 4pm slt You get 100% tips Nice relaxing place to come and have fun Experience may not be needed. Message me Anestacia Resident if interested For those who have contacted me from my other post , sorry off the wait! I will get back to you tomorrow (or tonight )I haven't been on sl for a few days
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