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  1. Seems like a lot of trouble for no good reason to me. Still waiting for the last name option to return as promised a year ago.
  2. Disallow reselling of gacha on Marketplace completely. Its confusing for buyers who do not understand gacha. Many believe they are buying from the original creator and that in itself creates all kinds of issues. It is too difficult to monitor and control copybotters on MP. They get reported then open a new account, there is no accountability. Inworld reselling can be far more easily monitored and buyers can quickly check the sellers profile and ascertain the risks. Most of the bigger yardsale owners keep a vigilant watch for any suspicious activity on their sims and in the gacha community in general. It is easier to get the word out amongst inworld gacha groups regarding a rogue seller as opposed to sharing that information to the wider MP shopper base.
  3. When I want to filter out gacha, I check no transfer. Pretty easy. That being said, I detest gacha being on the MP at all. Gacha WAS a game, a hunting type of game where you attempted to collect a set via the machine, then you tp'd about searching for your missing pieces. There was a community and it was a good community. Now, its all on MP the fun has gone out of gacha and cheats have taken advantage of not being accountable [as they would have to be inworld] to exploit gacha. Disallow gacha resale on MP entirely is my steadfast opinion.
  4. FOR SALE 49K (Offers) 5040sqm 1730 prims 2 x protected roadside. Flat, green, tidy area. Goldbach sim. Gaeta Continent
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