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  1. Thanks! I do have Discord. My computer is so old though that it sometimes have trouble running Discord without Discord lagging. I haven't tried voicing on it yet though.
  2. If I was at this point in a relationship with someone, I would break up and leave. There would not be much reason for me to stay around with trust level so low.
  3. My first 3 ideas... 1) (I assume you checked this one already), but just checking to be sure you have confined sounds and voice to your parcel. 2) I wonder if "listen at camera position" would work even if you have sounds confined to your parcel? i doubt it, but i not tried that 3) Someone amongst your friends is not as good a friend as you think.
  4. Yeah, I forget exactly, but my max is 7000+ x 7000+. I gotta be careful i not crash my system! Other times i just shoot screen size.
  5. Yeah, sometimes I just shoot as large as I possibly can!
  6. Yes, I generally work with much higher resolutions, then downsize depending on where I am uploading to.
  7. Actually, my understanding is that while you can save and upload higher resolutions, they will be converted down by LL to 1024x1024 max. Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong.
  8. I don't know any way to do that automatically. But if you open a texture in the viewer, there is generally an option on the lower right to specify the aspect ratio (at least in FS).
  9. There's a remote chance it might possibly be related to this: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-229728
  10. It would be easier if you do. there are a couple of ideas I want to try, and it's just that it's easier in-world.
  11. I have a couple of ideas, but I gonna need to log in to see where they are located.
  12. I assume you tried in a different region? Also, are you using Norton?
  13. Oh good! If you know how to get to preferences, and then in there to the graphics settings with the graphics slider, click the button with the circle arrow. That puts you back to default at least. If you don't know how to get to that point, I can log in and explain it better while I am actually looking at it.
  14. That depends, which viewer are you using?
  15. First thing I would check is if your graphics settings might be too high?
  16. The people who build graphics cards collaborate with the people who build high end games for computers. It could be that your computer would do much better on such games, where the graphics and the game are designed in tandem, than your friends' systems would. Nobody builds GPUs or provides drivers for them that designed in collaboration with LL. You may have a lot of extra power in your system that you just can't use in SL. Also, if you are in FS, your system specs, vs your friends' systems' specs might be useful information to look at. (Help/About Firestorm). I think there are camera control HUDs that let u and another person see the same thing from the same angle. One of them might be helpful in comparing FPS with others. I recommend turning down your Maximum complexity to the default value for the speed/quality performance slider being half-way between "High" and "Ultra". I believe that setting is 350,000. There are those who will try to crash you by wearing extremely complex items. 👍
  17. No, no, it's *great* u answered your own question... now I will know when I do that too! Thank you!
  18. In Firestorm, you can go to World/Show More/Beacons - put checkmark by Beacons, Sounds Sources, and Media Sources. use World/Sound explorer to find the short, repeating sounds that might annoy you... you can zoom into sound sources and the beacons will help you. Right-click the object emitting the sound and "More/More/Mute/Block" media sources are a little harder to find. At this point, in the "Beacons" floater, unclick "Sound Sources" so that you are only seeing beacons for media sources. Then you have to cam around some. You can mute media sources the same way as sound sources. Example of a beacon... In this case, I muted the fish, which was playing a repeating sound. As for media, a starting hint is to generally look for your neighbor's TVs and such, using the beacons to help you.
  19. You might consider checking out Diamond's http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Digitale/200/158/3011 Managed by ღ 亗 FREN 亗 ღ (ophelia.heartsong)
  20. Could it be this? This seems to be an ongoing bug... Script (running) state is lost when logged out during forced teleport https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-41379
  21. do you have RLV enabled? i assume you tried relogging Also, in your inventory, try right-clicking a HUD you are wearing and click "touch" from the drop down menu... that might tell u if the HUD is working or not. also, this: https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/scripted_attachment_issues
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