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  1. True! And thanks for pointing that out! Also, I think that applies to the other solution on this page?
  2. On the top menu of Firestorm... "Comm/Conversation Log"
  3. Do you mean that the size of the particles depends on the size of the emitter?
  4. I read that this is a Firestorm bug, and has already been fixed for the next release.
  5. The security orb I use does half of what you are asking for. It removes people from my place, and tells me when someone arrives as well, even by email if I am not online. If you want more information, just IM me in-world.
  6. I agree. We should bite the bullet now and fix this.
  7. Still, I can feel for people that get stuck in situations like this. Some of us get attached to our avatars.
  8. thank u for all that info, i will definitely check this out!
  9. Thank you for the information! I had no idea this was still a problem. What does "revoke permissions" in FS do then, anything?
  10. You're not running Firestorm by any chance?
  11. Thank you. I am definitely going to take a look at this. Does not FS' "Stop animations and revoke permissions" work to accomplish the same goal though?
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