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  1. If you are not in the presence of her avatar, she may be offline and responding via email.
  2. If you use your wall idea, see if you can use a 1-sided wall, with a nice picture on the side that faces you, and invisible/transparent facing the perpetrator. They may never know it is there, and therefore not attempt to circumvent it.
  3. Yes, try it out, hopefully that is the issue!
  4. If you have an item with the script in it, and then you wear the item, that is implied permission. That's why things like AOs don't ask you for permission to animate you, but dance floors do.
  5. If you are in Firestorm, and you can do what you need to do without an Interface - Ctrl+Alt+F1 toggles the interface on and off... so you won't see any pop-up-notices.
  6. I think if that only happened one time, you are not likely to be terminated.
  7. Well, also, just in general, LL search is the worst search known to humankind!
  8. If you are using FS, you can right-click your tag, and in the menu there is a "Scripts" option that will tell you various things about all of the scripts you are running, including the total time used.
  9. Only solution, then, is to write my own operating system! I wonder how many decades that might take me!
  10. Yes, I *am* as paranoid as you! I check daily, and therefore update when I want to.
  11. Yeah. It's *my* computer, not Microsoft's!
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