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  1. May I ask which viewer you are using? That was a bug in Firestorm.
  2. Setting the size larger can indirectly affect quality. If you plan on doing post-editing, then more you have to work with, the better!
  3. The latest I have heard is that there is already a fix. They just have to roll it out.
  4. I sometimes shoot at screen resolution of 1920x1176. Other times I shoot at high resolution of 6144x3766.
  5. That sounds like a brush. Like, one you use in PS or GIMP maybe?
  6. If you find that, I would certainly like to know!
  7. If it's dark enough, u can project some pretty cool images too! Gotta have ur graphics up high enough to see them tho. The effect is easiest to see with a dark windlight, while projecting on a light colored surface.
  8. Are you talking about the part I circled in green here?:...
  9. I got a free parachute i normally wear for this type of thing!
  10. Add a global boolean variable ((which in LSL is really just an integer.)) Something like SoundOn = TRUE; Then in your touch_start event handler, check the boolean with an if statement. If the sound is on, turn it off, and vice versa... and also, change the boolean from TRUE to FALSE or vice versa.
  11. Take as many pictures as you can! Also, consider editing them after you take them!
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