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  1. Try "Ctrl+0 (zero)" to switch to a zoom lens. Press that a few time and see how it works for you. Ctrl+9 should get you back to normal view.
  2. Well, now you know one of the reasons I don't like the idea of people being able to change their names.
  3. Oh, sorry, you are having the opposite problem of what I thought.
  4. Yes. Find where you are storing conversation logs on your computer, find the log under your customer's previous name and then copy/paste the contents over into the log with the current name. Make sure you paste the text in the correct position in the new log (probably at the very beginning.) (I recommend doing this while your SL viewer is not running.)
  5. I uninstalled Flash months ago and have had no trouble viewing media on SL.
  6. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-229738
  7. I don't know if I fully understand what you are asking for? In the meantime though, have you tried either llRegionSay and/or llRegionSayTo?
  8. Closest thing I have seen to this is a YouTube page on a prim that gave me the option of logging in. Have you logged into YouTube any time in the past in SL? If it was me, the first thing i would do is try to log out.
  9. How is he using information to his benefit? And which kind of information?
  10. EEP server-side is a couple of years old, as far as I know. As for the FS ball interface, I have no idea.
  11. Well, you know how it is in SL... all your friends want your attention at the same time! But if u stuck in a TP, they all busy or in RL!
  12. The only that works for me in those situations is to have a friend send me another TP. It's sorta like a TP out of the stuck TP!
  13. There may well be a difference between having Firestorm minimized vs having it in the background. If I am recording a video using FRAPs, and I minimize Firestorm, FRAPs records a frozen scene until I unminimize Firestorm again. I don't know if that is due to FRAPs, or Firestorm, or Windows.
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