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  1. Audacity is a free program that should be able to do the conversion for you.
  2. Thank you! As for videos, I generally just fly by the seat of my pants at the moment, trying to "feel" what I am shooting. And, I generally try to shoot enough so that I can throw about 80% of it away later, which is normally what I do. I don't really plan my videos in advance, usually. My top Flickr pics, as rated by other Flickr viewers: https://www.flickr.com/people/sandimexicola/
  3. Your videos are much fancier than mine! I used to make SL videos a long time ago, under my original account name arthurx Titanium. There are a number of reasons I do not make SL videos anymore. One is lack of disk space. Another is the strain that processing videos puts on my computer. I am trying to get a few more years of use out of my computer before I need to replace some key components. Also, my download rate is too slow, if any other avatars would happen to tp in, I would not be able to rez them in time to avoid ruining a shoot. And finally, there is so much to learn about one of my favorite SL hobbies, photography, that I think I only have time to learn one or the other. Here are links to my top 3 videos (by view count). They are all what I would call "music videos" and the styles of each are different...
  4. Hey, nice work! There is an idea for automatic disabling that I use, which doesn't quite fit your criteria, but works for me. If my HUD hears me say something in local chat, it stops listening. The presumption is that if I am talking in local, I am also reading what others are saying.
  5. I wrote, and am still writing the HUD. It is not really sellable as the setup is complicated ((gotta install growl and change the settings on that, for one thing)). And the menu structure is not something a sane person would easily understand! However, if you are interested, contact me in-world, or in here, or somehow, and I would not mind setting you up with one and teaching you the basics of how it works. That might help you, and it would help me too, as you might find bugs I haven't found yet.
  6. I use Firestorm with Growl on windows 10. When Firestorm is minimized or in the background, Growl and Firestorm work together just fine to let me know about a variety of events, especially instant messages. As for local chat, I have a HUD I can turn on if no one is talking. The HUD will listen and send me an instant message if someone says something. Firestorm tells growl which then notifies me that "somebody said something." ((Don't worry, I don't monitor the local chat that way when people are chatting, as that, I hear, is too laggy.))
  7. If you are on a computer, try looking at the top of the page on the right.
  8. Here is where to get the beta EEP viewers... ((and just about everything else beta viewers(as separate downloads/programs)))... http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Alternate_Viewers . WARNING: afaik, the only beta EEP viewer is the LL default viewer, with a little extra ((EEP functionality)) added on. Almost nothing in this universe... Well, I will avoid commenting on how I feel when running the LL default viewer... and just say that you need to basically run a version of that if you want to run an EEP beta. Most FS users I know refuse to do this. I, however, have.
  9. I know this can be a real problem for me too. There are a number of settings and debug settings I use to mitigate situations like this though. I have some of these settings in my Quick Preferences, as modifications to Debug settings: "FSResetCameraOnMovement" - I change this to FALSE. "AvatarRotateThresholdSlow" - I change this to 1. "ClickOnAvatarKeepsCamera" - change to TRUE. I have some other settings in Preferences that I normally keep all the time: "Turn avatar towards camera position on reset view" - unchecked "Turn avatar towards a selected object" - unchecked I enable Movelock, which maybe helps if someone bumps me. And finally, if you happen to be using Firestorm, this option is built in under the top menu item "World/Photo and Video/Cameratools" on the first tab, "Cam Controls 1". Clicking the eyeball with the downward arrow remembers your camera position exactly. And clicking on the eyeball with the up-arrow puts your camera back into the position you saved, as long as you are within view distance of that spot.
  10. This cool too. I not realized no-mod scripts could be started and stopped.
  11.  One thing I think might happen is many people will have more friends than they would otherwise. This brings to mind a second question: is there a limit to how many Second Life friends a Second Life avatar can have?
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