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  1. Yes, I must agree about the reliability. I don't know how to test reliability of my connection to SL servers, though, without running a viewer?
  2. yes, you are right about the quality of the 9Mbps connection I had... the quality was very low. Sometimes packet loss was 15%. and i prefer 1040p for youtube, which i get now.
  3. I get 30Mbps, and that seems just fine to me When I used to get 9Mbps, that was way too slow. For instance, I couldn't hear the music at live concerts with 30 other avatars or so... until maybe half an hour into the concert.
  4. Yes, Chic Aeon, you are right, shrinking is resizing! Where I noticed losing DOF is when I set it up so it looks right in FS, but then when i take a large picture (6144x3766) ... it seems lost in the large picture. So I try to remember to over-blur for that reason. If i forget, I just edit in PS and throw some gaussian blur on the background!
  5. thank you, Chic Aeon, for that explanation. could be my low quality monitor, or my sub-premium eyeballs that i not notice that! Actually, I don't often resize before uploading. But if I do, I generally shrink the picture down.
  6. It's interesting that several people mention using sharpening, which I hardly ever use.
  7. I often upload at 6144x3766 pixels. if not that, then roughly screenshot size: 1920x1200
  8. Audacity is a free program that should be able to do the conversion for you.
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