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  1. Thank you for helping clarify that, Lindal
  2. Someone once told me they filed an AR and included parts of IMs... and were then banned by LL for six months for "posting" the IMs in the abuse report. Any idea if this is likely true, or just something silly I heard?
  3. Beautiful pics! Compare them to my first BoM experiment... more like "BAM!" - all the paint cans exploded!
  4. Also, I think the wav file needs to be 44,100 Hz.
  5. Hello Rolig! What does "native aspect ratio" mean? I'm in the habit of making my profile pictures with aspect ratio 4:3, and and as large as I can within those constraints (1024x768). Apparently this is not correct?
  6. Well, considering garbage control hardly works at all, any tip is of value!
  7. I didn't know that llSetMemoryLimit forces garbage control. Thank you for that info, and I think I might just try that.
  8. Yes, I have. Apparently LSL garbage collection is not all that great. I found a workaround... telling my script to sleep for 3 seconds now and then. That seems to trigger memory cleanup. Good luck, and let us know! :)
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