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  1. My avatar is me. As far as I am concerned, there is no difference between what I am like in word and what I am like in RL. When talking to people in RL who are familiar with SL, it is always "I am a member of ...", "I was in a discussion about...", etc. Never "My avatar was ....". In other words, my avatar is me. I do not role play, although I have friends who do. Much of my time in SL is designing clothes (a hobby, not for sale) or discussing personal or professional interests. I am a member of groups with people of the same profession and same personal interest. When in discussions we are ourselves.When I am listen or dancing to music in SL, it is because I enjoy the music. I know that many others use SL to role play or play games. I have no problem with that, if that is their interest. It just isn't mine. Some of my SL friends do enjoy RP. Sometimes when we are together talking about personal or professional interest, they are themselves, not RPing. Marybeth BLOG
  2. Rhonda Huntress wrote: Which then brings up the question, how good is good enough? 2 hours of work from picking up a latop it waering it in world is not going to have the details and realism of a 40+ hours of work no matter what the medium. Yes, you can make system clothes faster than mesh clothes. I Agree This is a nice looking bra. https://marybethcooperstone.files.wordpress.com/2014/06/checkered-bra.jpg It was elf made so cost 10L$ to make. Thanks. That took a little less than 2 hours. I was wearing that bra, sitting in front of a mirror, and using Gimp. The fact that so much of it (between the blue strips) was extremely sheer (10% opacity) made it take longer to create. My only cost was the L$10 (about 4 cents US) to upload - actually that one I uploaded 3 times (about 12 cents US) before I was satisfied. This is a nice one too but it is mesh. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Diva-Mesh-Strapless-Bikini-in-Black-Summer-2014-Dollarbie/6106477 It costs 1L$ on the market place. Yes, that is a nice looking one. I have far more bras than I need (SL and RL), but otherwise I would buy it. [ETA] OK, that came ou snippy and I really did not intend to. Speed and eash of creation are the sytem clothes strong points and was what SL was designed to do. You made a custom piece, same day as it was asked for and I would bet you did not ask for anything in return. Many people like to shop, in SL as well as in RL. Others like to create and sell, and some are actually making money. My interest is creating clothes for my own use, and use for a few friends, not for sale. Since I am busy with my RL work and family, most of the time I spend on SL or making SL clothes is while I am waiting somewhere or on a plane. Typically, I spend about 1 to 2 hours on one garment. The software I use (Gimp) has to run on my tablet. I use a lot of lace and sheer, particularly on underwear and night gowns - also on tops that will be worn over camisoles of a slightly different color. I know that there is more that can be done with mesh and Blender; I just don't want to invest the time. But if I were making SL clothes to sell I would probably use more mesh and spend far more time on each project. I would really like to use Maya; I have seen it demonstrated. But it is expensive and certainly won't run on my little tablet. Marybeth BLOG
  3. Tazzie, I agree. However, I do use the skirt layer in spite of all of its faults. I like to make skirts, dresses, slips, and night gowns, all of which use the skirt layer. I could use mesh to do a better job, but I can draw something on my tablet in GIMP while sitting in an airplane and then upload it as soon as we land and I am out of airplane mode. Most of my time making SL clothes is while I am on a plane, waiting in an airport, or waiting elsewhere. Since it is only a hobby (I do not sell in SL or RL) ease of use is a major factor. The sad thing is that much of the problem with the skirt layer (e.g. the well known butt problem) could easily be fixed by LL, if only they would. Marybeth BLOG
  4. There have been some good comments here. I agree with them. I just to add another factor: simplicity. System clothes allow you to pick and choose more easily. You don't have to worry about compatibility with the layer underneath. In RL, in the morning I put on the underwear I like and then pick other clothes from my closet, worrying about such things as color, what is best for the day's activities, weather, etc. It's the same with SL (except no worries about weather ) With system clothes I pick what ever I want to wear and do not worry about whether underwear will be sticking though outer wear. My bra will not stick through my suit jacket. It is also easier for me to make system clothes. I simply draw what I want in GIMP or other program and upload it. I do not make SL clothes for sale; only for me and for a few SL friends. There are things I don't like about system clothes. One is the fact that dresses take two separate garments - a top and a skirt. Also there is the butt problem with skirts. And the fact that only one garment at a time can be worn on the skirt layer. I cannot have a sheer or lace skirt with a slip underneath. I do have lace tops that I wear over camisoles with a compatible color. In RL I do the same thing with complete dresses. The important thing for me is that I make SL clothes for my own enjoyment, usually on a laptop while waiting at an airport or the lobby of a building. I might feel differently under different circumstances. Marybeth BLOG
  5. Ssmiles wrote: Just to clear things up, it's not the store name itself that is the same as a RL designer, it's the name of their products and help staff. For example, they have help staff with names "Chanel" "Dior" "Prada", etc... clearly listed in their store (these are not the exact designer names they are using, they are using different names that are just as famous - I picked these just to give you an example) and the shoes they sell are named after a very famous shoe but it's simply spelled different. For example, it would be like them selling "Polo" look-a-like shirts and calling them "Lolo" shirts or selling lipstick and calling it M.A.K. instead of M.A.C. The names they are using are pretty pretty obviously famous so it's definitely not a coincidence. I don't want to say exactly the names they are using because I'm not trying to throw anyone under the bus. Suffice it to say though, the names they are using are from my understanding are in blatent violation of T.O.S. I would assume they either aren't familar with T.O.S. or they don't give a crap. I am guessing it's the latter. Thanks for the clarification. It still appears to be a violation of the TOS. Also, the designers' names are probably trademarked or otherwise protected. The store is in risk of being shutdown by Linden Labs. If not, the owner (in RL) could receive a C&D letter (cease and desist) from a designer's attorney, and will have to remove the designers' names. That could involve time and trouble. The issue of similar, but not exactly the same, product names is complex and outside of my field. But it might be a problem. I hope that the store owner reads this thread, and that others thinking about doing the same thing either don't do it or discuss the issue with an attorney working in the field of IP law. Disclaimer: let's just say that I forgot what little I learned about this. Marybeth BLOG
  6. HughJegow wrote: Marybeth Cooperstone wrote: the above is not legal advice. Does that mean the advice is illegal? Proper advice from a lawyer: Matters of criminal law, including what is or is not illegal, depend upon the state or country. You should only rely on advice from an attorney familiar with your location, its laws, and your circumstances. What I would say if I were not a lawyer: I hope not. The above is not legal advice. Marybeth BLOG
  7. Sassy Romano wrote: With regard to store RL websites in the US protecting you from the abhorrent horror of seeing nipples and clearly wanting to avoid the ensuing mayhem, riots and bloodshed that would result.. If the sheet bra or whatever is a worldwide brand-name, just use say a European store website instead. We don't suffer from nipple phobia. Google will help you find them. Sassy, Very true. I have never had a photo sold to a European store, but I have seen the catalogs and web sites for them. In your area of the world there is not the problem of nipple phobia. See the top photo at https://marybethcooperstone.wordpress.com/lingerie/bras/. (yes, that is the real me, from a few years ago ) A very similar photo was used by a store in their website. After the photographer submitted it, the store's publisher "air brushed" (digitally) the photo to remove my offending nipples. The result not only defended innocent viewers from the horror of seeing nipples, but made it appear that the bra was not very sheer. The store had a similar bra from of the same brand that was not very sheer. In the photos you could not tell the difference. I think that did a disservice to the customers. When I order clothes on-line or from print catalogs I would like to know what they really look like. Marybeth BLOG
  8. Sassy Romano wrote: In the UK you may use your own name as a trading name whether someone else has the same name or not, however, I once knew someone with the surname "king" and he traded as "King's Computers". He received a letter from the appropriate dept at Buckingham Palace or wherever it was, I forget. He was allowed to be " King Computers" but not represent himself as supplying the crown with computers. Sassy, I understand that the same is true in the US. I could open a store in RL or in SL with my real name, even if someone else was using that name, as long as I did nothing to make it appear that there was a connection. I have heard that there was a case in Second Life in which a store sent a cease and desist letter to an SL store with the same name. It turned out, however, that the SL store owner had been using that name before the RL store, and therefore could continue to use it. The situation described by the OP was not only a violation of the TOS but could be stopped by the RL store. One thing that I have heard about US law is that if you hold a trademark you must defend it or you might lose it. Certain large companies that have well known brand names send C&D letters and will even sue only to defend their brand name. All of this is very complex, particularly given the international nature. I do not work in the intellectual property field so the above is not legal advice. Marybeth BLOG
  9. Yes, as has been pointed out, it is a violation of the TOS. It could also be a legal problem, depending on the country the person is in, whether or not the name is trademarked or otherwise protected, etc. It is up to the real store and designers to enforce their rights. It is a complex area of the law, but the basic principle is that a business should not use a name that would make the consumer think that the business is part of, connected with, or endorsed by another business. I don't work in the area of intelectual property law. But I do know that if you are choosing a user name or business name (SL or elsewhere) that resembles an existing business or well known person you should get advise from an attorney who is knowledgable in IP law. Marybeth BLOG
  10. After sitting in front of a couputer screen with GIMP running, wearing only a bra above my waist, I did it. See https://marybethcooperstone.files.wordpress.com/2014/06/checkered-bra.jpg. Marybeth BLOG
  11. Bob really is a sweetheart. And he was the one that got be interested in Second Life a number of years ago. Neither of us do litigation or criminal defense. We are each involved in different types of mundane specialism. On my office computer I do use a special spell and grammar checker. It does have a special legal option that adds commas and replaces plain English words with Latin. As for legal humour, I do know a number of lawyer jokes. In fact, I work with a few.
  12. sarastip wrote: In RL I recently bought a bra that I really like. On line, it is: http://www.saksfifthavenue.com/main/ProductDetail.jsp?FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=2534374306419511&PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=845524446772104&R=3417853921937&P_name=Huit&N=306419511&bmUID=kYo.Sbd Between the design it is really sheer. I could not find anything like it on Marketplace. Does anyone know if it is available in an stores in world. I bought the same bra, although from a different store, and really like it. Yes, it is more sheer than shown in the picture you link to. As others have pointed out, you are unlikely to find the same bra in a store in SL. I am in the process of making one (not for sale). Making your own is about the only way to duplicate something found in RL. Tina: "An observation about SL bras. compared to RL stores there are few that have lace or that are very sheer. Some, but few. In RL, any visit to the lingerie department of a store or to a store's website will be full of lacy and sheer lingerie. I have no idea why this is true." Very true. I have noticed that myself. I don't know why; lace and sheer fabric are very easy to make. "Also, a complaint about RL websites. In an effort to protect us from seeing nipples, the photos of bras and sleepwear do not show how sheer an item is. That does a disservice to those that buy clothes on-line." I agree. It is a rant of mine. Back in my undergraduate college days I modeled lingerie (as well as other clothes) for photography for on-line catalogs. For sheer bras and night gowns the stores always insisted on getting rid of any trace of nipples, usually using Photoshop or similar software. While that protected sensitive eyeballs from the sight of a nipple, it did a real disservice to the on-line customer by not showing how sheer the item is. I have no problem with my nipples showing in a photo of a bra. Marybeth BLOG
  13. Horrors!! I am in the state of extreme embarrassment. I made a typo - and a misspelling! I meant to say that "I am admitted to the bar in serveral several states, but not everywhere." We lawyers aren't supposed to make misspellings! Maybe I shouldn't write things after traveling all night. Marybeth
  14. Treasure, It does seem strange that people would actually want to be deaf. But I know that there are people who actually want to lose a leg, and will damage a leg so that it has to be amputated. I can't understand it, but I know that it happens. A few years ago there was an on-line support group (not part of SL) for women who had certain bladder problems and were incontinent. But the group ended up attracting people who did not have that problem but pretended to be incontinent. It included men pretending to be women to discuss personal matters with women. The moderators disbanded the group and formed a new one where you had to go through a doctor's office to join. I am a member of the SL bar association. However, I do not work in a field that would be needed in SL. Most of the legal advice or work would be related to merchants who sell in SL. Verfication of creditionals of professionals and imposters are a problem. However, on-line support groups can be very valuable to many people. Marybeth
  15. Very good points, Treasure. In RL I am an attorney, but I do not practice law or give legal advice on SL. I am admitted to the bar in serveral states, but not everywhere. And the laws are different from one state to another and certainly from one county to another. One problem that can exist in SL is that people can claim to be a lawyer, doctor, or whatever.You cannot verify the credentials. The advice (legal, medical, psychological, etc.) might be good or it might be very bad. In support groups the people do not expect anyone to have a license or professional training. However, on SL it is important to remember that you don't know if a person actually has the condition or is faking it . This could be a problem with certain conditions that may attract people for the wrong reasons,. But, in general, on-line support groups can be very helpful and are a good thing. Marybeth Blog
  16. I haven't been on Sl much in recent weeks due to work travel, RL family summer activities, etc. When I do get on SL most of my time is spent on my hobby, making clothes, particularly lingerie. I also like to make tops, skirts, etc. I draw them in GIMP and up load them. I spend some time showing them and discussing clothes and clothes making with friends, some of whom I know in RL, some I know only on SL. I also participate in discussions about current events and my profession (law). These are usually impromptu when someone IMs or emails others to join them at a particular location and time. I also attend SL worship services at a church on Sunday and some weekday afternoons.
  17. When I enter a hotel room and there are four (or more) pillows on the bed, I wonder what kind of guests they are expecting.
  18. Reminds me of a friend back in college. She was watching a program on TV, alone (roommate gone for the day) and no recorder. She couldn't break towards the end to "answer the call of nature" because she was desparate to see how it ended. She couldn't make it to the end. Later she carried her wet clothing (fortunately only wet!) to the coin laundry in the dorm and ran into another woman (me) who had just recorded the same show!
  19. I frequently make sheer lingerie. For lace, I usually have one layer with a low opacity and another, higher layer, with a higher opacity. I draw the lace pattern (usually a floral design) on the higher, more opaque, layer. I have also used this technique to make sheer tops that I wear (my avatar wears) over a more opaque cami or tank top. Marybeth
  20. KarenMichelle Lane wrote: You can use this lost 400 seconds of access to go to the bathroom... You can go to the bathroom while still connected.
  21. arabellajones wrote: I have been told that I am only allowed to connect to SL for 86400 seconds per day! Is this true? Yes, it is true - with one exception. There is a day each fall when you will be allowed to connect 90,000 seconds. But that is only one day per year. LL's top people are looking for a way to allow us to connect for longer times every day, but so far no luck.
  22. I think that it is OK, as long as you don't lie about your RL gender (or profession or anything else). In a situation such as a romatic or sexual relationship, many people don't care about your RL gender or martial status. But some do. If someone asks you about your RL gender, maritial status, or what ever, either be honest or say that you don't reveal anything about RL. Just don't lie.
  23. Gambling is covered by state laws, and SL users are in every state of the country. Also there are federal laws concerning interstate gambling. I won't say that it is impossible, but it would be very difficult and expensive for Linden to enter the on-line gambling business. SL residents would lose money, Linden would probably either make very little or lose, RL lawyers would make the money. I am a a lawyer in RL, so I should not complain
  24. It is not a matter of getting bored of SL, it is a matter of getting bored of certain activities on SL. We are all human in RL, and humans will get bored or lose interest in certain activities. In that case, take a break. Come back later and you may be more interested. Some activities are not a matter of interest or boredom. For example, I attend church services some Sundays and some weekdays in SL, as well as in RL. They are certainly not exciting, but I like attending them, both in SL and RL. (I know and understand that it is not for everybody). I go to them (SL and RL) because I like to, but RL activities (Sunday with my family and weekdays due to work) often get in the way. Likewise, discussion groups on topics I am interested in, particularly professional, are interesting and I get involved in them both in SL and RL. Other activities have to be exciting or at least very interesting. Regarding these, sometimes I get bored with them. I quit doing them for a while and then may regain interest and start getting involved again. There is no real difference between SL and RL activities. Marybeth
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