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  1. My avatar is me. As far as I am concerned, there is no difference between what I am like in word and what I am like in RL. When talking to people in RL who are familiar with SL, it is always "I am a member of ...", "I was in a discussion about...", etc. Never "My avatar was ....". In other words, my avatar is me. I do not role play, although I have friends who do. Much of my time in SL is designing clothes (a hobby, not for sale) or discussing personal or professional interests. I am a member of groups with people of the same profession and same personal interest. When in discussions we are o
  2. Rhonda Huntress wrote: Which then brings up the question, how good is good enough? 2 hours of work from picking up a latop it waering it in world is not going to have the details and realism of a 40+ hours of work no matter what the medium. Yes, you can make system clothes faster than mesh clothes. I Agree This is a nice looking bra. https://marybethcooperstone.files.wordpress.com/2014/06/checkered-bra.jpg It was elf made so cost 10L$ to make. Thanks. That took a little less than 2 hours. I was wearing that bra, sitting in front of a mirror, and using Gimp. The fact that so much of
  3. Tazzie, I agree. However, I do use the skirt layer in spite of all of its faults. I like to make skirts, dresses, slips, and night gowns, all of which use the skirt layer. I could use mesh to do a better job, but I can draw something on my tablet in GIMP while sitting in an airplane and then upload it as soon as we land and I am out of airplane mode. Most of my time making SL clothes is while I am on a plane, waiting in an airport, or waiting elsewhere. Since it is only a hobby (I do not sell in SL or RL) ease of use is a major factor. The sad thing is that much of the problem with the skirt
  4. There have been some good comments here. I agree with them. I just to add another factor: simplicity. System clothes allow you to pick and choose more easily. You don't have to worry about compatibility with the layer underneath. In RL, in the morning I put on the underwear I like and then pick other clothes from my closet, worrying about such things as color, what is best for the day's activities, weather, etc. It's the same with SL (except no worries about weather ) With system clothes I pick what ever I want to wear and do not worry about whether underwear will be sticking though outer w
  5. Ssmiles wrote: Just to clear things up, it's not the store name itself that is the same as a RL designer, it's the name of their products and help staff. For example, they have help staff with names "Chanel" "Dior" "Prada", etc... clearly listed in their store (these are not the exact designer names they are using, they are using different names that are just as famous - I picked these just to give you an example) and the shoes they sell are named after a very famous shoe but it's simply spelled different. For example, it would be like them selling "Polo" look-a-like shirts and calling
  6. HughJegow wrote: Marybeth Cooperstone wrote: the above is not legal advice. Does that mean the advice is illegal? Proper advice from a lawyer: Matters of criminal law, including what is or is not illegal, depend upon the state or country. You should only rely on advice from an attorney familiar with your location, its laws, and your circumstances. What I would say if I were not a lawyer: I hope not. The above is not legal advice. Marybeth BLOG
  7. Sassy Romano wrote: With regard to store RL websites in the US protecting you from the abhorrent horror of seeing nipples and clearly wanting to avoid the ensuing mayhem, riots and bloodshed that would result.. If the sheet bra or whatever is a worldwide brand-name, just use say a European store website instead. We don't suffer from nipple phobia. Google will help you find them. Sassy, Very true. I have never had a photo sold to a European store, but I have seen the catalogs and web sites for them. In your area of the world there is not the problem of nipple phobia. See the top pho
  8. Sassy Romano wrote: In the UK you may use your own name as a trading name whether someone else has the same name or not, however, I once knew someone with the surname "king" and he traded as "King's Computers". He received a letter from the appropriate dept at Buckingham Palace or wherever it was, I forget. He was allowed to be " King Computers" but not represent himself as supplying the crown with computers. Sassy, I understand that the same is true in the US. I could open a store in RL or in SL with my real name, even if someone else was using that name, as long as I did nothing to make
  9. Yes, as has been pointed out, it is a violation of the TOS. It could also be a legal problem, depending on the country the person is in, whether or not the name is trademarked or otherwise protected, etc. It is up to the real store and designers to enforce their rights. It is a complex area of the law, but the basic principle is that a business should not use a name that would make the consumer think that the business is part of, connected with, or endorsed by another business. I don't work in the area of intelectual property law. But I do know that if you are choosing a user name or business
  10. After sitting in front of a couputer screen with GIMP running, wearing only a bra above my waist, I did it. See https://marybethcooperstone.files.wordpress.com/2014/06/checkered-bra.jpg. Marybeth BLOG
  11. Bob really is a sweetheart. And he was the one that got be interested in Second Life a number of years ago. Neither of us do litigation or criminal defense. We are each involved in different types of mundane specialism. On my office computer I do use a special spell and grammar checker. It does have a special legal option that adds commas and replaces plain English words with Latin. As for legal humour, I do know a number of lawyer jokes. In fact, I work with a few.
  12. sarastip wrote: In RL I recently bought a bra that I really like. On line, it is: http://www.saksfifthavenue.com/main/ProductDetail.jsp?FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=2534374306419511&PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=845524446772104&R=3417853921937&P_name=Huit&N=306419511&bmUID=kYo.Sbd Between the design it is really sheer. I could not find anything like it on Marketplace. Does anyone know if it is available in an stores in world. I bought the same bra, although from a different store, and really like it. Yes, it is more sheer than shown in the picture you link to. As others have pointed
  13. Horrors!! I am in the state of extreme embarrassment. I made a typo - and a misspelling! I meant to say that "I am admitted to the bar in serveral several states, but not everywhere." We lawyers aren't supposed to make misspellings! Maybe I shouldn't write things after traveling all night. Marybeth
  14. Treasure, It does seem strange that people would actually want to be deaf. But I know that there are people who actually want to lose a leg, and will damage a leg so that it has to be amputated. I can't understand it, but I know that it happens. A few years ago there was an on-line support group (not part of SL) for women who had certain bladder problems and were incontinent. But the group ended up attracting people who did not have that problem but pretended to be incontinent. It included men pretending to be women to discuss personal matters with women. The moderators disbanded the group a
  15. Very good points, Treasure. In RL I am an attorney, but I do not practice law or give legal advice on SL. I am admitted to the bar in serveral states, but not everywhere. And the laws are different from one state to another and certainly from one county to another. One problem that can exist in SL is that people can claim to be a lawyer, doctor, or whatever.You cannot verify the credentials. The advice (legal, medical, psychological, etc.) might be good or it might be very bad. In support groups the people do not expect anyone to have a license or professional training. However, on SL it is
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