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  1. Hey, Would someone be able to quickly explain step-by-step how to privately sell pics to other users? I run a personal business and I recently expanded to selling photos. I know there are tutorials and stuff out there but I've been seeing all different ways, so I would appreciate a clear explanation! Thank you! Laiken
  2. Hello everyone! I joined SL months ago and I've had some in world experience, but it wasn't until recently that I've really started dedicating my time here. I have been exploring and making some new friends, and I absolutely love it. I hope I am posting this in the correct area. I was searching the forums among other places and wondering if self help is a big area here in SL? Are there such things as therapy, counseling, etc. in SL? Group sessions, private sessions? I haven't been able to find much, and I was curious. I also wanted to invite anyone to contact me in any way (IM, reply to this threat) if you are interested in friendship, chatting, or any kind of communication with me. I am a psychologist in RL and I explain a bit more about my specialty in my profile. I am not necessarily seeking to "make money" here in SL but I think it would enhance my experience here to be able to do what I love in world, if anyone would be interested in utilizing my services. If not, I'd just be happy chit chatting and getting to learn more about SL! Any feedback would be appreciated! Thank you! Laiken
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