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  1. Depends on whether it is in an Adult content rated sim or not, I think.
  2. It's hard to make an avatar that looks that much like yourself. Didn't there used to be a service where you could submit a RL photo though, and have an artist try to do it?
  3. And so you wouldn't be asking yourself if you are cheating, then, would you.
  4. I just assumed I could build an Amazon virtual world, and then with one-click ordering, have it rezzed IRL (probably through 3D printing) and it would be delivered outside my house by a drone. Free 3-D World Delivery if you have Prime Life.
  5. Rule of thumb, both RL and SL: Any question of this kind that you ask yourself with the words, "Is it cheating....", the answer is always "Yes."
  6. Say that Linden Lab has users from about 1,000 areas of the world. Of those, there are about 10 places that are known to be dangerous (to themselves, their neighbors, and SL). Most of the griefing comes from those 10 places. There are even lost of people who are trying to escape those places, it's so bad there. Now, out of those 10 places, Linden Lab's previous administration identified 6 of them as being the worst. (The other 4 might even be worse in some ways, such as being the source of a major attack, but they have certain political and economic ties.) So the incoming CEO of LL implements a policy where users wanting to create new accounts from those 6 areas are put on hold and given special review for 90 days, Users who already had accounts from those areas are still allowed to log in but they have to go through several extra login screens and may feel like they are being picked on, since they were already vetted. After the 90 days is up, things should go back to more or less normal, but better user verification procedures will be in place to filter out griefers -- new accounts from those areas will be more cumbersome to create due to this "extreme vetting". By the way, many new accounts (certainly all of the recent influx of users) from these areas are given free Premium accounts for their first 5 years. (This is subsidized by raising the cost of Premium accounts on all other users.) Out of the 1,000 areas, the people in about 100 of them have a certain religion (either by choice, or because the rulers of the area willl cut your head off if you don't follow their relgion). People are screaming "religious persecution" because 6 of those countries are on the ban list, even though all the other 94 areas that practice the religion are totally unaffected by the ban. Meanwhile, the rulers of the most obvious non-banned area (one of the 4 excluded from the 10 bad places), was, as part of this ban, coerced by LL into setting up their own OpenSIm system to give free accounts to people fleeing the worst neighboring areas, instead of them needing to come over to SL. Because of this, the CEO of LL is called "Hitler",is said to be destroying SL and the rest of the Internet, is given death threars, and many sims are trashed by current outraged residents who exploit security holes to delete other people's objects (regardless of whether those people entirely agree with CEO Hitler or not), These people also grief the s&*&t out of anyone who ever wrote anything positive about the CEO or who suggests that these temporary emergency measures might be reasonable. Or if their svi just "looks like" the "racist" and "intolerant" sort of "oppressive hater" who might have. Meanwhile, AOL's CEO writes a public letter condeming the LL CEO...
  7. Phil Deakins wrote: Therefore, someone knowing your internet address is not a breach of privacy. As noted, any computer (e.g. web site) that you connect to, knows your IP address. That's how the Internet works: two computers know each other by IP address in order to communicate. However, your IP address can be used to identify you in real life. Anyone who knows it can trivially figure out your real life location, with varying accuracy. In some places, just the general area that you live in. In other cases, your block or maybe even street. That depends on how your provider (ISP, e.g. phone company) has things set up. But with access to commercial databases, it can fairly well identify you individually. Most people do not have access to those databases. They get the information from you yourself. When you use web sites, the people running the web site know your IP addres. And then you go put in all manner of personal information into their web site, so they know who you are. And then that is all shared with other companies who pay for the information - mutual cooperation for commercial gain in "knowing the customer" and all about them. Some ISPs (such as Verizon) have been known to monitor your entire web browsing history and sell that information to whoever wants to pay, for example. But in general, random individuals you encounter on SL will not know much about you (except perhaps which city you live in) based on your IP address. They can trouble you without knowing who you are, though, just by knowing your IP address, For eample, they can launch attacks on your ccomputer if they know your IP address. These are rather unlikely to be successful if you are on a home computer because your ISP filters out most things like that. If it's work computer, you could be inviting an attack on your company's systems (in fact, the IP address can tell them exactly who the company is, and which IP addresses belong to the company, while at the same time not identifying a particular computer at the company). So, someone knowing your IP address is not "nothing", but it usually doesn't amount to much. Can someone on SL figure out your IP address? Yes, in at least two ways. First, if you are playing any media (e.g. streaming audio) on a parcel will know your IP address, because that's exactly the same as your accessing a web site on the Internet. Secondly, there may be (probably are) bugs in the SL systems that will allow people to do it in ways that were not intended. People you enounter on SL who threaten you about IP addresses are 99.9999% likely to be complete fakes, just bullying you and assuming that you don't understand these things.
  8. Calling Cards are not like other assetts; they are stored on your hard drive rather than a server. That may have something to do with it.
  9. Thank You! I will fire up Emacs and look for this file and see what it's doing. More interesting things. Sometimes (transferring the object, Save As from Appearance, and other random actions, sometimes...) the object appears with the body shape icon. I guess the system gets confused while I am manipulating the object, and pants turn into a shape...
  10. I have some old wearables that show with a question mark icon in inventory. When I put them on, they don't appear (although the avatar may deform slightly), and going into Appearance mode shows them. What are these? They might be slider-clothes made in SL, or purchased. There is no Mesh anywhere in this story. I am guessing these are damaged assets or something?
  11. KarenMichelle Lane wrote: The Risks: OMG, someone can identify what ISP you use. Yup, that is pretty much it. Actually, you can often geolocate an IP address to within a few hundred feet. (Depends on various factors. You can almost always identify the city; sometimes the house address.)
  12. There is a region called "Cookie" that hosts literary events, especially for writers of prose and poetry. One way to find out about things like this is joining groups like "INKsters" and "Virtual Writers, Inc".
  13. She forgot to make the neighbor's side transparent... "Woman builds 60 foot screen to block view neighbor home"
  14. Are there any design documents that explain the Viewer? The overall architecture of the Viewer, the messaging system, circuit use, what goes over UDP, the role of HTTP, what kinds of things are polled, what the state machines are for. what all the threads are doing, why some things are plugins...an overview of all the pieces and key data structures?
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