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  1. I am just going to add or message everyone. I am off this Saturday and Sunday!
  2. I know what you mean haha. I don't think I had a lot of time to get on sl when I first joined now it's like everyone left? I was born in 1994 btw.
  3. I came back to this account after taking a break from it and I have zero people to talk to all I do is explorer random places.
  4. Thank you so much for this!
  5. I have the demo but I don't know how exactly it works. I guessed it was best for people who like to mod?
  6. Where can I get the old styled catwa head? I went in store and I didn't see any that price range or in the market place.
  7. Thank you! I saw a few that I liked at Catwa but I currently don't have enough Lindens for it so I will keep looking
  8. I only found Catwa and Normie by the Utilizator that I was able to try out but I couldn't find this Bento and Lelutka (I cannot remember how it's spelled) on the marketplace or in-world.
  9. That advice is some help. I did stop to prevent messing up anything and I now have someone to help me unlike you.
  10. Who would want to call someone like you with a **bleep** piss poor attitude like that? Don't reply to me if you have nothing to say.
  11. First, I have never really modded anything before. I just bought this Maned Wolf body and I bought the head and ears. Well I got the instructions and read them carefully I was supposed to transfer a script under the content tab but it kept dissappering and I was so confused and on top of that I didn't know which script I was supposed to put under there and I am looking for a nice pair of eyeballs I have tired looking for Curious Inc liek that notecard suggested but there wasn't any so reccommendations are welcome I really wanted this to look good so I appericate anyhelp! I didn't know being a furry was so much hard work it's like to have to put leggos together, jesus.
  12. I recently bought this kenomon avatar. I like it and no problems so far only that she's super flatchested and I want her breast size to get bigger. No bigger than a B-Cup. I realiezed that this avatar is different I cannot make her breasts bigger with just editing appearance and selecting torso. That didn't work. So any information about how to get my furry avatar bigger boobs would be very appericated.
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