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  1. Yeah I read again, and the part with the (*) apllied to the buying mainland part, not to the claiming a Linden home part. She stated that you have to release the mainland to claim a Linden home, and that is the part that's wrong: you can keep the mainland if you pay extra tier. Oh well
  2. No, you did not say the same thing Abnor did. Even if you own 1024 sqm or more on mainland, you can still claim a Linden Home without releasing your mainland, just not for free, you will have to pay extra tier.
  3. I'm from Europe, so I KNOW that the new homes aren't really chalets, but since that's how the moles/LL named the theme, that's how I'm going to refer it to.
  4. Alot of those regions have German names, so it's very likely to be the chalets theme.
  5. Looking at the region names, I think this might be the new Chalets theme, because there are alot of German names.
  6. This is quite common at some parts of Europe. For instance in Croatia, I was amazed by the diversity of the trees. I think this picture is a good example.
  7. Patch posted a new picture on his Flickr that might be a teaser for the next theme.
  8. Not anytime soon, probably late fall/early winter
  9. I was gonna ask the exact same thing lol, I think it is an over water house, but not sure.
  10. I think Patch said that it will be about the same amount of homes as the loghomes, so that should be plenty to be able to catch one, for at least a little while.
  11. I hope you realize that these new homes will probably not being released till fall/early winter? Patch said that they will not do any big releases till after they are done moving everything to the cloud, because they have run out of new regions. He said that they might do a release of 2 new themes at once (the stilt houses and the next theme) in early winter. Just to save you the disappointment of abandoning a nice home for nothing.
  12. If that swamplike area next to the LH Demo area at SL17B is ever going to be a new LH theme, then all I've got to say is: Shut Up and Take My Money!
  13. I've contacted live support about this last week. Squeaky Mole already came to my house to take a look at it and said they would work on a fix.
  14. I would like a wraparound deck for the Grand View
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