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  1. No one here can help with that. If you have billing questions you need to contact Linden Lab directly. See https://support.secondlife.com/billing-support/ for information.
  2. I use Picmonkey almost exclusively. It is a little more point and click and I am not very good with PS. It gets the job done. I do occasionally use gimp for very specific ideas/effects.
  3. Then perhaps the birth year you entered when you signed up doesn't have you as old enough. There is no way to change it or verify any other way.
  4. There is no longer a verification process. It's all based on the age you are based in the birthday you gave when you signed up.To access M and A rated regions make sure you have them selected in the General tab in preferences.
  5. Actually...No programming needed. Just a minor setting change. We all have opinions on how things should be by default.
  6. I for one would take it a step further and like to see the over the shoulder view be the default view instead of an option. It is a better all around view of things and encourages more realistic scale in buildings.
  7. Hi there. Feel free to give me a shout sometime. I am always looking for new friends to chat and hangout with.
  8. lets be friends

    Feel free to give me a shout in second life. Love having New people to chat with.
  9. A little late to the conversation but wanted to add....it is unfortunate that people feel the need to behave this way. It seems you have taken a bit of a shine to SL with the shopping and learning about how it works as that is fantastic. Don't let others keep you from it. There is so much to see and do I suggest finding some like minded friends explore and hang out with. Lots of good info here already. I really just wanted to be another voice to encourage you to stay. 😊
  10. I also don't have Alts but have dozens of Kemono mods,many skins in different tones, many shapes (from adult to adolescent). So I guess I have a lot, but I don't role play so much so they are so really just me.
  11. Feel free to look me up. I am online quite often. Love pictures, shopping, exploring.
  12. I can say without any hesitation that Firestorm is definitly not the best SL viewer, not by a long shot, in my opinion. In my opinion Catznip is the best viewer, followed by the current release LL viewer. It is all about opinion though. A few things to keep in mind when it comes to viewer selection: Viewer choice comes down to personal preference and nothing more. Each has its own special features and functions that sets it apart from the others. You should try them out and see what works best for you and not simply go with what someone tells you. Most viewers are simpy derivatives of the LL viewer. Many of the "features" in third party viewers are actually available to everyone, but are simply exposed in an easier to access setting than you might find in the default viewer. Some viewers do seem to perform better of individual machines, so it can be in your interest to try a variety. As to performance. The amount of RAM you have and your CPU make almost as much difference in perfomance as the GPU you have. HD graphics are very problematic for SL. Your RAM is good as I think 8 is really the bare minumum for good performace these days.
  13. You should also try downloading the latest viewer directly from Linden Lab and see if your inventory loads there. If it does not you can contact LL support to have them verfy that you do not have any broader corruption in your inventory. You have to try on the Linden viewer first though not on a third party viewer.
  14. Mesh bodies excel at one thing. Looking good naked. As soon as you start adding clothing and shoes and everything else on top the benefits start to drop away. One other recent benefit is that many of the "top designers" in Second Life no longer make even standard sized mesh, prefering to only support the top 3 mesh bodies. At the end of the day though it is really down to what you like and how you want to look. Want to buy the latest and greatest stuff from the big events? You need a mesh body. Want to get online to chat and hang out, not so much. It is all a question of preference. As to the question of cost. For women, I think that starting from scratch you should be able to get into a high end mesh body, with a mesh head and a top of the line skin for around 8000 L$ including some outfits to get started. It is a lot for sure, but not as expensive as I have heard some people say.