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  1. i love chatting and while i have a lot of acquaintances I do tend to keep to myself a lot of the time. Love to have people over, hangout and explore, sail, and visit all sorts of places. Would be happy to have you over or even just chat. Feel free to give me a shout.
  2. I would make a horrid slave, but always looking to hang out with or just message/chat with people.
  3. Lots of good advice already. I just want to mirror and extend some of what has been said. First, don't rush. Come back, get comfortable and don't let anyone say you have to have mesh this or mesh that. Then grab demos.. lots of demos.. and then some more demos. Play around with what is out there. Get one of the What's She Wearing HUDs and spy the heck out of others that have a look you like and see where their stuff is from.. then get more demos. When you are getting demos look at prices and make a note. If you come across something you like but can't demo fully... skip it and move on because I can promise there is something equally as cute/nice which will allow you to demo. Welcome back!! Good luck, have fun and feel free to give a shout in world if you have questions or need help with anything.
  4. Personally, while addresses would be fun to have, I can think of about a dozen things that would be far better use of time.
  5. To the best of my knowledge there are no other mobile apps for SL on Android. And as I understand it even Lumiya is no longer available in the Play Store.
  6. I always welcome new friends. I am a bit of a homebody but love guests. I love to help with all sorts of things in SL. Feel free to give me a shout would love to get to know you
  7. You can grab the auto-alpha kit from the maitreya store that will let you save alphas. For foot shape I think the only real way is to make a copy of the feet in the shape you need and keep the copy with the outfit. Or save the feet three times, one for each size, and use the correct link in saved outfits
  8. Welcome. Feel free to shout if you need help finding skins. I can always use another excuse to store hop!
  9. I have to say. When I buy clothing i keep the body sizes for every single mesh body out there, and sort it into my Wardrobe. Even if i don't own the body today.. i might in the future. So.... oh wait, not every body. I ALWAYS simply delete TMP. I won't be demo'ing, buying or endorsing the use of the TMP bodies.
  10. @janetosilio They actually have a collection of both. On the topic of system skins, I don't see many of the stores i look at offering them directly anymore. Most designers follow the money and the people that buy skins typically also have moved on to mesh bodies. That said Izzie's still has her system skins out and they are wonderful. I think Pink Fuel does as well. I think the better terminology would be System Skins and Applier Skins. Applier being anything that applies to a mesh body or body part.
  11. Hiya. Shopper/photographer and explorer of all the places here! Would love to make some new friends and people to chat with about things like photoshop and photography in Second Life.
  12. 47 here. I do talk to quite a few people who are in my age range and older.
  13. There are dozens of regions on the new continent that are still in process of getting homes and landscaping done. Lots more are coming.
  14. I will leave the sex stuff to the experts but if you have questions on how to put together an avatar feel free to message me and I am happy to help. The main point of any effort to put together a new look is to demo everything a lot.
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