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  1. I personally think all the work on last names is a colossal waste of time, and totally the wrong way to go about naming. Relegate usernames to where they belong, in transaction details, and allow people the flexibility we already have with display names. The downsides in allowing renames are so huge IMHO that its not even worth discussing (anything with a script that relies on knowing your user name....like re-delivery). But that's just me. I will go back to being perfectly content with my Resident last name. : )
  2. Large roadside parcel in Jeogeot. Only parcel on the region, great performance. Up for sale as one parcel, not dividing, for 1L$ per m2 (9504 L$). http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Paduk/179/208/65
  3. Can you imagine a Bellisseria with 100's of 1000's of peoples!! Belli would swallow up the grid!! Chomp!
  4. i have thought about this since it was first brought up and while in incredibly poor taste on the games creators part, there is nothing inherently "adult" about a condom. I am not even sure a child avatar simply holing a condom violates terms of service, and certainly receiving one in inventory does not, and having an award tier called that doesn't at all. I think this is more of awareness and a vote with your dollars campaign to get the game designer to remove their exceedingly poor attempt at humor from the game. I was was on the fence but thinking about playing the game yesterday, until I heard this and have decided for sure I won't be joining in the fun this round.
  5. All of the information and links will be added to the wiki. If you look on the form you can see the link to the calendar which is shared and can be added to your own calendar. It will all be out there and accessible.
  6. Lumiya hasn't been updated in quite sometime and I believe isn't even available anymore on the Play Store. Nothing can be done about it I am afraid. It's simply no longer up to date.
  7. I wrote the article on the fairgrounds that appeared in today's issue of the Bellisserian. This is the 3rd article I have posted, each done working closely with Patch directly to make sure what is included is properly vetted. The article covers both topics of commercial activity in Bellisseria as well as providing a link to the new reservation form. I can assure you, as Mischievous as confirmed, that it is the real reservation form with the real set of rules for reserving spots at the fairgrounds.
  8. None. There is no such thing as an Alt in Second Life. : ) I have however signed up for 5 total accounts, 4 of which I use at one time or another.
  9. I think the most successful regions are ones where the owner/creator already has a group in mind to be there. If you and your friends are already there even a few hours each day then when others pop in they see a community that is active. If its just you (and I am not saying it is, just in general) then its very hard to get those random folks who pop in to stay. Empty is the death of venues. You might try focusing the events and activities around a very narrow time. Find 3 or 4 or so other friends to be there each day at that time with you to give the place some life. Find some newer DJs willing to play even to an empty room just to get started and slowly grow their groups if needed. I also wouldn't worry so much on gimics...best in X contests etc. I think they draw in people interested in the prize, not your region. You end up just giving away money you could use to do other things. Oh and you don't have the SLUrl to your venue in your forum signature, or the post... make it easy for people to get to what you are talking about.
  10. Voice active people or just voice active girls?
  11. here is the blog post with the details, and the forums have lots of discussion around this change. I will say that you heard incorrectly though. the ID requirement is only for those who wish to take actual money out of Second Life, changing Linden Dollars back into US dollars for example. You will not need to provide an ID to buy linden dollars.
  12. what version are you running? Use Help | About Catznip. r12.2 is the latest version.
  13. "What I think this 'throttle' control hopes to accomplish, is that less ppl will be trying, ".... I don't think this change has anything to do at all with getting or not getting homes, or trying to in anyway limit the number of people trying to get homes. I can almost guarantee this came from the infrastructure team, saying "what the heck is with all the constant traffic on this page, it's killing the web server processing all these requests". We are going to throttle all incoming traffic to 1 request per X seconds. No different really from what they did in world to limit how often a region would accept a request for the teleport when TP Hammers were killing event regions with 1000's of requests per second. At the end of the day, the traffic to the web server is traffic, no matter how it is initiated. They cant prevent someone from using an auto-refresh tool. And this wont stop you from doing it. It just means that even if you set the refresh rate to 2 seconds the web server will only respond to your request once every X seconds, maybe that number is 4 or 5 or 10 who knows.
  14. My guess is that they are limiting how often you can refresh the page. Whether you are clicking fast, or using something to auto refresh, it will limit how often it will accept requests from you and therefore how often the page will load. It slows everyone down equally by not having to process each request for the page, for each user each second. His write up implies that its from the auto-refresh but I am not sure they could tell one vs the other. Perhaps.
  15. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzY0wqzzKd0Kla1bWI2IkQA Mostly geared towards users of the CTS Wardrobe with the occasional video about a general SL or viewer topic.
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