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  1. is there a way to save outift for a dom to change

    CTS Wardrobe is sort of at the extreme end of this. Made more for organizing your own things it provides a visual way to allow others to dress you as well. See my blog for instructional videos.
  2. I have two parcels on the mainland, region is nicely performing without a lot of ground mess. Both of these parcels are on M rated land and are protected roadside. Parcel #1 1024 m2 3500 L$ - Parcel #2 3776 m2 8500 L$ -
  3. The Second Life Viewer keeps

    Make sure you are running the latest executable. Not a shortcut to the old install. Maybe try manually uninstalling all versions, cleaning up any shortcuts and try again.
  4. leashed without a collar

    You can put collar scripts into almost anything, even an invisible set of prims inside your body. So sure you can leash someone, suing collar scripts,. without wearing/using a collar.
  5. Forum Meet & Greet

    Sure I would love too.
  6. Need a Model, Hostess, Dancer?

    Please don't ever give anyone the login to any account you hold. Violation of terms of service or not it's just a reallly, really stupendous bad idea. Keep your login details to yourself. There are ways to organize for someone, via Skype screen share and others but always make sure you understand the implications and actively monitor anyone you let into your machine in that way.
  7. I have only recently started really forcing myself out every day into clubs and such. I am not exactly shy, not exactly socially awkward, but really my own personal mix of a variety of issues that have mostly kept me to IMs and hiding alone on my platform. I dont always hang around out and about much but i try to do it often enough to start to break me out of my shell. I am always happy to have company along on some of my club excursions. Just give me a shout in world. : )
  8. GDPR and off-world databases

    I think a case could be made that any financial transaction, even between two people operating under an alias (avatar), could constitute personal information under GDPR. But its such a far stretch, and the ability to track down the parties involved and actually bring a complaint would seem to make the effort not worth the time. I think some of the items in Casper's message are good to note. I think shops in SL need to start thinking more like a real business and less like a hobby. A privacy policy is good, encrypting stored data in transit and at rest is good. Both of which are defenses against GDPR claims. i am also not a lawyer but have been reviewing GDPR for my organization. I am also a pretty heavy user of CTS Wardrobe in Second Life. In my opinion, tools of this sort don't constitute data covered under the rule. Wardrobe in particular lets you remove yourself from the system at anytime giving the end user even more control. <soapbox>I think that GDPR is a bit over reaching in its scope. Offering a service over the internet, which can be accessed from the EU, is different from doing business in the EU. If you have a service in Second Life, with a database in the US, you are doing business in the US. If someone from the EU decides to pay for or utilize services from the business you are not doing business in the EU. No more than someone travelling to the US IRL and using a credit card at a local store here. Neither is covered by GDPR despite what the law might say, they are not doing business in the EU. Of course any one could chose to comply with the regulations because you feel its the right thing to do , or because you might want to do business in the EU in the future and dont want to risk compliance later. I think it goes back to my earlier comment though. Create a privacy policy, encrypt your data, in general be a good netcitizen, but don't worry so much about GDPR unless you are actually in the EU and doing business in the EU.</soapbox>
  9. dance clubs

    Both the underlying media engine and the underlying web browser or changed out to address the security holes. I don't know if any specifically that still exist but the main ones that existed because of the use of Flash and QuickTime have been fixed.
  10. How does your avatar look today ?

    Some tee*fy newness, Saturday Sale N-Core, Doe Mollie and some Blueberry Jeans.
  11. ideas for an inexpensive mesh body/head (male)

    If it was me...I would save my money and wait until you can afford a upper tier body and not skimp. You want something well supported but clothing, skin and other creators. If it means sticking with a system head for a while do that and then get the mesh head later. It just doesn't pay to go cheap on mesh body parts.
  12. Know how many prims I am using in my Linden house

    If you go to World/About Land in your viewer on the objects tab you can see the total you have and how many are available.
  13. Where Do You Demo?

    Depends on the place and how busy it is. If the event is super laggy and busy I will take them home. If its less busy I will demo on the spot. I try not to end up naked but it really doesn't bother me if the timing gets off a bit. When I go away from a store/event to demo i go to the platform i have on my land that i use for sorting/inventory stuff.

    You need to find and download the avatar UV templates. I am not sure the best place to get them, I am sure someone else will chime in with suggestions. Open them up in your favorite graphics program and start texturing.
  15. Will LindenLab comply with the RGPD ?

    I was wondering about the verification process since so many people use alias's in SL it only makes sense they would need to verify first.