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  1. Try a different region. Choose a default skin from the built in options. Or just grab a new copy and start over. That's usually the fastest.
  2. Actually it's very easy to delete a folder accidentally. Backspacing at the wrong time trying to rename can do it. Accidental mouse drags happen all the time especially when it is laggy. I am often finding folders dragged into others by mistake. It doesn't have to take a conscious effort. Sounds to me like you had 1000s of items in your trash either accidentally or other wise and you emptied it. I do a no copy search before clearing my trash each time and review each folder name manually. I can assure you I do find things that I didn't intend to delete.
  3. Hey there. I am on SL most week days from like 7 am SLT until about 2:00 pm SLT. I like most of the things on your list. I love shopping, decorating, landscaping, dancing, exploring and photography. Feel free to give a shout if you want.
  4. Welcome. Yea the best thing is to just dive in. Wander around, search and explore. Find a mentor if you can because it helps a ton to ask questions. Press F1 in the viewer to get some simple tips. And have fun.
  5. Accessing adult content has nothing to do with premium. It has to do with the birthday you gave when you signed up. If your over 18 based on that date then you can enter adult rated regions. Open preferences in the viewer and you can select the regions you are able to access on the General Tab. Your house you need to select from your dashboard at login there and click the premium benefits link to start the process of selecting a home.
  6. I am from the US but am most active in SL from about 7am till noon SLT. I am always looking for people to chat or explore or just hang out with. Feel free to give me a shout.
  7. See in your photo where it says advanced? Try clicking that. I think it gives more granular alpha slices.
  8. No one here can help with that. If you have billing questions you need to contact Linden Lab directly. See for information.
  9. I use Picmonkey almost exclusively. It is a little more point and click and I am not very good with PS. It gets the job done. I do occasionally use gimp for very specific ideas/effects.
  10. Then perhaps the birth year you entered when you signed up doesn't have you as old enough. There is no way to change it or verify any other way.
  11. There is no longer a verification process. It's all based on the age you are based in the birthday you gave when you signed up.To access M and A rated regions make sure you have them selected in the General tab in preferences.
  12. Actually...No programming needed. Just a minor setting change. We all have opinions on how things should be by default.
  13. I for one would take it a step further and like to see the over the shoulder view be the default view instead of an option. It is a better all around view of things and encourages more realistic scale in buildings.
  14. Hi there. Feel free to give me a shout sometime. I am always looking for new friends to chat and hangout with.