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  1. Hello. Would love to chat shops and shopping and everything! Would love a new group of friends to be with. Please feel free to give me a shout.
  2. Adventure AND sex buddies?? WHOOP!! Feel free to shout at my in game, i love getting out to explore, especially this time of year.
  3. seanabrady

    Who are you? We want to know

    Hi all. I will throw my voice into the mix her. My name is Buttacwup Pwincess but most people call me Butta. I am a boy, my avi is a girl and I tend to spend my days shopping, standing around at various places around the grid spying on what people are wearing to fuel the aforementioned shopping, dancing at EDM clubs, exploring, taking photos. When I am not doing any of those I am usually sorting my inventory or helping out in one of the groups I help moderate for the CTS Wardrobe and Catznip Viewer. I make videos covering things in Second Life, mostly related to the CTS Wardrobe but on some other topics as well. I love to chat, live in the central US (SLT +2) so please feel free to say hello.
  4. seanabrady

    second life viewer

    if your chromebook runs Android apps you can install Lumiya. Otherwise your stuck working with Linux apps as mentioned. But the video card in most chromebooks (and the amount of RAM) are going to make it all but unusable for SL at anything but the lowest graphics settings. And then still painful
  5. seanabrady

    What mesh bodies do you use?

    i have a lot of bodies. Maitreya, All Belleza, Both Slink, Tonic Fine and Curvy, eBody Curvy, Kemono, SMB and more I am sure. I wear Lara most for convenience. I don't think its the best, just the most popular. I was happy to see Kaithleens start to support eBody. I would LOVE to see more original mesh for Tonic bodies. With the last update they are greatly improved and some of the nicest bodies on the grid IMHO. I agree with one of the previous posters that of the three Belleza bodies the original Venus is still the best. Um.. Not sure if that helps. Summary: Lara is what i wear, Tonic Fine is what i would wear with more support, Venus is my preferred Belleza, Hourglass is my preferred slink. (and dont forget petite chest for Slink)
  6. seanabrady

    Lost inventory!!!

    In the instance of missing inventory.. 1. Install Linden Lab viewer if you are not already using it. 2. Verify if inventory is still missing. 3. If it is NOT still missing check with the support for your viewer. 4. If it IS still missing file a ticket immediately with LL providing as much detail as possible on what is missing and from where in your inventory.
  7. seanabrady

    Trans woman new to SL, hoping to make good friends

    Welcome welcome! Its an amazing place to explore and discover. Hope to see you around!
  8. seanabrady

    How does your avatar look today ?

    Figured it was time for another look pic.
  9. seanabrady


    I always detach mine when done dressing as well. Also don't see a reason to leave it on.
  10. I don't know if there is a perfect computer for SL, but I would be looking for something with at least: Core i7 (or similar) processor - SL gets a good boost from having a good chunk of CPU available At least 16 gb of RAM though might as well go to 32 if you can afford it. A decently powerful video card, with VR and other things these days I would say a gtx 1080 at the minimum.
  11. Every online service, especially those with financial transactions should have 2fa....period. It doesn't matter how good your passwords are, or how careful you are in clicking. LL should offer, and in my opinion, make mandatory the use of 2fa on all accounts which have a L$ balance. Trusted authentication is just good business practice. Knowing for certain who is logging into and using your systems is a good business practice. Linden Lab is over due in offering this an I for one would be glad to help pay for it.
  12. seanabrady

    Mesh breasts?

    there are some shape changes you can make, that you might not think of to get the skin to line up better. As has been said, you are stuck with applier/omega clothing for the breasts more or less (which isn't the end of the world). Try adjusting your body height and thickness and trying to keep them some what around the same numbers. Obviously the breast sliders can have a huge (pun intended) impact on this as well. stay away from either extreme. They are already pretty big so keep the size slider around 50 - 75 at most. Hope that maybe helps. I do second the option to try Hourglass or Freya. They are not as big as some of the implants, but for the most part they should work for those wanting a large chest size.
  13. seanabrady

    Care for a new nutty friend?

    I actually used to be in the Forum Cartel group at one point.. some time in the past...
  14. seanabrady

    Care for a new nutty friend?

    I am more than a little nutty and about 110% flighty so.. give a shout if you are interested. : ) Love photos and avatars and dressing up
  15. seanabrady

    The borderline-OCD inventory sorting thread

    Maybe a tad bit more than a bit biased..