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  1. How do I change my avatar?

    Feel free to give a shout in world if you are ever looking for help with avatar stuff. Always love chatting about such things.
  2. Looking for friends

    Give a shout sometime if you would like. Always love new people to chat with.
  3. This simply is not possible. You have two choices either get your own land set it so nobody can see you and stay there all the time or log out. Otherwise as long as you're on a region people can see you. Instead I suggest simply learning to block and ignore all of the lame attempts from guys. Edit: I suppose there is a third option, just make yourself 100% alpha when you go out.
  4. Seeking a model for a picture

    I think I can. I may be afk for a bit at that time but should be fairly available.
  5. New to SL! :)

    Welcome to Second Life Ovoy! It's an amazing place to be. Feel free to give a shout in world sometime if you would like. Always love to chat, even occasionally have "normal conversation". : o)
  6. Looking for a good tattoo shop

    you hit that main ones I would suggest.
  7. Looking for new Friends

    I live chatting and meeting new people. Feel free to shout anytime, always love having new friends.
  8. Highest Foot Trafficed Sims

    They probably already have stores on them....
  9. Who spends more?

    When you count all the things that go on or affect the avatar directly (clothes, accessories, animations and of course body's and body parts) I am sure that I am now spending more on fashion. I rent a relatively modest parcel on a private estate so that, combined with the fee new housewares I buy is pretty insignificant comparitivly. That said, when I had my estate and was buying regions and in the months I was not fully rented my land costs far exceeded what I pay in clothes now. So I think it depends. For me now it is definitely spending on my avatar.
  10. Thanks very much for sharing these. Nice to see photos not through the eyes of the media.
  11. Mesh Bodies - Newbie Questions

    You want an applier that will match your head and skin. Trying to adjust tint will always and forever be noticeable. While you don't technically need it you kinda do. The rest has been pretty well covered.
  12. Pretty Walls? LOL

    One other thing to note is that once you change the texture on something you cant go back unless you have access to the original texture (which you wont on most houses you purchase). So you will want to make sure you have copy of your house hand on the change you dont like the change. If you have questions feel free to shout at me.
  13. Skin Matching using UUID

    @Cerebrogasm well it is actually possible for you to make your own skin with appliers for everything, in which case you would have the UUID> I have only worked a little with the Aeros line but did find the you have to accept a certain amount of discrepancy when dealing with the match. I would suggest one of the shadow free windlights like CALWL orStrawberry Singhs Closeups. Both will help you find a closer match. Best of luck.
  14. Skin Matching using UUID

    unless you have a full perm copy of the skin texture you cannot get the UUID. Most skins dont come that way because once you have that you can pretty much do anything you want with it. You may be stuck getting it close enough.
  15. Using Skype, Voice, and Proving you're Female

    @HaileeTempesta it kinda sucks that things have devolved so much, but I do actually know at least two times when I have been approached by avatars which turned out later to simply be new alts of a former gf. I didn't ever voice with her so voicing after wouldn't have mattered, and I can't imagine voicing with every possible friend just to make sure that they cant try to jerk me around in the future. Shame there isn't a better alternative to identify people.