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  1. There are dozens of regions on the new continent that are still in process of getting homes and landscaping done. Lots more are coming.
  2. I will leave the sex stuff to the experts but if you have questions on how to put together an avatar feel free to message me and I am happy to help. The main point of any effort to put together a new look is to demo everything a lot.
  3. Everywhere that I have seen the beach is public land not part of the individual parcels. And I believe all of the regions on the new continent are mature rated not adult.
  4. i certainly wouldn't scoff at some water/road attached sandbox regions adjacent to Belliseria. Would be very nice to have lot of the premium resources all in one area and in away we could navigate to. : ) Just throwing out an idea.
  5. I have wanted something truly on the water for quite some time and these new homes are just perfect. I am using a houseboat, in the Ooos region (i dont know where this name come from but I think its too funny). Anyway.. here is the current state of my little home on the water.
  6. Yea i would totally look around. In my experience land has generally dropped under the 1 L$ per m2 now. Especially in the more well established estates.
  7. I am selling a 3344 m2 parcel on the mainland. Asking 3500 L$. It is roadside, M rated land, with a good amount of spare time on the region giving a nice low lag place to live. Buy now or make me an offer. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ceilostomo/53/219/94
  8. Have her give me a shout in world. I am happy to help.
  9. Hello. Would love to chat shops and shopping and everything! Would love a new group of friends to be with. Please feel free to give me a shout.
  10. Adventure AND sex buddies?? WHOOP!! Feel free to shout at my in game, i love getting out to explore, especially this time of year.
  11. Hi all. I will throw my voice into the mix her. My name is Buttacwup Pwincess but most people call me Butta. I am a boy, my avi is a girl and I tend to spend my days shopping, standing around at various places around the grid spying on what people are wearing to fuel the aforementioned shopping, dancing at EDM clubs, exploring, taking photos. When I am not doing any of those I am usually sorting my inventory or helping out in one of the groups I help moderate for the CTS Wardrobe and Catznip Viewer. I make videos covering things in Second Life, mostly related to the CTS Wardrobe but on some other topics as well. I love to chat, live in the central US (SLT +2) so please feel free to say hello.
  12. if your chromebook runs Android apps you can install Lumiya. Otherwise your stuck working with Linux apps as mentioned. But the video card in most chromebooks (and the amount of RAM) are going to make it all but unusable for SL at anything but the lowest graphics settings. And then still painful
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