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  1. Peggy Paperdoll wrote: " It's relatively few people that do this I think, and I think they do it because they need to take a jolly good sh1t (sluggish bowels can make people quite irritable)" ----------------------------------------------------- Excuse me while I make a quick run to the john.  Thank goodness! I was wondering when you were going to take your head out of your ass or is it in your **bleep** with the rest of the GOP? Oh wait, I think it's my **bleep** you're all in! lol
  2. Who knows what normal is, especially in a virtual world! Who wants to be normal anyway? I lack boobs in rl so I made sure I had some here! Maybe they are too big or too saggy but I like them..lol I am also smaller than most I see in SL and yes most are amazon! I'm glad that we aren't all the same, I think SL would be really boring if we all looked "normal"!
  3. I prefer folders! I am lazy and I dislike unpacking boxes. Especially when I am just going to make folders for the items anyway.
  4. Loved both movies! I haven't seen any avi's though.
  5. I haven't heard any sounds myself but there is a town in the USA called Clintoville ( I think ) where the residents have claimed hearing weird sounds for about a week or 2 now with no explanation. Loud booming and banging sounds.
  6. I did some research on them and finally went with the Asus eee tablet. I never knew much about mac and I've been buyng asus products for years now so it was the best choice for me
  7. I'm a pixie, not an elf! hehehe No, it wasn't Franks but another one that is owned by Frank's (I think)
  8. What do you do when your clothing is Mesh but you can't go anywhere because people see you as naked? I was at a formal club wearing a mesh gown that is amazing I might add but apparently I was the only one who could see it! First time I have ever been ejected!
  9. I do have some elf ears! The photo was taken @ Garden of Absentia!
  10. It depends on the viewer you are using but just click add instead of wear and you can use multiple tattoo layers.
  11. I don't really follow trends, it depends where I am going and what I am doing. I do look for good quality and well made textures! There are some designers that do amazing work and I will continue to support them! I might have a few fashion rules that I have stuck to since 2006 and they are: 1. No Bling of any kind! 2. No latex of any kind! 3. No prim shoes! 4. No Silks! 5. No skins with body oil or whatever that is! lol There are probably more but I can't think of any at the moment..lol
  12. I'm not British but I have seen Lovejoy, it aired where I live in the 80's. I did not like the show at all but I love the character Mcshane played in Deadwood, in fact Al Swearengen is my fav character of all time! I had read once that the part was original written for Ed Oneil (Al Bundy) but he turned it down. Not sure the show would have been as good without Ian Mcshane. I don't know how I forgot Dexter or Boardwalk Empire! I should be ashamed of myself! Maybe I should have done a top 20 to fit them all in!!
  13. I also have watched all the shows you mentioned! Loved the wire too, Omar was the best! I loved lost until the last season My question to you is, have you not seen Deadwood?
  14. Ohh I should have added True Blood to my list just because of Eric....lol
  15. My Top 5 tv shows ( I had a hard time narrowing them down..lol) 5. Luther 4 Game of Thrones 3 The Walking Dead 2. Breaking Bad 1. Deadwood My Top 5 drummers 5. Buddy Rich 4. Stewart Copeland 3. Neil Peart 2. John Bonham 1. Danny Carey
  16. Hi James! I have seen some really very nice quality male skins and shapes from *BIRTH*
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