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  1. go to Google and type in Phoniex Viewer Download. Should take you right to the site.
  2. I'm sorry. Most times I crash If I have both the Internet open and an SL Browser. No weird stuff going on here.
  3. honestly, I have all the viewers and Firestorm has never given me any problems like this. On sl viewer even with the newest update . I get random objects and colors shooting all over the place, and it usually takes close to 30 minutes just for everything to rezz which is really annoying to have to wait when i rezz anywhere.
  4. one solution that i have do is make my own art or design like i was making new merch for said band. Of course most of the stuff I listen to could probably care less about presuing legal action on a virtual game.
  5. Has anyone seen any avatars out there based on these characters? Also Devil's Rejects.
  6. Ihud lite on mp. It's a grieving counter measure hud. works great and its free. that is if yr being greived and not on a parcel with security enabled.
  7. Hi, This is lame, but I love making new friends on SL. So I thought I would try here. My name on SL is Captian Dionysus. I like to build and learn. I run a store catering to the more punk and grungy side of sl called Dead Kitty's. I am wacky at time, love to go to clubs when I have free time and also run around the grid acting up and having fun. I'm not looking for love just more friendships. So hit me up, If you wanna hang and try to get to know me.
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