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  1. The 1000 L$ not only comes after 45 days of Premium account, but also only the first time you take it. If you downgrade and later you decide to upgrade again, you won't get it.
  2. It's difficult to tell without the mesh jacket. If your friends have the same problem on there machine, I would say it's a problem of the outfit and not of your system.
  3. You can also go,and see it inworld. I see a See item in SL slurl below the description. https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Selenia/54/22/351/?title=Mystygry%27s%20mainstore
  4. Have a look here : https://secondlife.com/destinations/photospots
  5. One thing you can do if you see an abandoned land you like is to open a ticket and ask Linden to sale you the land. One friend has done that and very quickly the land was for sale to him. You have to put the slurl of the parcel you want in the ticket.
  6. I've asked about that nearly 2 month ago and got this answer :
  7. Hello I have a terrain in Blender made of 4 segments linked together. I upload them one by one in Second Life. I've never succeeded in joining them. There is always a gap between the segments. What should I do to join them perfectly like they do in Blender ? Thank you
  8. Hello Is there a way to let a member of a group see the Object Owners list in the About land Objects tab ? Thank you
  9. Hello I've been told that griefers have the possibility to break all the builds on a sim with a script which make them physic. Is it true ? If yes, will removing the rezz rights on a sim be enough to prevent this problem ? Thank you
  10. Hello Where can I find a script to simulate a moving mesh object by switching a texture between its faces, each face being a step of the movement. I hope I'm clear ? Thank you
  11. I don' think so. I add two snapshots of the outfit inside Blender. There is no gap on the sides or below : 
  12. Hello, I'd like to know why the including box shown on the snapshot below is bigger than the one I see in Blender ? Is there a way to make it smaller to get a lower land impact ?  Thank you
  13. In a way yes. I don't use the internal viewer anymore . I only create the announce with the viewer. I modify, and activate it with Safari.
  14. Hello, When I want to add a picture to an announce I'm modifying in the viewer, I receive this error message : ["Attachment /tmp/texture20150907-27837-9w134i.jpg is not recognized by the 'identify' command.", "Attachment /tmp/texture20150907-27837-9w134i.jpg is not recognized by the 'identify' command.", I have no problem with the same picture added to my announce directly inside marketplace in Safari. What can be the problem ? Is it a bug that I should report or which was already reported ? Thank you
  15. Hello, Which payment solution is the best from Skrill or Paypal to send and receive money from and to Second Life ? Thank you
  16. Hello, I've notices that when two platforms in the sky are standing side by side at the border of two sims, the avatar falls when crossing the border. Is it possible to avoid this problem ? I'd like to build a bridge between two stores in the sky, and this bridge would cross the border between two sims. Thank you
  17. Hello, I'm looking for a bird on which avatars could be sitted and which would transport them between two stores, the two stores being at the same height in the sky, both sims on which the stores are being side by side. When I am with my avatar in one store, I can see the other store. Thank you
  18. Hello, Sometime ago I've seen teleport gates on linden sims. People would just need to walk through the door to be teleported on another sim. Is it possible to find some gate like that or some script I would put in a gate ? Thank you
  19. Hello, I've seen around several mesh bodies (Mesh Project, Maitreya, Belleza), each one with its own developer kit. You have also Sli nk appliers, ... How do clothes designer manage to create clothing for all those bodies, appliers, ... without getting head aches ? On top of that each one of those bodies is quite expensive. I'd like to know the experience of designers doing clothes for mesh bodies on how they manage their creations to fit with these bodies. Are they doing appliers for all of them ? Are they choosing one mesh body brand for all their creations ? I hope I'm clear with my question, but don't hesitate to ask for precisions if my question is not clear enough :) Thank you
  20. Hello, I'd like to make a movie under the water within three different sims, the goal being to show the landscape under the sea. My avatar would eventually be a manta ray. I've made a test, full screen and ui hidden with the advanced menu option, and it works qui well, besides the moment when I want to make my avatar turn. When I do this using the keyboard, the movment is abrupt. I'd like to have my avatar moving smoothly all the time. I've tried rescene, but for the moment I'm quite lost on how to use it, and it seems too complicate for just filming a manta ray wandering under the sea. Is there some simple tool to do that ? Can I use pathfinding for that, and if yes, are there some easy tool for that ? Thank you
  21. Hello, I've made a mesh with 3 faces, 0, 1, and 2. They have all different materials afftectes in Blender. I put on faces 0, and 1 a texture named "gold", and on face 2 a texture named "gold_special". It works as long as I let the obect inworld. As soon as I take the object in my inventory, the texture of face 2 turns to be "gold". What can I do to solve the problem ? Thank you
  22. Hello, For the same object, if I select Convex hull, I have a land impact of 36, while selecting Prim raises the land impact up to 1308, as you can see on the attached screenshots. I'd like to know why ? Thank you
  23. Hello, Is there a place to advertize products to new residents ? AlaFolie has in its store a good deals place where it's possible to get older creations at small prices, and I would like to advertise about that, but I don't know where. I was thinking that some of the new residents of Second Life could be interested by such deals. Thank you
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