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  1. *screams like an unicorn and doesnt apologies! ๐Ÿฆ„๐Ÿคฃ
  2. One day I will catch you unguarded!! You'll be like "oopsy, accepted a dance hud"!! hahahaha โ™ฅ
  3. What could I possible say?! just a huge BRAVO!!! Found in Slendie a true friend before Eva and must thank you for all your journey! Love you both, creator and creature, Nice and Evil! ๐Ÿ’—
  4. Oh mah gah!! I almost died of cuteness here!! Its an amazing collection you did Gis!! Here my contribution.... lol The first time VareHammie felt asleep on ma roof! I think was the lil kitten's fault... too cozy! So I let him a blanket and a pillow cause we don want him to get a cold, right?! (and Miss Hammie has a lil knife so we should treat him right! *runs)
  5. Oh noes! *cries while packs her bags to search for Slendie ๐Ÿ˜ญ
  6. At least now the "orange clouds" will have their own names. lol *smashes her popcorn and watches them becoming persons
  7. Thank you SlendHammie! You made ma fur glow!! ๐Ÿ˜
  8. @PrudenceAnton Yes! this is it! Also I'd like to reinforce that each premium account can give you mainland sqm OR a LH. But unfortunately I have to agree with @Sparkle Bunny about the pathological compulsion to have ALL the houses. And thats the main issue here. Thats why so many complaining and whining and cryings and in my case, vents. And @Trinity1776 also wrote brilliant about it. And about the "few scenarios" we are here long enough to dont doubt a thing. Fact is, we all know what TOS cover and what it doesnt cover. We all know what we can and what we can but shouldnt. Even the ones that couldnt care less, they know. Everybody knows.
  9. @PrudenceAnton You are safe! lol And the skilled decorator that just snap fingers and magic beautiful done is you! ๐Ÿฅฐ Im the turtle, you know! lol So it is absolutely normal to see things at other people houses, you have the very good Homes tour, I love to see peoples decor and it is always a refreshing memory too "oh I have this!" But you know I was talking about persons tha copy too much and claim "their ideas". Seeing the house of my former neighbor all copied as I saw made my stomach sick... ๐Ÿคข
  10. Ohmagah I am just reading this kind of topics for so long, avoiding like crazy to write my opinions cause frankly, I dont see they will matter in a place tha everybody seems to stick with their owns and just fight for it no matter if with good valid points or just using their vocabulary skills to try to conceal a good point like we are a bunch of morons or just to twist others words. And as you can see and some already know me, I have no english skills so.... But now I feel like writting as a "vent". If you agree, good! If not, sights! For those that will read anyways, I appreciate it in advance. Keeping in theme and answering the topic question: I have 1 chalet, 2 campers (one sand one grass) and 1 vic (my group current headquarter). Thats what is enough for me... for now. About me: My alts, all dressed as little dolls, all with variations of me own name (Im Bela in SL cause Im Isabela in RL btw), so if you see a crazy doll running around Belli, named Bela, Belli, Bestie, or something like this, feel free to say Hi. I like to say I play light GOH, I had flipped a house and got houses from flipping too, I got fresh first time awesome locations and got marvelous abandonings too, I keep my premiuns 1 digit and now they can be count on one single hand. I love to decorate them and I love to do them differently from each other, when I had 3 vernes, they were both very differently decorated cause I dont like to copy not even from myself. I hate copycats btw. Oh I am not a good person, I have hate in my heart! I respect TOS. I AR who doesnt respect TOS. I question TOS. I'd like a bunch of other things TOS covered. I saw a bunch of things I wished for actually now in TOS. I love Belli and I proudly say "Bellisseria is my home". I am a community person. I like people. I can also proudly say I have true friends that usually sit on all chairs I have at my houses where we spend lots of fun time. I hate to be told "derrender". Oh more hating in this pixel heart! I wish derrender was a feature to set on my parcel and not just for me. I care about my community. I work and will do what I can for the sake of my community and those who care about it. About the others: Sorry, Bellisseria IS a community! Quoting TOS: "Welcome to Linden Homes for Premium account holders. Linden Homes is a residential community, located on the Bellisseria continent, owned and managed by Linden Lab. The purpose of Linden Homes is to provide an opportunity for Premium account Residents of the Second Life virtual world to quickly own a home and belong to a community." The common mistake I see is to confuse Bellisserian residents with SL residents. You can be a SL resident and not necessarily live in Bellisseria. Oh Im a foreign not english fluent and I got it! Cause its there on about land tab for everyone read. So if you not in Bellisseria for community reasons, its your prerogative to dont participate but you cannot do things that will hurt the "community feeling". Oh but theres no such a thing as "feelings" covered by TOS! Right, feelings are not covered by TOS but they do exist and as I am reading at forums topics, group chats, and all around me by the most active persons of the Bellisseria community, that feeling is growing and growing in a way that soon that will not be contained anymore. So can it be covered by TOS?! It already have a "Linden Homes Etiquette" saying "Living in a community includes courtesy towards your neighbors" with some guidelines and *Review general Second Life etiquette suggestions and incorporate them into your Linden Home experience: http://bit.ly/sletiquette. So all possible things should be there to be respected?! Do we need "laws" and "rules" for everything?! Is this what we want, is this what we need for our second life?! Dont we have enough in our first?! So I wonder here nobody turns their computers and spend their money to come to a place to be annoyed by a next door neighbor that will copy their house from model, color, add-ons, furniture placement, claiming to be a "decorator, landscaper for hiring" just because TOS doesnt cover it. I recently left a stilt where a friend thatt already had her house copied for other Bellisserian and cause of that changed it all under my neighbor eyes, when I left that house, next owner simply did that. Is it right?! Just because TOS doesnt cover it?! Is that the Bellisseria community feeling it was built for?! I am using an example that is not my own just to say "it does not happen just with me", cause I myself have my share of copycat cases and Im sure many here has too and probaly listen "oh to copy is a flatter" or from the copycatt "we have same things". I am not a decorator, not a blogger and can do endless decorations with same things cause is not the items tha count but your imagination to place them, to combine them, to copy it is like trying to steal your own personality. Oh but you are skilled, they are not so they copy! Well Im not skilled. I know just 1 very skilled decorator that is not professional too, she snaps her fingers and voilรก! a beautirful perfect house is done! I have to change a thousant times one single object till it works, I am a turtle as I use to say, it takes me toooooo much time and efford to make things work. So what can we do unless complaining and crying and whinning and vent as Im doing here?! Ask that decorations stealing be covered by TOS?! No. Some things are covered by common sense. So lets make it common. So TOS do cover alts identity. Unless you disclose yours, as I did here, you cannot be sure if some person is alt of that person you know without the person telling you directly, its me!, right?! Wrong! If you do like me, all dolls, all names related, all same group, all things in the house from same person, you are not hiding from no one. Au contraire! Specially if you are bragging all around and giving everybody a tour to show off all your beautiful properties. And as it was said here before in many different ways, yes you can! but also I can react the way I react, I can like and I also can dislike it, we have the same rights! I can also dislike and come to a forum topic and say "I don like it"! As long as I am "inside the rules" I can! YAY! And why that bothers you so much what other people do with their Belli life, how many houses is enough for them, if they spend 24/7 tracking a region to be the first to get all of the good locations it has?! Their money, their problem! Theres houses for everybody! Eventually they will abandon like the cloud of locusts tha moves to the other plantation when new region or theme be released! It bothers you cause despite they can do whatever they want cause they can, it doesnt feel right. It is not a community way to act. It is unconsiderative to the other Bellisserians. Cause some people could care less about location but surely will be very pleased if get one. Cause if you use a number of accounts to sit on the good ones (ohmagah the good ones, they do exist! they are real!) just because you can you are taking the chance of others to get a good one too. Oh but theres the mesh heads example! Almost forgot it! So the mesh heads are copy, right?! I mean, the creator do a model with endless copies of the same head, you just need to have the money and the willing to buy it. Same with shoes! Ohmagah shoes! I want them all! But they are there, endless copies too, I just need money. What about that house beside the windmill? Or the house in a little bay (thats where I have mine bw) where you put all your bets that will be connected by open water, how many of that are there to be taken?! Oh the regions have a number of copy/paste! Are they unlimited?! Oh, just a few copy/paste regions, so it is limited! But hey, all the regions already released that has same lil bays are owned now for same group! So it is not like buying all mesh heads available cause everybody can buy them too and not everybody can have the same chalet at the same spot, region! So now I think the topic question makes sense, how many chalets do you need?! It is more than a valid question when you think "ohmagah I cant compete or I cant keep up, so whats the point, lets ask them before give up the dream of having a chance of having a dream spot and donwgrade all my premiun accounts!" I saw it happen more than once now. I saw it happen more times than I can count now. As I said, the "feeling" is growing and growing. My question is, is it good for Bellisseria?! Do you care for your community?! I will end his cause it is long than I could possible imagine writting, I wont review for words mistakes cause I will end up hitting delete as I know I will regreat expose myself here like this but! I love Bellisseria! It recently complete 2 years old with awesome celebrations and all I want to say is Long Live Bellisseria! I respect all individuals choices due covered by TOS, I wish deep in my heart that each one of you do the best so we can have the best Bellisseria we can, I wish you care not just about your own belly and rights but about us all! Bellisseria has been an important and crutial part of our lives specially now with all bad things happening in our first, it is a refugie for most of all. Lets make Belli our home with harmony, cortesy and consideration to us all as a community. I know I will keep fighting and working for this. For that I can have just a pair of shoes, I bet you can too!
  11. Awesome spot, Slendie! Congrats! ๐ŸŽ‰๐Ÿฅณ And don move anymore you getting me dizzy!!! hahaha ๐Ÿ’–
  12. What a sharp Mole next to a sharp Slendie! Oh wait, where is my sharp mole bear?! ๐Ÿ˜
  13. Slendie be Nice n Evil! Bring us some tea! ๐Ÿ˜
  14. Its a turtle fan of Slendie that tattooed his symbol just because it can! ๐Ÿคช
  15. Slendie you missed ma bday, now I'll show ya EviI, you own me beeeeg!!! ๐Ÿ˜ˆ Lies! Still luffs ya! ๐Ÿคช
  16. Damn I do need to get used to Roman new looks! Roman!!!!
  17. Oh noes!!! Stap the engines!! Freeze the time!! It cant happen!!
  18. This was one the funniest nights in SL!! And ohmagah! My Century vic!!
  19. Diz iz the perfect image of Nice and Evil!! *dies of cuteness
  20. Slendie being NICE and Evil.... and super cute!! ๐Ÿ˜
  21. It was my first party in Belli! DJ Krys were playing nice 80's tunes and Honey was dancing with her kittycat to cheer it up! Love the memories!! โค๏ธ
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