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  1. My sim crashed about a week ago, first time I've seen my sim crash actually, there were 8 of us we weren't doing anything special just sitting chatting, and then suddenly we were all disconnected without warning. The sim continued to show online on the world map, but if you tried to teleport into it, it would time out.
  2. One of the use cases presented is simply to display help dialogs. If we consider for a moment that Notecards automatically open when given to a user - Why doesn't LL want to use them? I think the answer is a mixture of "They're ugly" and "Nobody reads them". Why does nobody read them? I think because there is no visible structure, headings, dividers etc to make it easier to skim read - So nobody bothers because it puts too high a load on their brain. Ain't nobody got time fo that in 2021. How about just putting Markdown support into Notecards. Add a 'markdown' checkbox and suddenly the content can be structured visibly appealing and most importantly readable to mere mortals whilst not incurring all the security issues etc.
  3. My partner was talking to me about artificial intelligence the other day, and I asked them why it is that all of the AI up until now that supposedly learn like a biological brain would, seem well, kinda slow. And the answer I got was, we don't have computers powerful enough. Powerful enough? I thought about this to myself, sat with my computer happily sucking enough power out of the wall to give me the shock of a lifetime and it occurred to me - I'm only running on a banana and a cup of tea! How can my brain function on so little, and my computer couldn't even hope to even emulate the cognitive function of a toddler? So I got thinking about it and a lot of it has to do with the hardware, you know a brain has all these neurons that are working at the same time, wheras a computer chip is this central thing that does one instruction at a time, it occurred to me that, maybe the issue has nothing to do with software at all, but rather the hardware that makes up our computer. Down the rabbit hole I went and I discovered the subject of Neuromorphic computing - Well what is that? turns out there are engineers out there right now designing chips to function just like the human brain with neurons and synapses, and these chips have the same sort of efficiency as the human brain too! There's all sorts of reading and videos on it and it seems like an interesting field. I'm thinking if we get to a stage where we can essentially just print 'brains on a chip' - Sure all the use cases everyone is talking about is business but lets be real the hardware is emulating a human brain, what's to stop someone well.. using the human brain to do human brain things? Could we create not-so-artificial sentient life? Could I turn my alt into a sentient being that lives in the matrix? Seems interesting to me
  4. This is honestly the first time in my life I've seen this page - Is there somewhere in the viewer that brings this up?
  5. So this thing A use-case I could see at my Experience, Kokoro Academy would be users clicking their Kokoro HUD for the Forum menu item and also clicking help links for various things around my sim. I could even get advanced and automatically log the user in using a one-use token or similar. There seems to be a lot of panic about scope for abuse. The easy way to prevent abuse here would be to simply only allow llOpenFloater to open a floater if called as a result of the user clicking the object ie called within a touch_start / touch_end event. With that said, since it's Experience limited anyway I can't imagine there is much incentive to abuse it, if someone is paying for a region and premium for an experience key, they have an investment to lose they're not going to be the sort of people who are going around trolling like there are no consequences.
  6. Maestro talks about the issue of having to send too many updates for avatars going online/offline in a group, but I don't think it is necessary to send updates to the viewer for every single person in the group. How about being semi-smart about it. Give the viewer the option to request the data paginated, and let the viewer subscribe to individual residents. IE if you were scrolled such that page 2 of the online-in-group api is visible, the viewer only subscribes to the online/offline events of whoever is visible on page 2. If someone goes offline on page 3, the viewer does not need to know about it Sure the scrollbar might then jump when you scroll as the people who were originally on page 2 have become page 3 as more people log in, but it's not so bad. The viewer could then only subscribe to new people coming online in the group if there is empty space in the list that the user would expect to fill up with people as they sign in
  7. When you say a floater, do you mean like the help dialogs? ie a browser with a title bar etc
  8. I wanted to mess about with path finding, but I can't view the navmesh. When I try to view the navmesh, I get Anyone know how to fix this? A bug?
  9. 2.8 Should have been 3. Actually them not naming it 3 was a source of grief because I mistakenly installed it thinking it would be backward compatible because only the minor version changed not realizing it was some whole new thing
  10. I thought that if a script is in an object in-world, and it is not running, it's not using any script resources - It's just a reference to it like any other object inventory item. However I'm not sure if that is true anymore. I had an object with two scripts, one not running and the other running. The running one does something like this:- llSetScriptState("other script", TRUE); llMessageLinked(LINK_SET, 0, "Spaghetti", NULL_KEY); And in the second script that is not running just has a simple event handler link_message(integer sender_num, integer num, string str, key id) { llSay(0, "received " + str); llSetScriptState(llGetScriptName(), FALSE); } What I thought would happen was that, starting the other script with llSetScriptState would take some time, because the server would have to load the script into memory first and that would happen Asyncronously, so calling MessageLinked immediately, I did not expect that the other script would receive this message. What actually happened was that the other script did receive the message and say it into chat rather fast. Actually this is useful in that I can start a script, and send messages to it synchronously but what I wondered is if that means that scripts that are not running are still using memory in the simulator?
  11. I experienced something similar the other day with someone who I had met. I am pretty certain it was not them deleting me as they were the ones who asked to add me in the first place. The next day when they came back to see me we weren't on each others friends list. Added them again seems to have stuck this time. Weird
  12. They think that the issue is SecondLife is perceived as old and are trying to refresh I guess. The age of Secondlife hasn't stopped me playing and if I knew what I could do on SecondLife as an outsider today I would still sign up even though the platform is old. What I think SL Really needs to do is stop worrying about brand image and worry about brand recognition, do a Coca-cola and get its name everywhere. Make sure everyone with a computer knows what Secondlife is and what it can do and the cool things they can do with it. Keep it on peoples minds until they are tempted to try it. Also, work on churn, new users don't mean much if they quit after 10 minutes
  13. I find comfort that my country looks after its traditions and won't just throw away centuries of history and tradition for the sake of being 'modern'. When you take away royalty, what you are left with is a lack of dignity and a sense of great instability. Politicians that are only around for a few years become the only face of a country. Look at America.
  14. Whoops I stand corrected, Grandma* That just makes it all the more important though that he does I think
  15. The only thing Harry ought to be doing right now is heading home and supporting his grandma at a time like this. It's not about royalty, it is simply about looking out for your own grandmother.
  16. When you move an object into your avatar, your avatar is always pushed towards whichever side of the object it is closest to So one 'dumb' solution is to make a really thick prim where the paths connect so your avatar is always pushed upwards when it inevitably sinks into the ground at the sim crossing
  17. I keep trying to get to grips with Black Dragon, but I always end up quitting it feeling stressed. I feel like every task I try to complete using Black Dragon I am always encountering cognitive dissonance. Nothing is where you expect it to be, and things you expect to find just aren't there. For example, one of the first things I try to do in most viewers is change the Graphics settings. In Black Dragon, every single part of that process was a pain point. Finding the preferences was not intuitive, it was under a button called 'Dragon' (??) and then the Preferences window.. look for Graphics.. can't find it.. They've renamed it 'Display' .. Expect that the first settings shown are some kind of simple high/medium/low control.. Instead shown font size and texture memory management.. In-fact I couldn't find such a simple setting anywhere.
  18. The non-standard 'Ctrl+Q' shortcut in firestorm gets me all the time usually because I miss the shift key when typing.. wish we could turn it off
  19. Not long ago I created a JIRA to allow the upload form to autofill from _postfixes The feature was since implemented in Firestorm although curiously the notes didn't mention it, in a folder with the following files: Cube.dae Cube_LOD2.dae (Medium) Cube_LOD1.dae (Low) Cube_LOD0.dae (Lowest) Cube_PHYS.dae (Physics) If you select Cube.dae, the rest of the form is autofilled, you don't have to browse for each file. Since this makes it possible to fill out the entire form without filling it out at all, perhaps a utility to be able to quickly generate those LOD files within Blender (decimate modifier?) could be made
  20. Uniformly new accounts 3 days to 2 weeks old tops keep showing up with names that all follow the same format, single name display name with a capitalized letter. No profile filled out, they seem to show up in batches of the same account age on a day.. For example today these three show up with the same age:- Just my sim? Seen quite a lot of these following this pattern now
  21. I made a JIRA outlining how bone rotation limits could be supported in the viewer in a backwards compatible way
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