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  1. 'Internal limitations' reads to me like someone has red-taped something from being touched that really ought not to be red-taped Perhaps someone at LL could find someone with some scissors Come on LL you can do it
  2. I could see it being fun for roleplay. Just expect that not everyone is fun and some won't play along. Setting the mood
  3. You can't interpolate into the first frame of an animation You need some time in your animation during which the interpolation would occur. Move all of your keyframes along so that the first keyframe is when you want the interpolation to end. Copy that frame also to the first frame. Then you set the ease in time to match, I've not used Qavimator btw I use Blender so idk how those tasks translate to that particular piece of software.
  4. Mixed feelings about this. On the one hand I've seen Gacha's be predatory and people gamble away all their money on them. On the other hand I've received Gacha plushies from friends and it's special because it's the one they received and they've given it to me. Chance can be the spice of life but it can also ruin people when they don't know how to quit.
  5. To be fair it still took me two attempts to get in. It's an improvement from six, but still one too many more than I should need to
  6. Think of nodes like a system of conveyor belts all leading to your Material Output Node. The node in your picture that does all the shader stuff is the BSDF Shader. But that data then goes unused. It's not plugged into the output.
  7. What you have to remember is that the Steam Deck is a handheld device. You can't fit one of these in a portable device A CPU that gets too hot will throttle. This is physics. Modern CPU's can achieve more with less heat output, but only if the game is optimized itself i.e. running on a modern engine and designed to be power efficient. SecondLife is not power efficient and can't take advantage of modern CPU's. I'd guess you will probably be able to cook an egg on your handheld console after playing SecondLife on it for 20 minutes.
  8. The marketplace does not even load on mobile for me. Browser says too many redirects.
  9. This is what I can't stand about people like you. This snooty attitude that everyone who doesn't think like you do is irredeemably stupid. That they are not human, that they can't be reasoned with. I sat here, took the time to explain my concerns, showed how they could be alleviated, but you still just can't help yourself can you?
  10. I would prefer a system of 'if it makes you sick, we will reimburse you for lost time at work'. 'If it turns out there are long term side effects that give you a heart condition, cancer etc, we will pay for your treatment and take responsibility for it'. I would consider that fair. After all, if the vaccine is effective, the government will end up paying out no money right?
  11. No you're not. You were never before that to begin with. At every stage along the way since the moment the vaccine came out people spent all their time trying to ostracize and shame those who didn't take it. And where did it get you? Nowhere.
  12. I stand against Authoritarians who try to push Medical Apartheid. The government has no business mandating anyone to undergo a medical procedure. This should be a confidential matter between you and your doctor. If you want the so-called vaccine hesitant to take vaccines in the future, convince people and inspire confidence in your professionalism and trustworthiness. > Medical Companies - that means don't act like Pfizer and build up a bad reputation because it's much easier to lose peoples trust than gain it. > WHO, don't spend months lieing and covering up for China, tell us masks are ineffective and it's racist to not let Chinese into our countries, only to flip on it when you can no longer cover it up. > Fauci, don't spend your time telling us orange man lied whilst lieing to us straight faced that you were actually funding gain of function research in Wuhan. > National Health Service, give people a choice of which vaccine they will receive as people do care. > Social Media, Payment processing companies etc. Don't try to censor and hide the voices of those you don't like. It makes it look like you have something to hide. Calling yourself 'fact checkers' makes you appear to be an Authoritarian who thinks they are the 'ministry of truth'. > Government. Don't give yourself or medical companies legal immunity from killing your patients. Showing you are willing to lack Responsibility or Accountability for your actions indicates that we should not trust you or the medical companies in case something goes wrong. > Government. Don't try to coerce people into taking the vaccine through medical apartheid (aka. Vaccine passports) It is the job of leaders to inspire confidence and build trust by being open and accountable. When a significant portion of a country does not trust the words of so-called leaders, health organizations or have confidence in the vaccine it represents a failure of leadership.
  13. No re-read that a second time. You said either the owner or the friend is in the same region. I could only get behind it if requires the friend for privacy regions
  14. Actually just realized it would only return true if the friend is also in the region. I guess it would be much harder to use it for nefarious purposes in that case. Seems like an OK idea to me then
  15. I'm curious to know what inspired this idea? There are privacy concerns that could lead to real social impacts on people. For example, if the function does not require permissions, a user might unwittingly attach or rez a device that allows the creator to know who that users friends are. At it's most extreme, it could lead to social outcasting in sims, in an authoritarian style where you cannot associate with certain people because it will be picked up especially in regions which require you to wear scripted objects such as Experiences. That's not to say the funciton doesn't have genuine use cases. I could see the function being useful for trust based systems, for example it would allow a resident to configure the front door of their house so that it only opens for the owner or friends of the owner. Would be much more intuitive than a whitelist system. I think there needs to be protections in place against abuse though. It's own unique permission that must be explicitly granted rather than auto-grant for attached objects, and should not be bundled in with Experience systems. Maybe even a policy that sim owners may not force visitors to use the function to 'vet' guests.
  16. This. The whole conversation makes me think of Minecraft, where there are Creative mode Servers and survival mode servers. Some people like creative, some prefer survival.
  17. I don't think that the existing privacy measures in SecondLife should do more than they already do. It would encroach way too much on the way that people are used to things working. I imagine having your alt cam blocked on the mainland would get old pretty fast, especially because you don't know if the parcels you are alt-camming are private or not. It would be a minefield with the viewer constantly not doing what you tell it to do. Stressful. The 2nd point seems to conflate privacy and security. Sure with this people could not enter your private room. But they can still see in it. The camera being constrained to being unable to pass through obstacles would be annoying too. Especially when building. I do think there is a need for privacy from camming, and also for game sims with a hide and seek element. Private region owners should IMO have the option to limit max alt-cam distance. Related: I made a JIRA recently suggesting the LSL ability to limit camera zoom distance from a script although I was mostly thinking about for games and experiences.
  18. It really could. Many private roleplay regions already turn off teleports as it is, including mine for much of the same reasons OP states. If I were a land Baron in SecondLife I'd be tempted to invest in some regions to create a private 'mainland' with this gimmick myself. I'm not sure if there are any on SecondLife successful enough to be willing to experiment on a new concept like that. It'd probably have to be done by LL for that reason.
  19. There's your problem 🧐 Jk jk SecondLife hosts many different communities who use the platform for many different things. Making a large sweeping change like you propose would prevent many users personal enjoyment of SecondLife as they've come to know it and enjoy. SecondLife is a mature platform where users come because they know they like how it works already. What you suggest comes across as arrogance because rather than making this new way of living something people can opt to try, you instead suggest it would be best to force it on users - An 'I know better what's good for you than you do' mentality generally will get a bad reaction. If I was creating a new game, I would say that your idea has merit. Many multiplayer games and online worlds work in this fashion already. But what you are suggesting is not a 'new' product it is fundamentally changing a product that people have already invested into. How this play style could actually be implemented, without upsetting existing users: We'd have a new mainland region, which I'm going to refer to as Region Alpha from here in out:- 1. The first time users teleport into Alpha they are placed in a random starting town. 2. Users can teleport out of Alpha to any region on SecondLife they like, except to somewhere else on Alpha 3. When users teleport back into Alpha they always end up in the region they last left off in Alpha This way, Alpha operates as a sort of parallel world inside SecondLife with different rules. It's totally up to users if they want to play on Alpha or on a normal region/their private home etc. There's nothing wrong with the play style itself, it's taking away the existing one. So why not let users choose for themselves which play style they want.
  20. https://status.secondlifegrid.net/ The beta grid fiasco has been going on since late last year. Every month we get a status update to say 'We're working on it'. What exactly is so difficult to fix? Can we expect it to work properly again in 2021? Or are we to wait for 2022?
  21. The taskbar on Windows 11 is locked to the bottom of the screen. You can't move it. They also made it bigger
  22. I visited a sim today on the default SecondLife viewer. I tabbed out for about 5 minutes and the viewer had set my avatar to 'Away'. When I tabbed back in, I received the message:- I would understand an AFK eject system for a particularly busy shopping event sim or something, but to protect against copybotters? I wonder where this has been born from? Some new rumor or is there something substantial behind this?
  23. @Beq Janus You know the 'Restore to Last Position' context menu option in the inventory window - Theoretically would it be possible to have the viewer put co-ordinates and rotation here at upload time? It'd be useful for large builds such as mine where I have a giant blend file of the whole sim and all its little bits, to be able to restore the objects position/rotation in a more automated way. Not sure if collada file acually stores the pos/rot of the exported object?
  24. In my experience the people who will judge you and put you down have a habit of sticking around you because you are gracing them with your presence. They see it as an endorsement and think their behavior is being accepted. They will generally not be accommodating or even be hostile towards any new friends you might be trying to make. The way I have come to deal with such situations is to simply log out. They can't infer endorsement from you if you're not actually there. It forces them to look elsewhere. Take note of the people you do enjoy talking to and make a point of reaching out to them on occasion. See if you can't find some activity or something to do together.
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