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  1. Ruthven Willenov

    Public access in the sky and closed at ground level

    You could parcel off a small section for the public, and set the landing point at the height you want Heaven to be. Then set the remaining land to group only access. The ban lines will only work up to a certain height, (100m?) So that would be enough to make the ground group only, and the sky public
  2. Ruthven Willenov

    Teleport on passing through Scripted Prim?

    An old work around would be to give the players a teleport hud/attachment. The attachment will take teleport permissions of the wearer, being the owner. When they walk through a door (using llVolumeDetect) the door could communicate on a hidden channel to the attachment who walked through, and where to teleport them to. Then the attachment would teleport them to the desired location using the functions mentioned above. No Experience needed for that. The downside is, if the parcel has teleport routing to a specific spot, the method I describe won't work. But if using an experience for it, it overrides the teleport routing
  3. Ruthven Willenov

    Open door script with Mesh

    One thing you could do, is set the prim physics for the door to none while it is open, assuming it is a child prim, and then switch it back to prim or convex when closed
  4. Ruthven Willenov

    Avatar name changes re: scripted objects

    Thank you Innula, I knew I read it somewhere, don't know why I didn't think to check the wiki
  5. Ruthven Willenov

    Avatar name changes re: scripted objects

    from what i understood, llRequestUserKey will return the users key with any user name they've used for that account. so llRequestUserKey("Fred Jones"); will continue to return the same key as llRequestUserKey("Sam Smith"); no matter which one they are using, as long as the user names were linked to the same UUID at some point
  6. Ruthven Willenov

    Looking for a physical conveyor script

    I have seen one, at someone's gadget showroom, I thought it was your's?? Maybe I'm mistaken, lol. Been a couple years though since i was at whatever place that was. Seems like it would be kinda prim heavy to have individual moving steps, but i suppose in a place you would want/need an escalator, it wouldn't be that much of an impact on the limit
  7. Ruthven Willenov

    Key to name for key of group?

    Right, I know, just throwing out ideas, and that's why i wouldn't only check for the strings to match, but also the actual group
  8. Ruthven Willenov

    Key to name for key of group?

    Sure, then with that, assuming it's being checked with something under the same group, i would first check with llSameGroup, and then, if it is the same group, check for the tag with llGetObjectDetails, otherwise, just checking for the tag string to match, it could be cheated by creating the same tag with another group
  9. Ruthven Willenov

    Key to name for key of group?

    That is not the same thing. The group tag is not necessarily the same as the group name. For example, the 7 Seas Social Chat - that is the name of the group. Group tags are "7Seas Fishaholic", "7Seas Hall of Famer", "7 Seas Fishwrangler", "7Seas Fishmonger"
  10. Ruthven Willenov

    Camera moves when door touched

    It also sounds like it's probably set to convex hull, which will make the physics solid to the bounding box, instead of prim which will use the physics uploaded with the mesh
  11. Ruthven Willenov

    Camera moves when door touched

    Is it when your avatar is standing right by the door? Is it hinged on the edge of the door using a hidden triangle(s) that are offset to offset the pivot? It may be the triangle bumping you. Perhaps move the triangle(s) down so they will be below the floor or up so they'll be at the top of the door. I made that mistake with my first mesh door.
  12. Ruthven Willenov

    Retrieve Group Name - With HTML Cleanup

    I also wonder what characters are/aren't usable in group names. But that's only 1 part of it. I noticed in my random group searches to find names with special characters, that some had their name I plain letters, but them started the group description with their name in/with special characters. And just to test, the description characters also get converted
  13. Ruthven Willenov

    Key to name for key of group?

    Fixed it, runs a loop to check for individual spacers instead, and from a llSubStringIndex instead of parsing and using llListFindList
  14. Ruthven Willenov

    Retrieve Group Name - With HTML Cleanup

    Fixed it here. It now runs a loop to check for individual special characters that get changed in webcode. Tested with several different groups by manually over-riding the UUID it inserted. Found a couple of other characters that get changed and added them to the list Added in a test for when the object isn't set to a group so it doesn't run the http request on an empty or null key string pref = "http://world.secondlife.com/group/"; default { state_entry() { list dets = llGetObjectDetails(llGetKey(),[OBJECT_GROUP]); key uuid = llList2Key(dets,0); if(uuid) { llHTTPRequest(pref+(string)uuid,[],""); } else { llSetText("No Group",<1,0,0>,1.0); } } http_response(key id, integer status, list data, string body) { list parsed = llParseString2List(body,["<title>","</title>"],[]); string groupname = llList2String(parsed,1); string groupnameold = groupname; list replace = ["&lt;","<","&gt;",">","&rt;",">","&quote;","\"","&quot;","\"","&amp;","&","&cent;","¢","&pound;","£","&yen;","¥","&euro;","€","&copy;","©","&reg;","®","&#39;","'"]; integer len = llGetListLength(replace); integer i; for(i = 0;i < len;i += 2) { string seq = llList2String(replace,i); integer seqlen = llStringLength(seq); integer idx = llSubStringIndex(groupname,seq); while(~idx) { groupname = llDeleteSubString(groupname,idx,idx+(seqlen-1)); groupname = llInsertString(groupname,idx,llList2String(replace,i+1)); idx = llSubStringIndex(groupname,seq); } } llSetText(groupname+"\n"+groupnameold,<1,0,1>,1.0); } }
  15. Ruthven Willenov

    Retrieve Group Name - With HTML Cleanup

    Right, but my point is that it only works to print it out in chat. Try using it in llSetText, use llEmail to send an email to yourself, anything other than printing in chat, it will show up as the link, not the name, and it will print the secondlife:///.....string, which isn't usefull for what i made the above script for.