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  1. Thank you for the suggestions. Fenix - I will heed your warning. I tend to live in a bubble with good friends and forget about the "ugly second lifers" that take a fun toy and abuse it. For personal satisfaction, I'm still curious if I can get it to work. Thanks!
  2. I figured, but it was worth asking. What if the object is mobile? Like a weapon? I have thought of using a sensor or shooting an object in addition to the particles that will then react if it collides with an avatar, but neither one sounds exciting. Thanks for the quick response!
  3. Is it possible to trigger a collision event if an avatar touches particles emitted by an object? Example: Joe walks by my box that is shooting out sparks. One of the sparks hits Joe (Joe never touches the actual box) and he then catches on fire. While I feel bad for Joe because he wasn't wearing flame retardant mesh clothing, I'm curious if this is possible. If not, any suggestions on how to work around it? Thanks for any direction. Smace
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