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  1. If I own a sim, and divide it up into parcels (so, say, I can have different windlight settings for each area OR rent out parcels ETC)... Does the traffic on all of them count towards the "main" location in search? Example: A club has a sim that is divided into 4 sections. The main club where events happen is on 1 fourth, but there are attractions for patrons on the other three fourths where they can go and hang out. Do the other three count for the one if deeded to the same group, or is it split. (In terms of what shows up in the search)
  2. Oh okay, that makes a lot more sense. Thank you for the clarification.
  3. That was quick, Thanks! I get confused by the terminology. Didn't know vectors don't count as logical operators... or... oof I feel dumb.
  4. Original: if(Tpos!=(OP1|OP2)) { } What it's doing: if (Detected Vector != ( Vector1 | Vector2 ) ) { } On this line in my script, I get a type mismatch error after "Vector2". Since it is indeed a vector comparing to other vectors,(double checked) I'm probably doing the operator wrong. I am eternally confused by some operators. So, since I haven't been able to find an answer to this, here goes: What am I doing wrong, or how do you compare (Xvector to Yvector OR Zvector)?
  5. Thank you for this! With that in consideration, it is now working as expected. It's always the small nuances that I over look... list List = ["n","8562eb25-0a93-4c6d-9a9e-380fb123a571","aa430197-791d-480d-90ed-5c0b4588416d","13056ed9-7351-446d-b7ee-3152aeffed1a"]; default { touch_start(integer total_number) { list TOUCHER = [(string) llDetectedKey(0)]; integer found = llListFindList(List,TOUCHER); if(found!=-1){llSay(0,"Found");llSay(0,(string)found);} else{llSay(0,"Not Found");llSay(0,(string)found);} } } 13056ed9-7351-446d-b7ee-3
  6. @Rolig Loon I did try it like that before... Your suggestion returns: [15:01] Object: Not Found [15:01] Object: -1 Still not finding my uuid in the list, but at least it's got the right integer value for not finding it. @Ruthven Ravenhurst I also tried your suggested layout before, but it also returns Not found and 0.
  7. To be clear, I am trying to make a note card based UUID blacklist. This code and post is just to figure out what the heck is going on with ListFindList. Because I'm baffled.
  8. list List = ["n","n","13056ed9-7351-446d-b7ee-3152aeffed1a"]; default { touch_start(integer total_number) { list TOUCHER = [llDetectedKey(0)]; integer found = ~llListFindList(List,TOUCHER); if(found){llSay(0,"Found");llSay(0,(string)found);} else{llSay(0,"Not Found");llSay(0,(string)found);} } } Result when touched: [14:37] Object: Not Found [14:37] Object: 0 The integer that is reported should be 2, corresponding to my UUID in the list when it matches my UUID upon touching the object. -1 means it was not found
  9. Wow, that was a lot simpler than I thought it would be... Big brain time. Thank you for your help!
  10. I did try llStartAnimation with the uuid for away... but looking back that's not how startanim works it seems. Is there code for forcing agent info? ...like llGetAgentInfo but changing the tags?
  11. I'm looking for a way to trigger the little "away" text to show up in the name tag. I have seen a friend, a long time ago, get it working in a hud. For both Away and Busy statuses... I tried uploading an internal animation for avatar_away, but (maybe obviously) it's just the hip bend and doesn't activate true away status. Any help would be appreciated ❤️
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