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  1. Okay, I wanted to see if maybe there's a solution or if there are others who have it. I've contacted support and they'll look into it. Thanks for the answers.
  2. I can't confirm what you're saying. What Wulfie Reanimator has written works with the Alt key. I would not write that it is a LeLutka problem if I had tried it with different heads. That's the point. It all works until the teeth or the eyes are added. A suspicion of mine would be that the rootprim blocks something or because the eyes and teeth are no mod.
  3. Hey my girlfriend has the LeLutka head and noticed in the mouselook that as soon as you put on your eyes or your teeth (normally you have both on) no menu on the HUD works anymore. So you can not click on them. Is it the same with those LeLutka the head owners?
  4. @Nalates Urriah @Lucia Nightfire Thanks for the information. So project Muscadine is the name of the thing that allows Ahapes in Animesh?
  5. Hey I am looking for a pose system that can be controlled with the keyboard. For example you have a sequence that doesn't switch by time, not even in the menu by pressing a button but with a key on the keyboard. I have looked but found nothing. Does anyone know if there is such a thing before I start to do it myself?
  6. Some changes in 2020?
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