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  1. Yes I doubt that they worked so much it would be a shame to remove everything. But for the Fence he could have done something in the menu to have whatever option
  2. Yes indeed it is off the field and not stick so impossible to do something clean it will make me crazy lol I arrange differently for my decoration. thank you
  3. How did you do to remove the fence built into the house? he has certain of my neighbors who have none. I'm not finding in home redecoration menu how to remove or put it in transparency and phantom . I had to put my Teegles Bellisseria fence on the front and its very ugly .
  4. Je suis pas sur Paris, j'habite a 1h de TGV de Paris a t il une importance pour votre demarche être dans la meme ville? Comment peu ton vous aider, à t'il qu'elle que chose en particulier que vous voulez savoir?
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