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  1. Hello! I am looking for a job. I have experiance hosting and dancing. I have also dabbled in photography. I am willing to learn to other jobs such as modeling, bartending, even security, or many others... as i am egar to play an RPG here in Sl a job inside a RPG would be ideal ( i have experiance playing WoW and DnD) I am avalable several hours a day. Thank you for reading my post hope to hear from you. :)
  2. I applied the other day ... waiting to hear from them:matte-motes-inlove:
  3. Well first... Thanks for looking at my post... I have been wanting to get in to RPGs here in Sl for some time now.Problems is is there's so many to choose from... I'd love to have some suggestions... But first let me tell you what I'm looking for: I'd prefer medieval, but I am willing to try out Urban if it involves a lot of medieval elements a Serenity/Firefly theme is something I could get into as well... ( passable something based on fairy tales as well) I'd like to start off as a non combatant, (at least till I get used to it) I have XP in SL as a hostess and Dancer and SUB.. and Rl XP in advertising, I have also played DnD, and WOW I already have a dwarven avatar, half dragon and both light and dark colored elf's, and fairy and angel sets, and vampire skins ( of cores human) My biggest issue is that I would be able to learn how to play much easier with a "guide" I don't learn well from reading how toss and observing the less complex..The better if I could get a "job" inside an RPG.It would be ideal
  4. Ik they need to be able to control the stream... as far as bare minimum what do they need... like... will a TV or radio work..or do i HAVE to buy a dj booth......which ever it is, what do i need to make sure it can do? as far as if they just play music or if they actually mix it will be up to the Dj what they want to do.
  5. it has be happening for some time now... even when i message them first it will show that they're typing...but i get nothing Concidering i am a dancer its quite inconviniant. most people that have been having this problem have email enabled.. I however don't.so i can only asume that they get the same message...I have yet to find a solution to fix it... i went threw my preferences and every thing is in order.. its even stated in my profile...( im begining to think no one reads them.).... any help i can get would be great.. thank you!
  6. I have tried shutting it off before I Tele to the club. But that doesn't help... I have tried toggling and turning every thing off and back on.... It will play the gestures and sounds from the club ... But play the stream from my skybox ...the only thing that works is relogging once I get there... and doing this has gotten me in trouble at work ... ho w do I fix this with out relogging all the time?..Thank you
  7. I want to be able to sell thing..Every thing I find says I need a vender...But... What IS a vender? Why do I need it? How do I get it?
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