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  1. looking for a large group pose i wasnt sure where to pose this ----min 10 people hopefully up to 15-20 anyone know where i can get a pose like this? i used to have one by a pose shop named jelly bean but i cant find that store again for some reason
  2. as trying to wear a hud it wouldnt let me add or attatch, so i tried it with clothes and hair etc and same thing. anyone know wats going on? i already cleared my cache and relogged
  3. is there a petite avatar place(fairies etc) that people actually go to? ive switched my avatar to a petite fairy av and i want to meet other people who show the same interest? anyone know how to help?
  4. hi me and my partner have recently got into breeding meeroos and i know theyre not as popular as they once were but has the market for meeroos completely....died? is it worth the linden u have to put into it? i would like to kno b4 i waste linden on something no one wants anymore....thx help appreciated
  5. lol im new to the forum stuff in sl, how do you even enter for the photo of the day?
  6. i was reading a post about "live help" and becoming an in world linden liaison? i was interested in applying but im not sure how or where or if its even possible haha ive been in sl a long time and im interested in trying to do this so....any help is appreciated :P
  7. i found an amazing kingdom hearts sim a while back on sl and it had all the destinations like destiny islands and the oblivion etc but i lost the lm, can anyone help me? mercuryprincess resident
  8. this sim was amazing. there was a destiny islands area where you could sit on the trees and get paopu fruit, castle oblivion with a huge mall there were various spots i lost my landmark and i want to visit again so bad plz let me kno if u can help mercuryprincess resident
  9. Is there any good place besides giggles to meet new teens ive become a teen and need to meet ppl o_o i opened my own teen club and its going decently but id like to have more teen friends and the place giggles is just full of creepers 0_o
  10. We're hosting the ball inside of a radiant ballroom suspended up in the clouds over our underwater club. The dress code is formal and masks are required (It's a masquerade, hello?!). Your identities may be hidden but your personalities will shine. ;) A Masquerade King and Queen will be crowned through a voting system and the King and Queen will walk away with a glittering crown, a cash prize of 500L each and a seat at a magnificent throne at the head of the ballroom overlooking the dance floor. Bring your date, bring your friends, bring an enemy... just bring someone along 'cause you won't want to miss this! If you plan on attending, please make sure to indicate so on this event page or contact one of us in-world [mercuryprincess, marissarue or myself (babysouki)] so we can send you the landmark on the day of the event. Also, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE! ♥
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