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  1. hello " Kelly161 first welcome thing in this virtual platform Second Life No panic Second Life allows you to create and personalize your avatars, interact with each other . Residents can explore, socialize , meet other residents , and manage individual or group activities , create partnerships , marry , carry out projects , buy land, build , operate and teleport in the past ( the Middle Ages) and travel through the islands and lands that make up the the virtual world. First have a look at this site " Destination Guide " here you will find some of the destinations of the tip of various cat
  2. hello Uri Morpork :matte-motes-asleep-2: the problem may be the setting of your graphics viewer, try setting the low graphics on settings of 'your viewer and lower the level of draw distance at 32,
  3. Thanks Trix Braveheart .. You were very kind .. I'm glad you responded and gave me peace of mind .. :)
  4. hello :) I'm Italian continued to have problems loading image marketplace. why this happens.?. confident of your reply .. Thanks a Greeting By angel Magic
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